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  1. Obvious_Ninja

    Next Imperial Corps and Support Speculation

    Ok. It's Monday. Fingers crossed for an imperial sneak peek...
  2. Just a thought: I'm assuming Enfys Nest's gang will be called "Marauders." I just hope the they do a set that includes both mounted (on speeder-bikes) and dismounted figures.
  3. I think Shore Troopers should be sold as "unit attachments/boosters." Sell them as a six pack of figs that can be their own unit or split it to add troops to existing units. That's how they seem to be utilized in Rogue One. That being said, I hope the Imperial release is "Imperial Veterans" that look an awful lot like Sandtroopers. I like the idea of having more stormtroopers with different poses on the tabletop.
  4. Obvious_Ninja

    I really want the First Order.

    I think FO can stand as a separate faction but at the end of TLJ the resistance becomes the (new) Rebellion. Even the speeders they use are supposed to be old Rebellion tech. I submit that for game purposes,the First Order could still be a new faction but the Resistance really just become an add-on for the Rebellion. That way if they ever do Scum and Villainy that would be the six faction as opposed to having the resistance taking up that slot.
  5. Obvious_Ninja

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Ah! There they are... Happy!
  6. Obvious_Ninja

    Star Wars ALWAYS

    Dude! That was cool!
  7. Obvious_Ninja

    Release Schedule Speculation...

    CMON had several faction based starter-sets for their Song of Ice and Fire game. I'm hoping FFG will use a similar model for the clone wars. I'd love to see single faction box sets for the droid army and the galactic republic respectively.
  8. Obvious_Ninja

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    Really, as long as they rules don't change, I think this is a good play for FFG over all. GW and other companies do this sort of thing anyway. I'm not going to Chicago, but I'm hoping this sculpt reappears of other Star wars events in the future, that I might get to.
  9. Obvious_Ninja

    New city battle board

    Very nice! Can't wait to see these painted up!
  10. Obvious_Ninja

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    Awesome! I I was thinking the exact same thing. 😆
  11. Obvious_Ninja

    Ramblings of an old wargamer...

    Ah the good old days... I appreciate this a lot!
  12. Obvious_Ninja

    New vehicles!

    Ah... I was going to call it the CAT... But you did it one better... Bully for you!!! And GOCAT it is!
  13. Obvious_Ninja

    New vehicles!

    I love to see this too. But I'm sure a lot of the people on the board would like to see this. Sure it's wish listing, but I'd love to see the kyber crystal cases available in a new objectives box set separately. So this way we could get extra kyber cases...
  14. Obvious_Ninja

    New vehicles!

    Sweet! These are going to be so much fun... and some you said the landspeeder has no point in actually being there. Well, you're right! But you know what, I don't care! Got to have it anyway!!!
  15. Obvious_Ninja

    Dewback Attack!

    Hey, don't rain on my parade 😉