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  1. What about... Tokyo Drift IG B 36 IG 2000 0 Mangler 4 Autothrusters 2 Predator 3 Fire Control 2 Inertial 1 IG C 36 IG 2000 0 Mangler 4 Experimental 3 Daredevil 3 Fire Control 2 Inertial 1 Proximity Mine 3 Really the shining star here is the C. Mangler is a given, let's move on. Experimental Interface allows you play a card with and action after your action. Most of the time seen with expose, but here we pair with Daredevil and Proximity Mines. Along with the C's ability to take a evade action right after you take a boost action. So you can boost out, collect your evade, then Daredevil to drift your ship around. IG88, you drifting fool. You also have the option of boost, evade, then poop a mine.
  2. I will be running some super casual play at the Fountain Square Game Paradise March 8th at 2 pm. This will be good for people still learning or that just want to get in a few games. If you are interested but can't make it, I will be running more and will post here when I do. http://www.gameparadisestore.com
  3. For those going for their first time bring snacks and a water bottle for sure!
  4. Thank you for this. I think everyone needs this dose of reality. At the end of the day we are playing with toys.
  5. Why is this about vader now? If you can't see why vader is amazing then you shouldn't be playing the game.
  6. People will always complain. It's just a fact. People can't just be happy. I had no problem with the A-wing or the tie advanced. Vader is the most powerful pilot in the game, fix or no fix. Game developers try their very best to make a well thought out and fair game. Instead of running around crying that a ship needs fixed, learn to play it in spite of its perceived disadvantages. Any ship or card can be argued over that they didn't get it right, or that it costs too much to even bother with it. A player's skill is what makes a ship shine. So enough with the fix this or fix that... maybe, just maybe, you can be happy we all have this wonderful game to enjoy. The fly casuals and I will already be relaxing by the pool when you do.
  7. I own at least one of every rebel ship but I haven't played a game as them yet. When I had a pc I could never really figure out how to play vassel. I would pay $50 for a mobile or tablet version of xwing right now. I'd still buy the models too. I think they put out too many sets this year.
  8. Herrgeist

    Advanced rip off

    I think the epic ships are big divide. I for one am a strictly Empire player, so I did not purchase the rebel epics. I plan on changing factions to Scum when that comes out. I do buy rebel ships that I want the cards from, but I only buy them when I am happy with my empire from a particular expansion. I think people shouldn't be getting all bent out of shape over a 100 dollar set. If you play a faction more than another the choice is easy. Personally I won't be getting this one, but will get an epic scum. If I was sticking with empire I would get this in a heartbeat. But I don't have to own the whole world to enjoy the game.
  9. I'll be around all day Friday if anyone wants to play me, any takers are welcome. Please use this responsibly - email me herrgeist@yahoo.com
  10. I was reading the book with the transport today and saw on page 6 that the GR-75 can be used in place of your asteroids you place at the start of the game. Is this going to be tournament legal?
  11. Meet at 11am on Sunday at the fantasy flight gaming tables for a pickup game.
  12. hothie said: And on topic, I'm thinking of changing it up for Saturday. I'll play test tomorrow and see how I do. What are you thinking of changing to? I have had luck with the Boba VI HLC Siesmic, Bounty Hunter and Tie combo for a while. I really like it.
  13. I love the Firespray, I ran two this weekend and did really good in one game and I made some bad mistakes that cost me my second. I made some really interesting squads around the ship that I look forward to trying out soon. Great to see others are loving the ship.
  14. I would and did get one, then if you liked it and could justify running more than one get another.
  15. That's the great thing about this game, what works for one person may not work for another. You don't see everyone playing with the same lists. Personally I have been waiting for the Firespray to beef up my Imperials, as it is perfect for my play style.
  16. Herrgeist

    2 YT-1300 lists

    Picasso said: I want to repaint one. The large ships are great. Also they are fun to play. I do wonder which is the better of the two. The ships play too different to say one is better than the other. I think it is a personal choice.
  17. I personally think all the wave 2 ships are perfectly designed, aside from the Slave 1 Title card. The Falcon gives Rebels a magnet for TIEs allowing a couple of fighters to pick them apart. Slave is exactly as DoubleNot said, a gun boat. Both pack a punch, but you need to be extra careful in your planning. I accidentally ran Krassis into Kath and then Kath landed on an asteroid, which lost me the jump I needed to start with the pain and ended up costing me the game. I actually think both ships are costed very well and feel they can and will be very competitive. Let's face facts though most people have had the ships for less than a week.
  18. Herrgeist

    2 YT-1300 lists

    Two large ships are amazingly fun to play. I loved playing my firesprays together this weekend. I played against 3 YTs!!! Managed to get in a repaint today so I can tell them apart.
  19. Herrgeist said: Kath- Marksmen, Gunner, Seismic, Stealth Krassis- HLC, Proximity, Stealth Lead with Kath and stress as much as you can then mop up with Krassis This worked out pretty well and got me a win. 2x Bounty Hunter with HLC and Dark Curse with Stealth lost, but the list I faced was super competitive.
  20. Viceroy Bolda said: I played Vader with engine upgrade + Evade action. He was pretty BA. He used the boost and/or barrel roll to get in a safe firing position and frequently rolled 4 attack die Im sure you mean 3 attack dice. I agree with Don, putting too many points on Vader makes it worthless.
  21. Herrgeist


    The core box is absolutely needed to play the game. You cannot pick up expansions for a game you don't have and expect to be able to play the game. While I will agree they are a little tight with the shield tokens, you should have enough components if you own one of each ship.
  22. Kath- Marksmen, Gunner, Seismic, Stealth Krassis- HLC, Proximity, Stealth Lead with Kath and stress as much as you can then mop up with Krassis
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