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  1. LordBlades

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    How is that different from extended? Think about 1.0: at no point in the game post wave 6 were all factions roughly equal. One was always at the bottom of the barrel. I don't expect FFG to drastically improve balance-wise (it's the same guys doing the design), so, in a 7 faction game, one will still be the worst one. Being a single faction player was never an option IMO if you are serious about competitive play. That being said, I'm not a fan of the Hyperspace idea for 2 reasons: - Balance reasons : AFAIK FFG has hired no additional designers lately. This means the same guys that were balancing a 3 faction game and releasing 6-8 new ships a year in 1.0 will now be in charge of balancing a 7-faction game and launching significantly more ships per year, across 2 game format, one of which relies on getting it right the first time (if you mess up the Hyperspace ship pool, there isn't really much you can do about it due to the short time span). I just don't see how this all can be done without sacrificing some quality along the way. - It's not really a choice for many people: how many people live and play in an area that would still be fine if half the people just moved on to playing something else? I'd guess not that many. Therefore, it's not likely IMO for many local communities to have healthy groups for both Extended and Hyperspace at the same time. Most likely one will predominate, which means you kinda need to play that one as well.
  2. LordBlades

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    Has it been confirmed that the Hyperspace Qualifier will follow Hyperspace rules? That would be a bummer for those of us needing to fly to a System Open, as now more lists would be needed for a single event (therefore more luggage space).
  3. Some people do like more obscure ships as well, for their own reasons. Not everybody holds the iconic ships above all others. In my case, my favorite ship is the Jumpmaster. I had seen the OT on TV, the prequels on the cinemas, but in my 20s I wasn't a Star Wars fan, but much more into Star Trek. I didn't really embrace Star Wars and realize how coll the universe really was until I got into PnP RPGs and played in a 2 years long Star Wars Saga Edition campaign, where the group's ship was a Jumpmaster. That ship will always mean something for me due to this, no matter how obscure it is for everybody else Back on topic, I also share the concern that the hyperspace format isn't exactly balanced. Addutionally, regardless whether the current one is balanced or a mess of epic proportions, FFG will need to produce a balanced hyperspace list every 6 months or how often they want to change it. Given their track record, I'm not really confident they can do that.
  4. LordBlades

    Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?

    I think it's at least 50% coincidence. I've thought about this a fair bit and I honestly can't see why FFG would make some of their ships DOA on purpose. If stuff like the Punisher, G1-A, Kihraxz etc. were mistakes in 1.0, I think it's fair to assume a fair bit of mistakes happen in the opposite direction as well. I mean I'm sure they're trying to shake up the meta with every release, but given how far in the future they are designing, IMO there has to be a hefty amount of guesswork involved.
  5. LordBlades

    Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?

    Also, ultimately, shifting imbalance drives sales way more than perfect balance.
  6. LordBlades

    Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?

    My impression was that the OP was wondering what he should do himself, not suggesting that everybody else drops Rebels. For some people winning is part of the fun, and feeling you need to work harder for it than the guy across the table due to your choice of faction can be very frustrating. Having been there several times in 1.0 with Scum, I feel the best course of action if your chosen faction's performance frustrates you is to find a list you enjoy in another faction and play that for a while.
  7. LordBlades

    Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?

    Stuff like this is the reason I started playing multiple factions in 1.0 I almost quit the game when Scum was the bottom faction (before Jm5k) and all I had was Scum. My advice is: if your faction no longer 'feels right' to you, try another faction, it might give you what you need.
  8. LordBlades

    Too many I5s

    Alternatively, it's a way to maximize your win chances, which is what you want to do in a tournament. There is no prize for playing the most difficult squad, only the best performing one. IMO, the reason why so many effective playstyles over the years have gotten this kind of bad labels is because the best way to win at X-wing is to play as little X-wing as possible. If X-wing is a game of guessing your opponent's moves and rolling dice at him, many winning squads seem to revolve around reducing/eliminating the need to guess by using high initiative and/or ships with more firing arcs and reducing the impact of dice rolls by having multiple modifiers.
  9. LordBlades

    Listbuilding in 2.0

    First question: 3 ships list are definitely viable, 2 ship lists not so much. Most stuff that has done well at large tournaments has been 3-4bship lists. Second question: Depends on ace. I play Scum and the closest thing I've ran to an expensive ace has been Boba Fett, and the stuff I tried has ranged in the 95-105 point area. There are still good&cheap cards in the game. Take a look at stuff like Han gunner or 0-0-0. What has changed is that naked ships can now pull their weight way more than in 1.0, and initiative bids don't give away half points, so now it's a meaningful choice of upgrades vs. more ships vs. bids.
  10. LordBlades

    So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?

    To further expand on this line of thinking, FFG probably has a revenue and profit target below which the game is no longer worthwhile to them. Ship prices are set to ensure they meet/exceed this target taking into account that players will often buy ships they don't want for cards. If FFG changed this model (let's say to requiring you build the list through the app and print it out), they will overall sell less product, as people will largely buy only stuff they intend to play, so, in order to meet their revenue and profit goals for X-wing, they would need to increase the individual ship prices.
  11. LordBlades

    So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?

    They aren't charging you for the app. They are however charging you for the cards. We don't need the cards, FFG does.
  12. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    Thanks for clarifying what you meant The more you narrow the scope of a fandom, the less people will disagree though, as people's interests coincide more.
  13. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    What about The Hobbit movie though? I have seen plenty of back and forth online bashing on that topic.
  14. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    IMO, this issue appears in most Fandoms, but the bigger the IP, the more visible it is. People are emotionally invested in their vision of the universe they love, and they feel the need to prove their vision is the correct one.
  15. LordBlades

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    For me, the main issue has been the way it breaks established lore on multiple aspects, invalidating several cool moments from the OT and prequels in the process. For example, the battle of Yavin and Luke's Force-aided shot look a lot less dramatic when you consider the Rebels could have just Holdo-ed a bunch of transports through the Death Star for the same result. Similarly, Rey's ability with the Force and lightsabers makes most other Force users, including Anakin 'the Chosen One' Skywalker, look like a bunch of chumps.