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  1. The thing is many people were already reaching the top with no Adv SLAM on Miranda. The last Worlds runner up squad had Chips on Miranda, and AFAIK most Biggs/Lowrisk/Miranda squads were also doing well without Adv. SLAM on Miranda. The Adv. SLAM nerf obviously affected Adv. SLAM Miranda (EI Miranda is somewhat weaker). It has however done absolutely nothing to all the other top builds for Miranda not using Adv. SLAM.
  2. Just realized this and came back to post it
  3. That's...a good question. Also applies to Upsilon and Gunboat.
  4. Usually I get 2 friday nights per month at the FLGS (2-3 games per night), and about 1 Vassal game a week while the league is running.
  5. This. Even if the recent FAQ does noting for the game itself and 3 months from now we have a new meta and people hating on it (quite likely IMO), this FAQ has rekindled the enthusiasm in the game for many people, and that's a very good thing.
  6. I'm at work, so I didn't watch it,but then no internet video can really change the underlying math of the game, and by math, Sabine is better at least 85% of the time, and about 50% of the time provides significantly more damage (mathed out in my post above). That's significantly better, not 'slightly better'. .Now if the designers gave Sabine’s ability to Bane and that was put on the Scurrg, don’t you think that would be broken?' You can already do that on the Rebel Scurrg, by putting Sabine on it. If it's not broken for Rebels, why would it be for Scum?
  7. You have a bomblet generator. You roll 2 dice. Statistically, you will: - roll 2 hits/crits 25% of the time. Sabine adds 1 damage, Cad does nothing. - roll 1 hit/crit, 1 focus/blank 50% of the time. Sabine adds 1 damage. Cad rerolls, getting a focus/blank (50% of the time, worse than Sabine), hit 37.5% of the time, equal to Sabine vs same target) or crit (12.5% of the time, better than Sabine). - roll 2 blanks/focus, 25% of the time. Sabine adds 1 damage. Cad rerolls getting 2 focus/blanks (25% chance, worse than Sabine), 1 hit (37.5% of the time, equal to Sabine vs. same targey), 1 crit (12.5% of the time, better), 2 hits/crits (25% of the time, better). Cad is really better than Sabine about 15% of the time (this is assuming rolling a crit on bomblet is always better than rolling a hit, not true in practice). For the other 85%, Sabine either does more damage, or she does same damage, but can distribute 1 to another target. I think calling that 'slightly better' is a huge understatement.
  8. I took a break from playing Scum after the FAQ, because I feel they're no longer good enough. I build a list, then I ask myself 'is this better than Dash Miranda?' So far the answer has been 'no' every time. So why play it over Dash Miranda then ? Additionally, on most podcasts I've listened to, there is a lot of talk about how Rebels or the assumed resurgence of Imperial aces will influence the upcoming meta, and very little about Scum, which leads me to think many of them don't really feel Scum will be a strong force in defining the new meta. Maybe somebody will come up with some new Scum lists that are good enough to compete with Rebels, but for now the outlook is pretty grim, at least in my view.
  9. IMO, right now Scum has fewer (and ATM less powerful) ships than Rebels. Even before the FAQ Rebels were winning more than Scum, and Scum was hit much harder than Rebels by the FAQ, therefore widening the gap. Do you not see this as a problem?
  10. This thread will be fun to read in hindsight if a couple of months from now Miranda is still the top ship on Meta-Wing.
  11. That is actually false. Cad Bane is strictly worse than Sabine, even with dice bombs: -Sabine adds 1 damage always. Cad Bane on average adds 0.5 damage for 2 dice bombs, 0.75 on 3 dice bombs -Cad Bane, unlike Sabine can't exceed the maximum damage for a given bomb - Cad affects the ship that triggers the bomb, Sabine can choose.
  12. Anyone know specifics on the Hwk list?
  13. I'm pretty sure even a month ago rebels were winning more than scum
  14. I've only really seen Quickdraw with Cruise missiles doing well (this was the corner case I've mentioned). In any case, back to my point, pretty much every single time I saw TIE/sfs doing well, they relied heavily on cards from subsequent waves (LWF or Cruise Missiles), which means that people calling them DOA in the context of wave 9 might not have been totally wrong.
  15. I know. After the last round of NERF I was pretty sure Rebels will dominate, at least until Wave 12 hits. First results showed me I wasn't wrong. One faction dominating isn't exactly good for the game.