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  1. thanks for the replies its nice to be welcomed and a mega thanks to SolenneBern i have been trawling the internet trying to find suitable units to add in next..i honestly cant tell you what a help thats been. @mgentile7: unfortunately she does but shes looked up in my basement JUST incase things dont work out with the current model.
  2. hi all im new to the forums and to DT, i ordered the revised core set and received it yesterday…after having to go all day at work thinking about what was in the box i simply COULDNT wait to get it out and start playing. So after dinner me and the gf played our first game (well not quite a game we only used 1 walker and 1 squad each with only like a 1/4 of the map to get used to the game) i would like to say HOLY STARSHIPS this game is awesome. At this point i should point out that i tried getting the gf into other wargames (WM) but she found them way to complicated…and even my gf enjoyed it. SO to all those out there thinking of getting this game but arent sure i was in the same boat as you a week ago and now i know i couldnt of made a better decision. im looking forward to playing this game and hopefully joing the DT community
  3. hi all im new to the forums and was looking for some help. Ive recently stubled upon this fine looking game and due to having no local gaming group i have no one to play with. I have found lackey and installed the chulhu plug-in. i was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction for a solid starter deck to use one lackey to learn the basic's of the game. also what is the best way to go about getting beginner games? any help would be greatly appreciated. chris
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