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    Bump - for joy and prosperity!
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    Desertspiral got a reaction from Mirumoto Kojiro in The Scorpion Tanker and Backhanded Compliment   
    I’m following this from regional Australia where I moved as part of my wife’s career.  Currently I’m still waiting for my core sets to show up and it’s a four hour drive to the nearest town with a play group. 
    I would love to go to worlds and represent (and have been playing Scorpion since Jade), and yet right now that isn’t really an option.  In fact it’s probably one of the most awkward spots to be if you want to get to a US con.  
    So all that being said take this with a grain grain of salt.
    One of my best friends played Lion and whilst he may have felt that breach of etiquette was the most npe in the game; I felt that Gohei+charge was that most npe thing in the game.
    My point being that experience is relative and some mileage will vary based upon position and perspective.  
    I’m still reserving judgement on whether I’m upset by this decision or supportive.  The main reason being that personally I feel (in L5r particularly) a player should attempt to further the aims and objectives of the faction that they most resonate with.  
    For a Dragon player in particular the decision is felt more keenly as Dragon and Scorpion have always been strongly allied together. 
    That of course is all relative as I don’t really know enough about new5r to hold a valid opinion on the mechanical side.
    So if in their way Dragon wisdom has opened a new and interesting path then that’s great. If on the other hand the decision was born from a sense of hubris then that is not so great.
    Shiba Aikune chooses once more nay?!
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    Desertspiral reacted to Shu2jack in The Scorpion Tanker and Backhanded Compliment   
    Honor is a resource. I haven't played magic in like 17 years, but I look at it like my "life total". If I know my opponent has a card that can deal X amount of damage, then I better make sure either my life total doesn't get to that point or I have a counter. People are letting their honor get low now because they can. Perhaps now we have to be more careful with that resource. We already seeing clans getting more ways to draw cards outside of bidding.
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    Desertspiral reacted to franzvong in The Scorpion Tanker and Backhanded Compliment   
    I have nothing against the role decision, but this justification (also from Mark’s post, that I otherwise respect a lot as a player) has to stop here and now. Not everyone can afford thousands of USDs to play a card game, and this should not be a reason to label them as less valuable players. We are not playing an online videogame, so the idea that we are all on an equal field and lack of participation to global tournaments is just lazyness is, sorry to say,  plain stupid and unrespectful.
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    Desertspiral got a reaction from Tonbo Karasu in Imperials will be the new Spiders (Predictions/Hopes)   
    That would be great for all the Austen fans :).  
    The heart wants what the heart wants.  I'm sure there are many people who empathise deeply with the idea of the Spider clan and yet somehow in a world where the tag line has always been "...Where Honour is stronger than steel" it seems like a lost opportunity to croon for a time where the focus is upon a group of people who are the antithesis of the elements that I, and dare I say many people gravitated to L5r in the first place - which was High fantasy Samurai, and the legend that sprung from the Day of thunder.    
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    Desertspiral reacted to player2636234 in Imperials will be the new Spiders (Predictions/Hopes)   
    I mean, I doubt it. First let me say that I like the Lion a lot. They fill a niche that no other clan really fills, but if they got nuked, it would still be Rokugan. A lesser Rokugan, in my eyes, but Rokugan. Second, I think this is a great conversation to have because a lot of non-Spider fans of the setting feel like Spider don't fill a niche.
    Spider interact with Jigoku, which is a setting element that specifically exists to threaten and destroy the setting as we know it, which by default makes them opposed to any forces that would seek to continue the setting as we know it. This makes the Spider basically always the villains. It's hard to contrive a situation where they are cast in a positive light, because no matter how heroic they act or how many good deeds they do, they are steeped in the literal anathema of the setting (and let's be honest, do you really think Spider have any moral compunction with tainting children? Literally damning their souls and brainwashing them at the same time?).
    And sure, it's fun for the villains to win sometimes (because when the heroes always win it gets boring), but there's two problems with Spider filling this role. The first is that in a Rokugan without the Spider, it's much easier for any clan to be the villains. What is great about Bushido is often how vague it is, and how often it can conflict with itself. A character who is a hero in one arc can just as easily be portrayed as a villain in another without changing anything about them. Rokugan doesn't need villains in the Shadowlands or the Spider or gaijin to tell stories that are interesting, fun, and get everyone involved. Second, because they draw so much power from a plot device that ends the setting, what incentive do non-hardcore Spider fans have to root for them? They are polarizing due to their association with Jigoku. Their existence as a protagonist faction is divisive because the taint, handled with the respect it deserves, can very easily snowball into destroying everything. Imagine, if you would, a comic book company that printed 7 lines of books. Imagine if they stated that if one of their lines outsold the rest they would stop printing comic books entirely. Imagine how that would be received by the fans of the other six. Even if the Spider had some narrative that makes them compelling to non-diehards, the threat they pose forces hostility.
    In my mind, the only way to incorporate the Spider is to divorce it from the taint, or defang the taint... and then they sorta just fill the same role as the Scorpion. By and large, honorless bastards who rely on technicalities and tricks to stay out of striking range of everyone who hates them, and I say that as someone who's favorite clan is the Scorpion.
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    Desertspiral reacted to Mirumoto Kojiro in #L5RLive   
    Is this still an accurate representation of Togashi Yokuni or is he more normal sized now?

    Also is yellows (the colour of wisdom in Rokugan) stil the Dragon Clan primary colour? 

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    Desertspiral reacted to Suzume Tomonori in #L5RLive   
    Mirith wants to hear the game designer's opinion on the matter. It's a perfectly valid question, and there's no reason to berate him over it.
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    Desertspiral got a reaction from WHW in #L5RLive   
    Cool - that was a great video
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