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  1. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    I think it's gone way past players figuring out lists on their own at the top of competitive X-wing. Many top players seem to be part of large-is groups that break down the meta, theorycraft and practice together. ListJuggler gave people who weren't part of such groups an equivalent tool in regard to breaking down the meta and theorycrafting, that s why I m sad to see it go. I also don't think no ListJuggler will mean less netlisting, as IMO most people copy what does well at large premier events like System Opens, rather than what does consistently well in dozens of small tournaments (which is where ListJuggler'data gathering capabilities really shine).
  2. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    I'd be quite surprised if that happens for 2 reasons: - FFG has said you will be able to build squads offline with the PDFs. Going back on that will get part of the community pretty riled up. - The app won't be available in regions where X-wing isn't officially supported (confirmed by FFG AFAIK) and guys from these regions travel to take part in official tournaments.
  3. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    Not really, you can just watch what does well in a couple of major tournaments (this will still be widely discussed most likely). Case in point myself. I come from a really small community, where the average tournament is 6 to 8 guys and there's only 3 of us interested in being competitive. As such, for large events we net list, because the 3 of us won't come with the next power list. It's just not enough brain power to bounce around ideas and break them down. However, I don't really use ListJuggler for net listing. I mainly take my competitive lists from either major tournament results or 'X is OP' threads. I mainly used ListJuggler for in-depth analysis, like how a given list is performing in certain match-up, is variant A doing better than variant B of a list, etc or theorycrafting. I used to run my list ideas into ListJuggler to see if anyone was running that thing and how they did with it. If anything, the lack of a reliable data source would make me experiment less and stick with stuff proven to work, as I d have way less tools to (in)validate any list I'd make. Of course, that's just me, so purely anecdotal
  4. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    Since it's a hobby you're supposed to do whatever makes it fun for you IMO. For some, mathing it out if fun. Same for fishing. Most guys I know that are serious about fishing don't just show up with a simple pole and a length of string. They read up on fishing, learning where and when to catch certain fish and they also invest in a ton of specialized gear so they can fish better.
  5. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    Unless people just watch what wins bug tournaments and still gravitate toward that. Even without list juggler, it's hard to imagine System Open and Nationals top lists for example staying hidden.
  6. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    It will also put people that come from smaller metas but travel to the occasional big tournament at a big disadvantage IMO, as the local brain power and number of games just won't be there to catch on most power combos in time.
  7. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    Knowing FFG and the limited resources they have, I wouldn't be surprised if the app isn't as good as what the 3rd party community can come up with. As such, it's possible if people would still prefer the 3rd party apps unless FFG forces them to use the official app. Think Cryodex vs. Tome. That being said, I totally understand these wonderful people behind ListJuggler and other apps.
  8. LordBlades

    The Empire betrayed at Coruscant

    I'm willing to bet this was added after the voting concluded, as FFG realized the implications of having the first major tournament of the 'new&improved' 2.0 be the TIE swarm invitational. Even so, I think the Empire comes out ahead. 0 points Ruthlessness means nothing gained nothing lost, while Rebels and Scum still need to take a crew carrier for a crew of questionable value.
  9. LordBlades


    Sheathipede, Umbaran fighters, Utapau fighters, Assajj's fighter, droid gunship, Droch-class boarding ship. I think that's all the X-Wing scale ships on screen for the CIS.
  10. LordBlades


    Partially IMO. For some people (me included) the hype for upcoming releases is part of the fun.
  11. LordBlades


    I think both the Republic and CIS have significantly more than 8 ships without digging too deep past the Prequels and the Clone Wars series. Resistance and FO will likely struggle though, depending on the new Resistance cartoon.
  12. LordBlades

    Which Second Edition faction will you fly, if any?

    I'll keep to Scum as my main faction, but might swap to CIS in time if their playsyle fits what I like. Apart from that, I'll keep collecting Empire, Rebels and Republic. I have zero fluff-wise interest in Resistance and First Order, so I hope it will be possible to stay competitive while skipping them altogether.
  13. LordBlades

    Essential Scum and Villainy article. Vote now! Or don't...

    Based on what people holding Coruscant invites have posted on Facebook, at least as far as they know, this year it's 'bring a squad, include the mandatory card for your chosen faction'. If true, this means anyone who intends to do good will fly Empire.
  14. LordBlades

    Essential Scum and Villainy article. Vote now! Or don't...

    IMO voting for Boba won't let you see top players use Boba, it will let you see top players use Empire.
  15. Hi, Is there a list with the contents of various 2.0 boxes? Trying to mess around with some wave 1 only lists, but locating what cards would be available is proving a challenge.