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  1. Just finished Dark Disciple (TCW novel) last night, and there is one scene where 4 Jedi (Obi-Wan, Anakin, Quinlan Vos and another Knight) set off in their fighters and have a space fight without any Clone support (Clones are kept in reserve until the Jedi have finished investigating the target). The way I see it, the X-Wing board can also represent a piece of a larger battle (like one only containing Jedi) and mustn't necessarily be a small, stand-alone battle.
  2. There are also several Canon instances in prequels and TCW where Obi-Wan and Anakin in their fighters take on droid forces without any immediate clone assistance.
  3. I fully agree about competitive players, although IMO there's a point to be discussed here as well; waves are significantly larger and Meta changes faster too (more waves per year+2 formats+ 2 rebalances per year) which might lead to a significantly higher cost to keep up than 1.0 and possibly fewer guys willing to do it. My point was mainly aimed at the more casual end of the spectrum, players who mainly buy and play a single faction. If a Scum only player has no Scum ship in wave 4, I think he's far more likely to skip wave 4 altogether, instead of deciding to pick up First Order or Separatists.
  4. I find pretty much everything else you've said reasonable (although maybe overly optimistic here and there) , but this part I disagree with. Based on my experience in the local area as well as what I've seen discussed in various online and offline environments, a significant chunk of the X-Wing community, especially in the casual and semi-competitive area, are single faction players. If you leave this guys without content for their faction for too long...I don't think 'try out a new faction' is the most likely thing they'll do.
  5. Fully agree, I've wondered several times why FFG actually stated that, as it was pretty obvious from the conversion kit and wave 1 contents that they weren't really willing to put their money where their mouth is.
  6. IMO it's unavoidable in the competitive world, unless FFG makes everything perfectly balanced (which we both know won't happen). It doesn't really matter FFG has toned down the differences, so that pilot A is only 10% better than pilot B instead of the 30% of first edition; as long as the difference still exists, 90% of the competitive players are still going to take pilot A and only pilot A.
  7. Even if you look at competitive viability, how many ships have more than 1 truly viable pilot? I get that everybody would like their favorite ship to have more, but across the entire system, 0-1 competitively viable pilots seems to be the norm, ships with more being exceptions.
  8. They also promised you wouldn't have to buy other factions for cards as well. I'd take any FFG promise with a decently sized boulder of salt.
  9. On the other hand, it's been the business nidel of x-wing from day 1. If FFG wasn't doing this, odds are stuff would be more expensive, as they'd still need to meet same revenue/profit targets.
  10. The demand would most certainly be less if the new factions didn't have cards you couldn't get elsewhere for now. Apart from everybody else who would buy the new factions anyway for reasons like those expressed above, having new cards also 'hooks' people who have no interest in the ships themselves, but need/want the cards. Think 1.0 Autothrusters.
  11. A similar way to how it was for let's say Scum to get Debris in 1.0? We're talking about FFG here.
  12. Bad ships sell WAY less than good ships and it's up to FFG which ships they make good. If they want a re-released ship to sell better all they need is a point adjustment. A good new ship will obviously sell better than a good re-released ship because nobody has it, but sales volume will, like in 1.0, largely be determined by a single factor: how good it is on the table. Ultimately, even if re-released ships sell worse than new ships, the R&D cost and time has already been paid for them and production-wise it might be smarter to have more kinds of ships on the shelves (new and re-released) rather than less (only new).
  13. In my view it's also a matter of how different factions will be supported with new material. I highly doubt FFG will simply abandon a faction once they run out of canon ships. I also doubt Disney has any plans to constantly produce new content for all 3 eras covered by X-wing. Rebels for example have 6 movie ships (A, B, U, X and Y-wing and the YT-1300). Once all those are released, I highly doubt the Cassian Andor series alone will produce enough ships for regular releases. For comparison, Rebels produced 3 new Rebel ships in 4 years.
  14. What do you expect FFG will do once they run out of Disney Canon ships for one faction? Simply stop releasing anything for that faction?
  15. On the other hand, do you believe Hyperspace will NOT be unbalanced then?
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