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  1. @Fringer Do you have a link to your Datapad App?
  2. I am still not sure if you answered Nightone's question. Is the pool intended to be the shop keepers pool to roll against the players? If this does not matter, what is the intent of choosing the dice pool? What does it do mechanically with the algorithm?
  3. That's a good point. I hadn't thought of the reverse. Thanks for the idea!! That opens a lot of other opportunities.
  4. Do any GMs have a general suggestion on to reduce the Fame obligation for Bounty Hunters? I have ideas on what could cause the obligation to increase (word spreads of capturing a high-value bounty, hired by a well-known crime boss, etc.) but am struggling with how a PC could reduce the obligation. Maybe the hunter hasn't taken a publicized bounty in a while, thereby reducing her Fame? Any suggestions that other GMs have used will be greatly appreciated.
  5. The Dropbox link has broken. Anyone have this document that adampageuk pulled together?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I was unaware of the Nexus of Power encounters. I'll pick that book up ASAP!
  7. New GM here. Has anyone developed encounters for PCs to obtain their crystals? I have yet to pick up the FaD GM kit, which I understand has an adventure to do just that. I was thinking that since crystals are special to the Force user, that each PC might want his/her own encounter (with help from the rest of the team) to retrieve a crystal. Any thoughts or resources that can be passed on?
  8. Thanks for the info. I submitted a request to FFG. I am not looking for free and am willing to pay for a replacement. Fizz, if I don't receive a favorable response, I will definitely PM you.
  9. It seems that between my wife and kids, the Core game documentation has been lost. I have found the Skirmish Guide, RRG. and L2P Guides on the FFG site. However, where can I obtain the Campaign Guide and the Vader and Luke mission sheets? Would FFG provide these for me if I emailed them? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the post. I am starting a new campaign on Wednesday and this will be an invaluable resource fro me.
  11. Meanwhile, teachers are getting paid less (per hour), than an In-and-Out employee. This is also considering the fact that their unions are constantly fighting to get a cost of living raise after 10 years of stagnant wages. ...Because we all know, teachers are lazy slugs. My real point is that these anti-union comments are hyperbole and do not reflect the complexity of every labor/management argument. Finally, I have not seen any evidence that these dock workers are 6 figure workers. Does anyone have evidence to back this implied claim that dock workers are over-paid? Pacific Maritime Association Average Annual Earnings 2013 Quote from www.joc.com: How much do West Coast longshoremen earn?ILWU workers receive a compensation package that is “among the most lucrative among all blue-collar workers in the United States,” according to the PMA. Full-time workers earn an average of $142,000 annually in wages, along with a non-wage benefits package costing more than $82,000 per active worker per year. Pay ranges depend on the job, with regular longshoremen earning less than clerks and both of them earning less than foremen. According to the 2013 Pacific Maritime Association Annual Report, most of the 9,985 “Class A” longshoremen working that year, which comprised those who worked 2,000 or more total hours, earned roughly $137,000 per year, though many earned less and a few of the highest paid longshoremen, those who worked an average of more than 50 hours per week, earned over $200,000. Most clerks earned roughly $147,000, while the highest-paid earned well over $200,000 per year. Walking bosses, or foremen, are the highest-paid ILWU workers, many of them earning well over $200,000 and some more than $300,000. Nearly 13,600 ILWU workers are employed at West Coast ports. In 2013, the total payroll for the nearly 13,600 ILWU members was roughly $1.4 billion.
  12. I did the same this weekend with my Nuln Oil overzealousness. It took a few more coats of the white, but the seemed to come out pretty well. Just have patience and use multiple coats and don't try to cover with white in one go.
  13. There's definitely been an oversight (in my opinion) when it comes to movement. The rules imply that movement points are spent collectively (see the Movement and Movement Points sections in the RRG - pg 19 & 20) to move before or after actions, but not during. So if you move, interact, move, the interact action "interrupts" the pseudo-action of spending the movement points. It essentially ends up being that you're taking an incidental "spend movement points action" (not a true action in terms of the game rules) to move, then you have to end that action in order to do anything else. Now, should this be clarified in an FAQ? Probably, but reading over the sections on movement and movement points, it seems pretty clear to me that the intent is that you can't do other actions mid-move. This was actually answered in this thread by FFG.
  14. In the preview article of Jyn under "The Smuggler" sub-section, it states, "Thankfully, Jyn Odan also has the Opportunist ability. Whenever she attacks, if her target suffered damage, she may move one space, allowing her to get behind cover or set up another shot." So I have been playing this ability as optional with my play groups.
  15. Don't forget next week's Store Championship at A2Z Games!
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