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  1. At the moment and from my personal view is get one core box and play the 4 pre built decks as per the rule book. Then and the extra 2 objectives to a LS and DS deck how see how things go. ive personal gone to 2 core sets as I'm intested in deck construction but this depends on how your playgroup buy thier card at what they want to do. For example I've made some decks which would have a slight advantage other the pre built ones as the decks ive built have more of a tighter strict theme to the rather than lucky draws from the pre built decks. I can't see you needing more than 2 core set boxes and certainly only need 1 of each expansion. I'm thinking of running four decks 3xLS and 3xDS so depending on the expansions I may need a 2nd copy but this is because I'm lazy of re sleeving
  2. One thing about the video you guys stated you can redraw your hand. Is this still correct as I may have over skipped this in the rule book but don't see it. generaly most card games let you redraw your 1st hand, but I've not found anything about this.
  3. I bought the 4 packs of Starwars themed FFG sleeves pack of 50 each of the 4 decks non objective cards are sleeved in these with LS objectives sleeved in plain matt white deck protectors and the DS sleeved in matt black and of the LS force cards in purple and DS force cards in red. Which matched the base colour of the artwork on these cards
  4. I've managed to fit and organise all my SW LCG cards into a MTG holiday box which feels the right size for holding 6 decks sleeved and the spare cards and tokens from 2core sets plus room for expansions to come. Best bit the box fits into a pack pack.
  5. going to give the deck a go at my local shop this friday. any ideas on a DS side deck yet?
  6. It's going in my deck to take my objectives to 10 for my local event as the decks must only be avaible from one core set. This is a simple way to make the 1st tournament fair for everyone on evey budget
  7. Looking at the below link I can see some use of this card http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/starwars/star-wars-card-spoilers/_/core/corporate-exploitation-core-35-1
  8. Can some explain why this is a printed ability on a objective? I'm not seeing how to use this effectively
  9. I agree the video was helpful and picked out some points that FFG's tutorial video didn't pickup. I'd like to see some deck advice on the current 4 themed decks which I believe would help people understand the cards they are playing as I have been missing a few stupid combos in the games I've been playing. I've been making a list of the mistakes I've been making to try and improve my personal games
  10. Rule question - why are you looking at your hand and deciding to keep before your laying and choosing your objectives ? have mis understood this but page 11 of the rule book states you choose the objectives and then draw your 6 cards. The way the you doing it in the video is matching your objectives to your hand. where in the rule book does it state you can draw 6 cards?
  11. Do you need 2 core sets I know from friends that netruner was like this but had this conversation. With my local store and most people at the store are not mixing core sets to build thier full decks until new objectives are out. whats people's view?
  12. Yeah I wasn't saying its going to be bad but a lot tighter than I have been use to in other tcgs like MTG and UFS so far ivejustplayed two game but love the mechanics
  13. From playing other branded TCG games I can see limitations in deck creation. The core set comes with 8 objectives per deck with two spare for ls and ds. I may have missed something as this would be my 1st LCG card game but only havinga deck tweaking objectives is fairly limited? Maybe this will improve over times I know each expansion will bring 2 sets of 2 new objectives per expansion (Guessing 1x LS and 1x DS)
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