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  1. LordBlades

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    That price point would have to be significantly higher than let's say Veteran Turret Gunner for it not to be justified. In X-wing 1.0, concentrating your firepower was key to victory, and I see little changed in 2.0 in regard to that, apart from half points on everything. As such, one attack with a mod (Luke gunner) will often be preferable to 2 attacks with no mods against different targets (Veteran Turret Gunner).
  2. LordBlades


    How about the exaggerated efficiency of glorified space trucks then? The YTs were great fighting ships (better than many dedicated fighters) in 1.0, and they retained that on 2.0. The JM5k didn't. Also, at least AFAIK, the title is completely unthematic, as the Punishing One never had extra front-firing cannons. What's been spoiled so far for the JM5K isn't great, but 'crap and cheap' is still playable and can even be good if it's cheap enough.
  3. LordBlades

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    He does have a point though. Gunner Luke does seem contrary to what FFG seems to promote as the core ideas of 2.0.
  4. LordBlades

    Meta is dead, long live the Meta

    I doubt they won't have at least a beta version of the app ready for Gencon release. Not doing so would piss off a lot of people and make very few (if any) happy, so I don't think it's a smart thing for FFG to do. As a side-note it's also unlikely that FFG wold want to tweak stuff too often, unless a really large problem is noticed. If you make the meta too unstable, it might drive many invested players away.
  5. LordBlades

    Meta is dead, long live the Meta

    I'm however pretty sure that, between being at Gencon (in person or via soembody in their play group), using Vassal and just having somebody in their play group (even themselves) find the inevitable post Gencon full rules breakdown and going 'hey guys, let's give 2.0 a try' I'm pretty sure a pretty significant portion of the community will be exposed to 2.0 before the official launch.
  6. Wasn't there a time when Han dominated the game? IIRC people weren't happy. Same for the recent dominance of a rather fluffy Star Wars Rebels squad.
  7. LordBlades

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    I don't think this is correct, mainly for 2 reasons: -AFAIK, no 'one attack per turn' blanket rule hasn't been confirmed for regular attacks, only for bonus. -Cards that allow you to do something out of sequence but then NOT do it again when you normally could (like a Advanced Sensors does for actions) clearly state as such. The way it appears to work, at least according to what we know: -Engagement phase starts, Han allows a shot at I7. -The regular Initiative of the ship with Han comes along. There is no blanket restriction that it can't shoot at all, only that it can't use the same mobile arc.
  8. LordBlades

    Scum got nerfed hard

    So much this. Getting mad at people flying top lists in a tournament is silly IMO.
  9. LordBlades

    Scum got nerfed hard

    No worries, as soon as 2.0 has been out for a bit, I'm pretty sure the old grudges will be forgotten and replaced by brand new grudges
  10. LordBlades

    Scum got nerfed hard

    Take your pick of the last 7 or so waves of 1.0. FFG doesn't have a very good track record with properly costing stuff for X-wing. It's pretty likely that at release power will be all over the place (just like a regular 1.0 wave) . Some things will dominate, others will be useless, a bunch of stuff will be in the middle. It's also likely however that, due to the app, they will respond to issues much faster than before.
  11. LordBlades

    Scum got nerfed hard

    I meant I like Assajj as a Star Wars character.
  12. LordBlades

    Scum got nerfed hard

    That's true :)) Guri too. I did like Assajj though
  13. LordBlades

    Scum got nerfed hard

    We'll have to wait and see, including point costs, but to me it definitely looks weaker than Empire and especially Rebels.
  14. LordBlades

    Scum got nerfed hard

    Out of the other turrets, I know for sure Falcon has 2 arcs as well (both 3 dice) . How did they handle YT-2400 and the Decimator? I missed that info.
  15. LordBlades

    Scum got nerfed hard

    As a scum player who had to switch to Rebels since the great nerfing, I like what I saw. A lot of stuff is looking really good: Boba Fett, Guri, Brobots (maybe even 3 of them now or 2 and Guri). Most of stuff looks in line with the other factions. Only the JM5K looks bad (the generic as well as Dengar) but we don't know point costs yet. Bad and cheap might still do well. The only thing I dislike is that they seem to have decided 'crap turret faction' is part of Scum's faction identity. Both Assajj and JM5K with Title end up with a 3 dice primary in arc and 2 dice mobile arc. This is unique among all the PWTs (yt-1300, yt-2400, Decimator) and, if turrets turn out to be really good, might hurt Scum in the short run.