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  1. lets get together and play soon! I'm fiendin for some game of thrones haha
  2. okay I joined it. Just let me know, were down to play tommorow and thursday wherever.
  3. A good friend of mine said he's coming into town thursday, and hes staying at my place for a couple days. So we're both down to meet up then as well.
  4. A good friend of mine said he's coming into town thursday, and hes staying at my place for a couple days. So we're both down to meet up then as well.
  5. had to work today. what about saturday? happy new years!
  6. Yeah thats what I thought haha. But thats no problem, only like 15 minutes further. Sounds good
  7. Hey, I went to cool stuff today and didnt see anyone. They guys who worked there said you might of been at the other location? which one did you guys actually meet up at. I went to the one off almoa in Winter Park, hung out there for like an hour since I bought some new cards and ended up tweaking with my decks. I deff do wanna find a group to play though haha
  8. So I have a few questions about situations a friend and I ran into while playing with the core set. 1. If a player or an attachment is kneeling, are their text box's then inactive while they're knelt? 2. For location cards now, (2 part question): a) If it has +1 gold and +1 influence, if you kneel for influence do you also add gold to your treasury, or is it only one or the other? b) If the card says "-1 to summon any x house type" and it also has +1 influence, if you kneel the card to get the influence, will it also deduct from the next card you played if you used the influence you gained for another reason? 3. A situation accured where maester aemon and john snow were both on the field and valhur morgulus was played, are you able to kneel aemon to save snow? 4. Robert baratheon and renly declare a military challenge, is shae then able to kneel in the middle of the challenege to also kneel robert before defenders are declared? 5. Rob stark is in play with 2 str, and poisoned wine is in play (which lowers characters str by 2 and says "any phase: kneel 1 influence to move poisoned wine to another eligible character), and flame-kissed was attached to rob (which says "if attached character has no other attachments, attached character gets =2 str and is killed if its str is 0) can you then kneel an influence to attach poisoned wine to him so that he wont die since another attachment is equipped to him, because flame-kissed says it will kill them IF there are no other attachments? More clearly, can I pay the 1 influence and have poisoned wine attached to rob simultaneously to save him? Note: It isn't a response, its an any phase. 6. what happenes when you win a military challenege where the defender defends with only 1 character, and in the attacking force a character has deadly? or a skill like rob stark where you can choose to kill a character?
  9. I guess a better wording for the kind of deck is "House of Black and White"
  10. I guess a better wording for the kind of deck is "House of Black and White"
  11. I'm new to the game, and I'm interested in starting a deck consisting of the faceless men. Arya, syrio (know he isnt one of them), kindly man, jaqen etc.. just those kinds of bad ass people. I'm having a hard time finding the cards because they are so spread out among packs. If there is anyone out there that can provide a link to an already created squad, or help me make a deck that would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.
  12. 1. What exactly does the greyjoy ability "intimdate" do? I have the rule book and have an idea about what it does, but I'm not entirely sure. 2. Is there a limit to the number of characters that you can have in play at once? 3. And lastly what would you all rank the houses? Or at least their tiers. I'm interested in starting a martel deck, but since I havn't played with any martel or greyjoy cards, I want to know the effectiveness of both of these houses first. Thanks in advance!!
  13. Whats up everyone?! I go to UCF so I'm in the area, like 15 minutes away. I'm heading back up to orlando today and saw you guys talking about playing there today. I wont be getting there til later, so if I miss you all I'm down to play next time for sure! Just bought the core set last night and played it with a friend, its pretty fun! Looking forward to eventually meeting up to play some aGoT
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