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  1. I love strategy games, and have a pretty high tolerance for long games, but even I would probably get frustrated with a single game of Armada going all day thanks to hour-long X-Wing breaks for every dogfight. This is definitely a nice idea for the right group, but the time investment will be absolutely immense given how frequently fighters activate.
  2. I didn't see a Howlrunner card in the Imperial Fighters expansion pack, which means that much like X-Wing you get different upgrade cards in the core set and the expansions of the ships found in the core set.
  3. If even the Lusankya can fly in a planetary atmosphere, albeit assisted, I don't see why an ISD can't. I seem to recall a cutscene from The Force Unleashed where an ISD was flying inside a planet's atmosphere, as well. The Star Wars canon isn't being "simplified"; they're just drawing on one part of the convoluted mess that was the old canon.
  4. You're right, we're not designers. We're just the people who spend money on the designers' products.
  5. Not really. The X-wing has become obsolete because of the B-wing, but I can't think of any other ship that has. Tie Advanced was never used to begin with, but the Tie, Y-wing etc. are still used and loved. Naked Y-wings are very underwhelming, and bombers feel a bit weak as well. There's also the issue that the Proton Torpedoes and Concussion Missiles, Star Wars' two most iconic bits of ordnance, are almost never used. No ship is really obsolete, of course.
  6. FFG would definitely do well to start thinking about an X-Wing 2.0 ruleset overhaul, given that to be honest the game has suffered from a fair bit of power creep. Lots of the earlier wave ships have issues now.
  7. Why settle for a piddly little X-Wing dogfight when you can do a proper capital ship battle with Armada?
  8. I just don't understand why Horton and Dutch don't have EPT. It's a massive slap in the face to Y-Wing fans, and really something that needs to be rectified. The unique astromech was a step in the right direction, but it still costs a point and can only be used on one ship in the fleet. The Y-Wing will hopefully receive a nice overhaul as a result of Scum & Villainy, but its pilots need some love too.
  9. I don't know about the inevitable part of that statement but am soooo on board with the rest of it. The Executor is one of the most iconic ships of the series, and will work quite nicely as Armada's version of an Epic ship. It'll be expensive as hell, for sure, but relative scale should allow them to fit an SSD in. I'll be very shocked if we don't see an SSD release, provided Armada does well, of course.
  10. Wow, I had no idea! Very impressive. Shame she probably won't appear in the new movies. If any EU character should make it in, it's Mara. Yes 100%. But I'd also love to see Grand Admiral Thrawn! He would be a supremely intriguing nemesis/bad guy/mastermind. I don't have much hope for Thrawn appearing onscreen, but I do think he has a good chance of being namedropped at the very least. He wouldn't really need anything more to be brought into the official canon. Mara, on the other hand, is more of an all-or-nothing affair given her relationship with Luke. I'll be very disappointed if absolutely nothing from the Thrawn trilogy makes it into the new canon. It's a phenomenal Star Wars story, and deserves some kind of continuing recognition.
  11. Whatever the EU may have to say on the subject, in the movies Star Destroyers almost always appear in packs. As far as I can recall, the initial confrontation with Leia's blockade runner is the only time we see a Star Destroyer operating alone. Armada won't really succeed as a way to recreate the movies' cinematic feel if you can only really plunk one ISD on the table at a time.
  12. Wow, I had no idea! Very impressive. Shame she probably won't appear in the new movies. If any EU character should make it in, it's Mara.
  13. I was addressing points costs rather than the map size. An ISD does shrink the footprint of total fleet size, but also greatly increases the need for space to maneuver, because you definitely aren't going to want to get caught in range of an ISD's main broadside. The larger ships in X-Wing are the opposite in a way, as they lessen the need for opponents to dodge due to the prevalence of multiple or 360-degree firing arcs. Where you are in range of a Falcon doesn't really matter too much, but where you are in range of an ISD certainly will carry a great deal of import. I can understanding wanting to give players a lot of room to play with, especially since the new maneuver template will allow faster ships to move quite far in a single turn.
  14. We could definitely use a greater moderator presence in here. The amount of off-topic drama is frankly appalling.
  15. My group says "gentle" and "hard". Just felt more intuitive.
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