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  1. This week we talk about Conflict and how it's not an easy topic to wrangle into a coherent flow from a player or GM standpoint.
  2. At some point we'll have to come back and look at this, I'm not quite sure what we'd put it in with but it could be an interesting topic.
  3. That was an enlightening discussion to be in, I'm happy that it was helpful for you and for others
  4. Rogue One brings the Rebellion to the fore in my mind, and my co-hosts, so it was natural that we talk about the trailer when we also wanted to talk about doing rebel stories on the small scale. Listen in at Episode 86 - The One Rogue Tale We're now also on Google Play, because everyone is doing it.
  5. As Joshua starts to make his way back to this side of the planet I'm back to tell you about our show talking about the rebellion in general and Rogue One in specific and how a few themes that showed up in the trailer can be very useful at your table. This week we bring you Episode 86 - The One Rogue Tale Also of note: Josha and David have now been my co-hosts for 26 episodes now (and one bonus episode) which makes it a half year. I'm glad that they both said yes and that they're still with the show.
  6. Joshua is off learning about weird ways the world is going to end in semi far away places, or some such, so I'm here to tell you about Joshua and I talking for a surprisingly long time about Lead by Example and some of the ideas we had about the book. This is the start of a few weeks for the show talking about Age of Rebellion and some ways of making it more engaging. Wait no longer for the start with Episode 85 - The Lead by Example Tale
  7. Oh, wow. Joshua told me about this thread. We haven't talked about Age of Rebellion much in the past six months, and that is changing now. As the start to at least three episodes on Age of Rebellion we have a review episode of Lead by Example and just a few of the ideas it brought to Joshua and My head. Listen in for Episode 85
  8. While I take issue with "boys" We were using the same novel as inspiration both nights (though I think that party idea has shown up a few times over the year and a half). Shadow Games is a decent, if ephemeral read. It's cool to see the idea spreading to other GMs and player parties.
  9. We go talking about the explorer career and how it can be used to be mindful of the parts of the system that we easily forget, from suspense to knowledge.
  10. I'm amazed with how genuine he was. Dan was a great interview and I was amazed with how thoughtful at the off the cuff questions we had.
  11. We were lucky enough to get writer and designer Dan Clark on the show to talk about the beginner games with how and why things were smoothed and cut, as well as the fun parts of showing off the system at its base.
  12. We got talking about how we use cantinas in our game, the whys and hows, since it seems to be a waste to have a Star Wars campaign with out one. You can also find us on Facebook if that'd be easier to get in touch with us.
  13. Things have gotten a tiny bit busy and we've got three new episodes last time I was about. We talk about Session 0 and how to make it useful We talk about how to take some of the more clumsy things about the system and make them into strengths And we talk about the different social skills and how to use them in different situations
  14. Thank you. We had a listener request to try and focus on a career or a specialization, I'm not quite sure if we can get that specific. We tried and here us talking about the Hired Gun.
  15. Cam and I got talking about how to get players involved with a campaign and how to get people interested for longer than the next loot score. We also have a chance to look at duty and come up with a few ways of making it interesting and useful to the players from character creation on.
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