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  1. Good idea, though you can get a full, brand new set on eBay for like $5.
  2. My guess is, in the Android universe, the corporations probably own most of the police/law enforcement.
  3. Place I order from (Potomac Distributors) just got some in-stock, so I've got mine on the way now. You have to order by the box, but it is BY FAR cheaper than ordering from Amazon with the scam artists charging $6+ per pack. I imagine FFG's store should be getting them in-stock again as well pretty soon.
  4. I think the only faction you MIGHT want to splash 3x SE into is NBN…and even at that there's better ways to spend that influence.
  5. They show up under the "Upcoming" section as being "Shipping to Stores" now, with a date of "May 16th" listed. So hopefully we'll be able to get our hands on some soon! I've got two boxes of 500 reserved online.
  6. I recommend Android: Netrunner for two reasons: 1) I love it so you should too. 2) It's relatively new so the cost of entry to get caught up on the expansions is much lower than other LCGs.
  7. Works fine for me on Win 7. Maybe try updating your .Net framework? Anyway, nice work! Updating for Humanity's Shadow soon? Full card spoilers are out now.
  8. Nice, thanks! It looks like there are some "on the boat" according to the FFG Upcoming section. I've heard from my supplier that FFG has said "Early May, but they are sometimes late with shipping". So I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks or so.
  9. I only really play Netrunner, but I'd like to see a complement pack of some sort…even if it's just for the one-offs (as I didn't have a huge problem buying another core set…having 4 possible decks at a time might be nice). There aren't too terribly many, like 10 maybe, if that?
  10. In my experience with the FFG clear sleeves (I don't have any experience with UP sleeves, though) they are very consistent in sizing. I haven't noticed any out of the 10 packs I've bought that have been significantly different in any dimension. Very uniform. Only thing is they seem a bit longer than they need to be, but it doesn't affect usage (shuffling, etc.)
  11. Just as an update for anyone interested: I contacted FFG and they believe they will have the grey-series clear sleeves available again within a month or two.
  12. Interesting ideas but they all seem pretty overpowered IMO.
  13. Covenant TCG sells singles, but it's primarly neutral cards like Sure Gamble and Melange Mining Corp, many of which you get three of per core set anyway. I guess if you made multiple decks that needed these it would make sense to buy (maybe, though it might end up being cheaper to just buy another core set).
  14. Well, with Ambush, there's not necessarily any reason to trash it (or leave it, as you said) unless you're going to install something new in the server, anyway, at which point you can then discard it.
  15. I personally like the art on the backs of the cards by default, so I just use the clear FFG card sleeves. Unfortunately they seem to ALWAYS BE OUT OF STOCK!
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