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  1. isn't actually showing the chapter. Any chance of getting that fixed?
  2. At the very least some more ancient ones would be nice. Although more multi stage campaigns would be better.
  3. How about a "Scooby Doo" themed expansion for grins?
  4. I certainly have that expeience in Elder Signs: Omens.
  5. Anyone else having this problem on the Google-Nexus 7 App version of the game? Winning the final battle without any of the investigators dying, unlocking the Dreamer, playing a few games with the Dreamer, and now he is locked again? And that has happened twice! (Also he appears to not unlock if one of the investigators died. That seems reasonable compared to the parameters for the other two expansions.) I cannot get enough of this game as a tool for chronocide. More expansions, even if they did not include more investigators, would be great news.
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