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  1. Interesting video on Star Wars space combat theory

    So by that logic nothing should make sense in Star Wars, right? You're mixing up apples with oranges. Big time. X-wings and especially TIE Fighters make no sense to our understanding of space dynamics, but they can easily be rationalized by admitting Star Wars space and technology works differently. ****, seeing that they work in the movies is 'proof' that, within the 'laws of physics' of the Star Wars universe, these kinds of ships work. Exposed bridges are a concept that, considering starfighters can bypass shields, makes no sense in the real world and it's also repeatedly shown not to work inside the universe. It's one thing to accept that people in Star Wars build TIE fighters because TIE Fighters work in Star Wars and completely another to accept that people in Star Wars build exposed bridges despite said bridges demonstrably NOT working in Star Wars.
  2. Interesting video on Star Wars space combat theory

    Let's admit that were true. Doesn't this turn every single capital ship designer into a blundering idiot? I can't recall any circumstance in Star Wars where anyone aboard a capital ship ever derived anything useful from looking out of the window. Considering that and the fact that a single fighter getting through can cripple or destroy it, why do people keep building ships with the bridge in exposed and obvious locations? Considering TLJ, wouldn't it make much more sense to place the bridge in the middle of the ship, under thick armor?
  3. Interfering in streamed games

    I agree. Any spectators interfering should be punished according to the official floor rules published by FFG.
  4. Do Scum win any big tournies these days?

    Rebels and Scum are similar enough so the switch is not that hard. In mu case,I like 2 ship lists ever since I started playing Brobots. Before the Genius nerf I was running Dengar/Nym as my main competitive option and Dash/Miranda on the side. After the nerf, I tried building a few lists, but, when nothing I made or saw on ListJuggler measured up to Dash/Miranda, switching to Rebels was the logical choice.
  5. Do Scum win any big tournies these days?

    This is what puzzles me too. When Rebels or Imperials were in similar situations everyone was up in arms, now they're just 'whatever', even though it's likely the worst case of a faction underperforming since Rebels just after Jumpmaster release. Now this is obviously anecdotal and of no relevance whatsoever to the big picture, but still quite sad: since the last round of nerfs I haven't been part of any game that Scum won. I used to run Scum almost exclusively since I started playing so I tried to make it work after the last round of nerfs. I lost every single game (my opponents were running top meta squads to help me test). After I switched to Rebels several people tried to prove me I was overreacting and Scum was fine. They too lost every single game against me running Rebels.
  6. Interfering in streamed games

    This, the judge is not part of the game, so calling a judge is not interfering.
  7. Interfering in streamed games

    Actually, the intent 'clearly' is that you should do something if you notice rules being broken, but you should do so through a judge.
  8. Interfering in streamed games

    How is reporting.improper game states to judges cheating?
  9. Interfering in streamed games

    People grabbing their pitchforks (or not) will happen regardless on whether they are allowed to bring it to the players attention or not. People will still post about it in twitch chat and on forums. Nothing changes. What changes for the better IMO is that, if viewer input is taken into consideration, potential game changer mistakes might be corrected. Worst case scenario: let's say you are a good player in the streamed final of a big tournament and you make a game altering incorrect rules call (for example shooting from the rear arc of a Ghost whiteout docked shuttle). Afterward, would you rather be the guy who 'made a mistake, stream chat noticed, no biggie' or the guy who 'only won because he cheated'?
  10. Interfering in streamed games

    The only way one would see this as an advantage as opposed to an unfortunate occurrence is if he was already planning to take advantage of sloppy play and/or cheat. In this case, the possibility to ask not to be streamed is already there.
  11. Interfering in streamed games

    On the other hand, I don't remember of any circumstance of a player involved in such a situation going on record to say that he disapproved of a spectator correcting an obvious mistake. Most players want to win or lose fair and square, and seem to be grateful when people point out stuff like that. Additionally, running to get a judge might result in the game state changing to a point the mistake is harder or downright impossible to revert.
  12. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    Actually, I think the issues with competitive x-wing have less to do with the foundation of x-wing and more with the design team and methodology (not believing in math, closed playtest groups that the designers might not always listen to etc.). Even if you do a full 2.0 reboot, as long as nothing changes in the way stuff it's designed, OP ships/cards will 'slip through' just as often as they do now, so I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time until we're back to the current situation.
  13. Regional Results thread.

    I think so too. Looking at my local community, all our tournaments have been put into list juggler by the same couple of guys who also organize them. If we ever got to a point where people had to be asked to input their own lists, I'm certain 80-90% wouldn't care enough to do it.
  14. Returning scum player

    Welcome back Depending on how competitive you plan to be, it might be worth noting Scum isn't in a great place right now from this point of view. In tournaments they are consistently outperformed by Rebels and to a lesser extent by Imperials as well.
  15. How soon until maul gets a once a round restriction?

    Actually, given the last interview with the X-wing devs (scum&villainy podcast), I think players pointing stuff out and the devs simply ignoring it is at least as likely.