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  1. Why do you say this? It's pretty simple to say to my player who plays a gunslinging pilot from Corellia who isn't Han Solo that he has made a name for himself in the galaxy for being a 'shoot first' kind of guy and giving him Han's blaster and calling it something different with the same mechanical benefit.
  2. Legendary items like Han's Blaster look like fun. Either a special reward at the end of a campaign, or something to aim for with your own modifications.
  3. This is so cool! My kids and their friends are going to love to have official stats for all these big names and to fight alongside or against them in their RPG games!
  4. I imagine that there will be a few extra rules to allow how the blaster can convert from a pistol to a rifle or other various 'configurations', as K2 puts it.
  5. The CFE is pretty cool and I'm very excited to see it, but I'm intrigued that it made it into this book when Dawn of Rebellion (which has been earmarked as to be all things Rebels and Rogue One) is also on the release schedule.
  6. Indeed it is. The Z6 riot control baton. More on "Traitor" guy: FN-2199 or "Nines" as the squad called him.
  7. Any thoughts on adding some Ceknell battle reports to the Reports sub-forum here? I'd love to see how some of the battles went in-game (as well as your excellent writing )
  8. Kubaz. Garindan was the first on-screen Star Wars spy, so it'd only be fair.
  9. The Jedi Battle Armor in Keeping the Peace is also designed like Armored Robes, except it has more hardpoints which means more modifications.
  10. The Ghost has also been modified by Hera and the other crew members. It is by no means a stock VCX-100.
  11. Ahhh, good ol' Legacy. Where the Rebels get shoved into a corner so we can have good guy Imperials, as well as evil Imperials to hate on.
  12. E-wings for how they look. A-wings for the tabletop.
  13. Looks pretty solid. Don't forget to check the Green Arrow thread for more A-wing lists and tips: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/184295-green-arrow-list/?hl=green%20arrow
  14. I'm super excited to see what happens when Waves 3 and 4 makes their appearance in Ceknell.
  15. Now I want a canon storyline for X-Wing Miniatures. An alternate path of history where Darth Vader and Biggs Darklighter are alive, the First Order and Resistance are subfactions of the ongoing war between Rebellion and Empire, Horton Salm piloted a Y-Wing and Norra Wexley piloted an ARC-170 into the Death Star 2, some random Kihraxz pilot named Talonbane Cobra is more well-known than Jabba the Hutt, and Boba Fett when not piloting a ship enjoys riding an Advanced Homing Missile straight into the exhaust pipe of an unfortunate bounty. Going further into the other FFG Star Wars games, Admiral Screed (AKA the guy from the Droids cartoon) is one of the most feared fleet commanders in the Imperial Navy. Uh, well... Horton did kind of pilot a Y-wing. Canonically. As Gray Leader. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Horton_Salm#Endor It's a joke because in the new canon Norra Wexley was stated to be the Y-Wing flying into the Death Star 2 (Replacing Horton Salm), but in X-Wing Miniatures Norra Wexley pilots an ARC-170 instead and exists alongside Horton Salm. That's fair enough, but when I read Aftermath, it didn't strike me as Norra being the only Y-wing pilot who made it in, just one of them. Though you may be right and I just need to re-read the book, which I'm totally fine with. And even then, I just assumed that there were more fighters than were shown on screen. Because I watch ANH and I say to myself "What on earth was Keyan doing the whole time? Flying in circles and chatting with his astromech?"
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