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  1. It's not the only possible meta bender that slipped their mind. They ramble about how Whisper was a bad call, but dismiss just Adv. Sensor Barrel Roll as not an issue. Then they talk avout Silencer Kylo as if it occured to nobody to put PtL on it.
  2. That's like your opinion. Not a fact. And yes,my argument us that Nym needs an EPT IN THE CURRENT META because IMO he wouldn't be viable as a competitive ship without it due to better alternatives.
  3. I don't see it. I view Miranda as vastly superior to PS8 Nym (somewhat better bomber,vastly better late game ship due to her ability) and I'd also take a PS9 Tel with torps over a PS8 Nym any day of the week.
  4. I can agree on that timeframe. Parattani was the most fun list I've played so far. However, at that time, the forums were still full of people complaining about Defenders and Attani Mindlink killing the game.
  5. I've been playing since wave 6 and for as long as I've been on the forum, the game has been getting 'less fun than it used to be'. First Fat Turrets, then TLTs, then Palp, then U-Boats, the x7 Defenders, then Attani Mindlink, now bombs. Genuine question: has there ever bern a time when this game was getting more fun according to this forum?
  6. There's a bunch of stuff that can match or beat contracted scouts, as shown by major tournament results. When I build a competitive squad, I build to win. Therefore why take a ship if there is a better option for similar role/point value? I think that a PS8 Nym would be COMPETITIVELY worthless. Then, if Nym is not wirth it from a competitive standpoint, what's left? Bring a PS8 bomber with infinite bombs to casual game night. For the record I disagree that Nym is any more 'cancer' and 'bad for the game' than a lot of other things that have existed, exist currently (Miranda with Sabine being at the top of my list) or will exist in the game (FFG isn't improving their process overnight).
  7. Why take ps8 Nym instead of Miranda (if Rebel) or Tel (if Scum) ?
  8. EI also gets rid of the 'no obstacles and no bump' restriction, so it's not all bad. Regarding Nym being balanced at PS8, if by balanced you mean not vastly better than most ships, it might be. However, in the current meta, bringing a ship that's only balanced is the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gunfight. If you 'balance' Nym without similar nerfs across the board, you're simply killing it as a competitive option. Nothing more IMO.
  9. I'm in the opinion that Adv. SLAM nerf would only marginally affect Miranda, as EI is not a significantly worse option. Do you have an easier time bombing with PS8 Nym, or PS10 Nym?
  10. I just did. Between dodging questions (we can't really talk about it) and brutal honesty (we didn't consider that or that would be too much effort for a single game regarding machine learning), I'd say the future isn't exactly sunshine&rainbows It's largely what I expected: due to various constraints (sone independent of the devs themselves) current level of quality is what we can expect from x-wing in the near future. No more and no less.
  11. On the other hand though, if your work made you (somewhat) famous, you should expect it to be judged.
  12. I think if FFG has a bias toward something, it's Rebels. Scum releases without any turrets or aces in a turret/ace meta, then proceeds to be the red-headed step child of competitive x-wing for over a year until FFG does something (the Jumpmaster). Imperials have fallen on the side for over a year, nothing has happened yet. Meanwhile, Rebels fell on the side for a bit due to torp boats ? Instant (by FFG standards) nerf.
  13. If that is the goal, then I agree, although I find 'half a dozen' to be an understatement, if the goal is to fix the game, and not just reset it to one of it's previous states, such as 'acewing' or 'turretwing'. Anyway,my replies were mainly targeted at addressing 'why does Nym have an EPT in the current game'. A PS6 Nym with EPT suffers from.the same problems a PS8 Nym without EPT does: it's not good enough to be a meaningful alternative for the cost, compared to other options Scum and especially Rebels have.
  14. I agree. However, PS 10 Nym is close enough some people run whatever/Nym instead of whatever/Miranda. If the goal is to have Nym not viable in a competitive environment then yes, Nym should not have an EPT.
  15. Just look at all the other not-Nym Scurrgs flying around....oh wait On a more serious note, an EPT-less Nym is a strictly worse Miranda (it can do nothing that Miranda doesn't do better). Therefore, as a Rebel, why would you take Nym over Miranda? Only reason would be if you're flying Miranda/Nym. But would Miranda/Nym still be good enough with Nym at PS8? I don't know. As Scum, you mainly have Dengar/Nym. Personally, if Nym was restricted to PS8 I feel it becomes an inferior option to Dengar/Tel (or even Dengar/Fenn/Inaldra if Nym usage drops on Rebel side too).