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  1. It may ultimately be more cost-effective to print a card expansion for the LCG as opposed to a full expansion for Arkham Horror... That being said I'm really hoping for a new expansion announcement anytime.
  2. I just picked up 3rd ed. I had 1st but not 2nd. (It seems to me ffg could do some small expansions with just a couple of tile add on's fairly easy.) Not sure how their printer works so truly it may be more cost-effective to do a larger expansion than the smaller one. For those of you who played second edition though, I was just curious as to how easy you would think some of those expansions would port over to Third Edition? Not necessarily actually using the second edition expansions but actually ffg were to release those expansions in a 3rd Edition format. Just curious?
  3. Oh... a thought. I bet the snowtroopers would make perfect hazmat-trooper... yellow canvas areas with Hazmat symbols painted on them... I might have to play with this...
  4. I have my snowtroopers as "swamptroopers." I painted the white canvas parts in camo green. I left all the metal armor parts white of course.
  5. I like this. My fantasy is that they do a series of sets that could be scenario packs: "Jabba's Palace"could have a a few of the characters and maybe a specialized terrain/objective piece to go along with it; sat Han Solo in carbonite... See, I got all excited for "The Mandalorian" and now I'm wish-listing again!
  6. Come on. They have to have some sort if "scum" faction eventually. Its too integrated into the Star Wars milieu. I hope it won't be some all encompassing faction but maybe some smaller sub-factions; Hutt cartel, Black Sun, Crimson Dawn, Mining Guilds. Granted, they have a lot of work to do to get these right. They need at least one or two vehicles for each of these. The Hutts could get the Sand Skiffs, there are the speeders at the beginning of Solo, etc.
  7. I'm getting two... I dont want them... I simply have to have them!
  8. True, but his last show was in June of '77 and he had been on tour for a couple of years before that. Supposedly was getting ready for another tour at the time. Just having fun with this but maybe he was not contractually able. Shows he might have been better off going back to movies and helping to destroy the death star! Anyway... back to Legion...
  9. As a kid, I grew up listening to Elvis because my parents we such huge fans(I'm firmly a Gen Xer.) As a result I'm still a fan of his. Now I have to think, had he lived, would Elvis have made a good Han Solo? That question will haunt me now...
  10. I still like to call it the Gav CAT, but calling it the Occupier makes sense.
  11. Yeah. I noticed this wasn't posted... hopefully this means its "on way."
  12. I might go for 2. I want to built the Grevious with four arms and the one with the cloak but I really want to see. what FFG teases out after the core set before I decide...
  13. Cool! My son (and I've said this before) is getting the concepts but mostly he just wants to role dice and move Han Solo around😀
  14. I just showed my son the pictures of the new starter and squad boxes. He looked at me with out missing a beat: "I call droids!" Not kidding. He's 5...
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