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  1. Tannen picks up the stick, and tries again but is much too slow. His attack looks half-hearted at best.
  2. @Rabobankrider Well...that was epic... addendum to attack: 1eC 1 failure, 1 Despair
  3. "Fine" After hesitating a bit, Tannen takes a swing at Buzzard and connects.
  4. Alright, I will move, use another maneuver to aim (2 strain), and then swing. attack with aim: 3eA+1eD+1eB 1 success, 2 advantage I think that's a hit with 6 damage (3 brawn + 1 weapon + 2 success)? Or is it 4 damage only (3 brawn + 1 weapon)?
  5. Am I "engaged" or short range? If engaged, I'd like to aim, aim (2 strain), and hit Buzz. if I'm short, I'd like to move, aim (2 strain), and hit Buzz, haha EDIT: stats of the "weapon" I'm holding...?
  6. Hope I did it right: Initiative: 3eA+2eP 2 successes, 5 advantage
  7. Tannen wears a quizzical expression. "Use the what?" He follows suit and grabs a wooden stick from the weapons rack. While examining his makeshift weapon up and down: "Building a...glow-stick is beyond me." "I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed - but neither is this." He motions with his head to the "weapon" he is holding. "My eager friend is right, give us something that isn't made for children." Tannen turns to Anler, smiles, and says quietly: "Maybe they want us to start a fire with these?"
  8. Tannen looks at Anler, holds out his arm palm-up gesturing to the weapons rack, and smiles. "After you"
  9. Page 212 in the Force and Destiny core rulebook has a table for spending advantage and triumph and here is a possible effect of spending one triumph (emphasis mine): "When dealing damage to a target, have the attack disable the opponent or one piece of gear rather than dealing wounds or strain. This could include hobbling him temporarily with a shot to the leg, or disabling his comlink. This should be agreed upon by the player and the GM, and the effects are up to the GM (although Table 6-10: Critical Injury Result is a good resource to consult for possible effects). The effects should be temporary and not too excessive." So according to that, no damage, but an effect.
  10. Tannen turns to Anler: "I get what you mean, but I honestly can't say why I'm here - you should ask the person who recruited me. How long have you been here?"
  11. Tannen looks at the clones, pauses a bit, nods, and lets out a quiet "Thank you." He hesitantly heads to the dueling chamber.
  12. Does FFG put out core rulebook PDFs for their other games?
  13. "soft" move --> "hard" move Make something happen that forces them to act. Basically, you can give them something to react to (soft move) and if they don't, that something acts on them (hard move). The other thing is to encourage them to adopt the "yes, and..." approach so that they don't block/negate each other's actions. Personally, I find pacing to be one of the biggest issues in campaigns.
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