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  1. HAVES AWAKENING Legendaries Thermal Detonator (only looking to trade as part of a deal that includes Riot Baton or Force Lightning) Rares General Veers First Order Tie Fighter x4 F-11D Rifle x 3 Count Dooku x2 Kylo Ren Immobilize Infantry Grenades x2 Speeder Bike Scout Jango Fett On the Hunt x2 Leia Organa x2 Rebel Trooper Survival Gear x3 Force Protection x2 Jedi Robes x4 BB-8 x4 Rey's Staff x4 Hired Gun Padme Amidala Inflitrate IQA-11 Blaster Rifle x3 Promotion Lightsaber x4 Black Market x2 Cunning Jetpack SoR Rares Imperial Discipline x4 Lightsaber Pike Lure of Power x2 Interrogation Driod Temmin "Snap" Wexley Luminara Unduli x3 Force Heal Journals of Ben Kenobi Astromech x2 Force Push Vibroknife x1 (only looking to trade as part of a deal that includes a legendary) Promos Phasma Playmat Aurebesh Rey WANTS AWAKENING Rares Nightsister Admiral Ackbar Force Training SoR Legendaries Director Krennic Z6 Riot Control Baton (Top Priority #1) Force Lightning (Top Priority #2) Slave 1 U-Wing Handcrafted Light Bow Chewbacca Bowcaster x2 Maz's Goggles Rares Tie Pilot E-Web Emplacement Royal Guard x2 Command Shuttle R2-D2 Con Artist x2 I've got several confirmed trades in the x-wing forum in addition to ones in this forum. I'm located in the US and looking to trade with others in the US.
  2. Reporting a succesful trade with Caincc.
  3. Similarly reporting a great trade with UKDanny666 he shipped when he said he would and packed everything very carefully (the postal service smashed the box and all contents still arrived undamaged!). Would trade again.
  4. I have both a set of white 2016 regional dice and a set of sparkly 2016/2017 regional dice. I'm interested in trading one of the sets for a second set of the other. I have a preference for getting two sets of white 2016 regional dice, but would trade either way. In addition to regional dice, I have a set of orange 2016 regional templates, acrylic thermal detonator tokens, nationals Bossk, and worlds Inquisitor that I'd be willing to include in a trade for dice. I've got about half a dozen confirmed successful trades on this thread.
  5. Reporting a successful trade with RogueLieutenant!
  6. Reporting a great trade with Nikolishin!
  7. Reporting a great trade with Keffisch!
  8. Similarly reporting a great trade with Dalcor. Cards arrived well packaged and in great shape!
  9. Similarly reporting a great trade with Keoki! 10/10 would trade with again!
  10. Haves: X-Wing Promo Cards Alt art Inquisitor x3 Alt art Ten Numb Alt art Bossk x2 Alt art Hera Syndulla Alt art Soontir Fel Alt art Dash Rendar Alt art Darth Vader (2015 Winter Kit "Disco Vader") Alt art Corran Horn Alt art C-3PO x4 Alt art Gunner x3 Alt art Predator x2 X-Wing Promo Acrylics Weapons Disabled Token x3 Extra Munitions Token x8 Light Red (2016 Spring Kit) Ion Token x4 2016 Store Tournament Range Ruler x2 X-Wing Miscellaneous 2016 Worlds Red Card Binder Millennium Falcon Dice Bag Tie Fighter Dice Bag Non X-Wing 2016 Worlds Promos for IA, GoT, Armada, Star Wars Card Game, and Conquest Wants: 2015 Regional Shield Tokens Critical Hit Tokens Red on Black Stress Tokens Dark Green Focus Tokens Dark Green Evade Tokens 2016 Regional Dice 2015 Regional Alt art Boba Fett Lots of Alt Art Cards Pre-2015 (just message me to ask, not looking for Chewbacca or Ten Numb) Located in the US
  11. I'd similarly like to report a successful trade with bobdaninja!
  12. Reporting a successful trade with chief4ryan!
  13. I'm a big fan of Xizor. I really want him to function as a (workable) Scum ace. I've even had some success at a local tournament with a list centered around him. But I do have worries about his ability to function in a take all comers list. I would like to hear how others have put him into lists either in practice or theory crafting. The list I've run the most frequently is Xizor with Veteran Instincts, Authrusters, Virago, and Fire Control System; 2 Binayre Pirates; and a Trandoshan Slaver with Gunner, Bossk, and Tactician. My list trades the jousting power of the higher number of Zs for the ace stopping power of the Slaver (hard to doge 180 degree arc with the ability to double stress an elusive ace). However, I think my list would be weak against the dreaded 4 TLT lists (though I've never flown my list against this matchup). It just seems like the TLTs have a good chance to gun down Xizor or the Slaver more quickly than you want (on average dice those lists should be able to take down either of these two in two rounds of concentrated fire, right?). Can Xizor play a part in a list that would be strong against swarms, 4 TLT, aces, and any other pillars/meta I'm forgetting?
  14. You may be right that having the bigger firing arc is what fairly balances these two ships' point and ability differences. I'll concede that I may have a case of grass-is-greeneritis when I think about wanting to field the generic Falcon and think of my opponent's ability to take the generic Slave-1 (I'm primarily a Rebel player). However, I don't see how it is unfair to compare these two generic ships. True, the comparision of the generic ships might not impact whether or not the named ships were fair on a point perspecitive. But (to clarify) I only meant to question the points spent compared to what you get for them when it comes to the generic version of these ships.
  15. I agree with you that the Outer Rim Smuggler will see play. (In fact, the very list I suggest includes an Outer Rim Smuggler). It's just that as a Rebel sympathizer, I (perhaps unfairly) want a stronger Outer Rim Smuggler.
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