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  1. The size of these minis can make easy conversions out of the question. For example I adh some 28 mm WW2 US army helemeted heads but they are way too small. 1/48 scale is too large. I really wanted some more aliens in my rebellion, and really did not want the bald guy (A Bith I think??) in every unit. I found a Games Workshop beastman head that looked pretty close to a Devaronian. I really love Twi'leks, especially after Hera in Rebels. For this conversion I shaved off the headgear down to a bald head shape. I used Pro-create (A 2 part epoxy putty much like green stuff, only a bit less flexible and slightly less sticky but holds details well) I sculpted the Lekku, then once they had cured did the cloth head piece and ear covers. Not a full professional job but I am happy with her and she adds some character to the unit.
  2. I was doing this post foremost for the store I work at. Wanted people to know that they did not come pre painted. And they are a few smidgens of a millimeter bigger with primer, paint and 2 coats of lacquer......
  3. Just got the stores demo set and am painting them for play. Have been asked by a couple customers how the miniatures compare to the old Wiz Kids figures and the Imperial Assault Miniatures. These guys are pretty bulky and substantial! Les
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