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  1. Anyone get a look at that "giant formation" south south east of the falklands? the hot weather spot with the giant swilling wind pattern... not sure if it is even actually anything but still.. edit: I assuming colour indicates thermal stuff probably doesn't.
  2. I love the ship designs for the sequel trillogy so far.... if only they were in the 700m-1.8km range if that dreadnaught was arround 700m awesome at almost 7.7km no... and the resurgent I like the design if it was at the 1.8km size mark.
  3. Well nothing as big as that but I took a vic2/interdoctor/quaser list and won a tiny store championship with it in Australia..
  4. True, but it's probably more efficient to hunt the singles online of bitsellers than to just buy the pack..
  5. Also try the olf OP Screed list... 3 raider 2s with overload pulse, avenger leadingshots xi7 intel officer (if you want redundancy) or other turbolaser/officer upgrade of choice, then use either aggressors or decimators to clean out enemy fighters or follow up ship attacks.
  6. Honestly I'll probably cop flack on this my imp build would be light carier arquitens gozanti imp sqaud 2 and imp squad 1x2... But I love the carrier game.... I would say a vic pack as well but you get one in the starter and their aren't much better cards from the vic pack. Rebels, medium transport cr90x2 mc30 1-2 "nebulon b title cards" rebel squads 1x2 rebel squads 2x2
  7. It'll be fun I am going to get completely wrecked.
  8. ACM's are nice, but I've gravitated to apt's myself of late.
  9. Well I just got back from a tournament today with a list that I had thrown together 2 days ago after a long work day and only a couple of hours sleep the night before that... didn't care where I placed and ended up winning because I had random counters to the other lists there in the form of the targetting scramblers and the squadron ball. Normally I fuss a lot but I took a completely opposite view this time and went lets break the meta... http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=125561&key=dbdc1f4a40227a1a13371b1b4ca6eb6a
  10. I was keen on the game when I heard of the mechanics, I've always been into space fleet Battle games (and naval ones to a lesser extent) more so when fighters and bombers are involved. The star wars skin made it a no brainer for me but I probably would of taken a little longer to buy in due to funds
  11. So that train of thought makes it not optimal but not useless, it gains you advantage of being able to direct extra force and hitting power to a location you may not be able to get your squadrons to other wise... dropping 2 decimators and throwing 6 extra blue dice on a capital can be a worry if the rest of your squad ball has locked things down for example Side note I don't agree with JJ above, my own interpretation has come to match that of Lyraeus as discussed earlier in the thread, I haven't seen anything said or done by FFG to otherwise imply JJ is right after reading the card+faq although it may be out there, and if so a link would be grand. Edit: Yes I know JJ probably understands the game way better than me he is a former world champ after all isn't he? I'm just a backwater hick who isn't particularly great at the game.
  12. Sigh no one said anything in regards to my thoughts at all back on page 4 . I really like the flag officer spam one though.
  13. So a stupid idea set... 1- during the status phase of the first turn your opponent discards 1 deffence token on each ship in his fleet... 45-50points... 2- during the status phase of the first turn, change 1 defence token on each of your ships for 1 other defence token it already has. (This ability does not work on floatillas) 40-50 points.. I am unsure on points costs for these but yeah... edit:... 3- During the ship phase each time you activate a ship you may choose to activate an additional ship. During the squadron phase you may choose to activate an additional squadron 60points..
  14. RAW seems to be no, I was on the recieving end of this with my arya card supporting I wanted to play her leader card at the end of the resolution phase, but the Challenging player first triggered Olena tyrells leader card and my arya only had 2 power at that stage, and so she died, before my card could be played.
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