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  1. The needle you have to thread with the Baron grows ever tighter, but it just makes the victory all the sweeter
  2. Yeeeeeeeah, all Intercepters is basically Fel, Turr and Jax or bust. And that was back when TLT was the new meta list. Fly Fel with different wingmen and it'll go better.
  3. Awesome! Good to know my listbuilding isn't as rusty as my play is sure to be ? (I've been out of the game for a while, and I'm just now poking my head back in) How have your games been going? Do you fly the S/Fs together as wingmen or do you split all 3 ships up?
  4. I've been thinking about Fel with S/Fs as well, here's my first draft ++ Standard (Imperial) [99 Points] ++ + TIE Interceptor + PS 9 - •Soontir Fel [34 Points]: Autothrusters, Push the Limit, Royal Guard TIE, Targeting Computer + TIE/sf Fighter + PS 7 - •"Backdraft" [32 Points]: Fire-Control System, Lightweight Frame, Special Ops Training, Veteran Instincts PS 9 - •"Quickdraw" [33 Points]: Fire-Control System, Lightweight Frame, Special Ops Training, •A Score to Settle ++ Total: [99 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe i like the symmetry of 3 PS9 aces, and I changed QuickDraw's EPT to AStS after reading another posters' blog about his own experiences with S/Fs
  5. So after reading the bomber thread on the forums I got excited a bought 2 more TIE Bombers, I've wanted torps and missiles to work for a while, and I'm gonna take another shot with these lists: 99pts Soontir Fel -PTL x3 Scimitar Squadron -Homing Missiles -Seismic Charges And a second version, shaving some points to give Soontir some more support: 99pts Soontir Fel -PTL -Autothrusters -TIE Mrk II x3 Scimitar Squadron -Proton Torpedo -Seismic Charges I've played 1 game with the first version and won versus a Dash/Corran list. I liked it a lot, it was nice to have that many hull on the table for a change! But Soontir seemed pretty vulnerable to Dash's Mangler Cannon, so I came up with the 2nd list to beef him up a bit.
  6. 5-Cents

    Tie Bombers

    So this thread got me so excited, I built new lists and bought 2 Bombers from my LGS. After the first test game, I'm pretty pumped! I won a store championship last month with a Soontir w/ Mini Swarm, and this thread got me to try a Bomber mini swarm. 99pts Soontir -Ptl x3 Scimitar Squadron -Seismic -Homing Missile 1-0 so far! Got to drop a bomb (first time ever, lol) and killed Dash with a Homing Missile, gonna try a variant next that allows a few more points to Soontir for upgrades 99pts Soontir -Ptl -Autothrusters -TIE Mrk II x3 Scimitar Squadron -Seismic -Flacette -EM
  7. Well duh, maybe next you'll tell me that the milennium falcon existed before the prequels too despite appearing there. Come on man. Twenty years. I know these things. And they count. I don't think the Falcon (or any YT 1300) the prequel movies
  8. How often they're seen is irrelevant, my point was that PS 4 is high by non-named character standards, and that PS 4 generics have had EPT slots since Wave 1. It's not THAT weird for a PS 4 character to have an EPT Yeah, then PS5 Black sun Ace is an ACE. But Biggs is an ace? Really!? Yes, Biggs was one of the top pilots in the Rebel Alliance before he died. He was taught to fly by Soontir Fel the same as a great many other Red/Rogue Squadron pilots. Some excerpts from wookiepedia: "I flew with Biggs before Yavin and he was really good. It seemed like he could read the minds of TIE pilots. He knew when to break, when to shoot, and did everything necessary to stay in their ion exhaust and blast them to bits." ―Commander Wedge Antilles "If he'd survived Yavin, we'd be reporting to him now." ―Commander Wedge Antilles Darklighter would go on to develop a reputation as a great pilot with the Rebellion, piloting an X-wing in several space battles.
  9. How often they're seen is irrelevant, my point was that PS 4 is high by non-named character standards, and that PS 4 generics have had EPT slots since Wave 1. It's not THAT weird for a PS 4 character to have an EPT
  10. Since nobody's pointed it out yet, 4 is the pilot skill of both Red Squadron and Saber Squadron generics, both squadrons are supposed to be the best of the best in the Rebels and Empire. I'm not saying Ezra is as good as they are, I'm just saying that 4 is only low pilot skill when compared to guys like Wedge, Fel and Vader
  11. 1.) *too cool 2.) What else are you running exactly? Carnor Jax might be better, if you roll him up at range one of a Corran he may have to rely on unmodified green dice, which are miserable. Likewise against a Phantom. It could really give you the leg up on another Acewing list. 1. Thanks, change will be made 2. I'm running: Entourage 99pts Turr 31pts -VI -Autothrusters -Stealth Fel 35pts -PTL -Autothrusters -Stealth Omicron GP 33pts -Palp -Sensor Jammer I may switch the Jax if Turr proves to be non-competitive, but I personally have always preferred Turr.
  12. So I've finally got around to play testing my particular take on the Palp-mobile w/ Aces list, and I'm looking at Turr and Fel as my aces (those red striped Squints are too cool not to play). What do people think is the best build for Turr? What I'm currently running is: Turr Phennir 25pts -Veteran Instincts 1pts -Autothrusters 2pts -Stealth Device 3pts 31pts total What do other people run with Turr?
  13. I should explain more about the list I'm thinking about: Squints are good Wedge, real good - 98pts Soontir Fel 35pts PtL Autothrusters Stealth Turr Phennir 32pts VI Autothrusters Shield Tetran Cowell 31pts LW Autothrusters Stealth I want a list of Saber Squadron pilots, and Tetran is the next guy down the line (and the last named Saber who could be worth using) after Soontir and Turr. Either of the 3 ships can be very dangerous if left alone, and both Soontir and Turr can own the endgame.
  14. The problem with SoT, while interesting and a good combo, is that he is then an action less Interceptor, and they die. I figure LW give him some dice modification at least when he pulls his K-Turns, which as I said, I intend to abuse to the best of my ability.
  15. I'm looking to explore new Interceptor pilots, so after Soontir and Turr, we have Tetran Cowell. So my first build idea: Tetran Cowell -Lone Wolf -Royal Guard -Autothrusters -Stealth Device Using him as a flank ship basically, and trying to get good use of his K-Turn ability. Does anyone have experience using Cowell? What do people think of him in general?
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