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  1. ****, hundred thousands of dead across the world but you better get our plastic toys on time with no issues what so ever. What is with this insane attitude? So many companies have just folded cause of covid, maybe some grace from the community in a time of global upheaval and be happy that anything is even coming out this year at all. Can't play with plastic toys in the way we want cause of a global pandemic, isn't a cause for legion CW being a 'complete failure' nor should we be upset about 'only four new units" C'mon look around you at the world and try to be better than this.
  2. I just recently rediscovered my Edge of the Empire Rebels sourcebook. Found this thread after searching for more, and I am curious if Sparks of Rebellion is still being worked a year out?
  3. Thank you both. Part of this was I was thinking of scenes where someone walked up to a character that was out and shot them in the head, essentially that is death to me. But I was also confused on how easy it is to kill players.
  4. I'm trying to find it in the book but I am having a hard time. When you drop below your wound threshold you can a critical injury. But after that what happens? Do you stay knocked out until someone heals you? Do you reset back to your max wound threshold? And additionally if you are hit by any attack do you automatically suffer a critical injury?
  5. Huh, I guess I must've glossed over that rule when playing so long go. I always let Defense stack with cover & armor. Thank you for explaining it for me. I don't know if I'll move back to the "correct" way though unless it gets too broken with my girlfriend and I. But I have another questions, if I can still bother you, what is Deflective? I mean I assume it is the ability to deflect ranged attacks (Blasters?) but I don't remember seeing Defensive or Deflective as a different quality, only ever seeing Defensive. I have Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion but I've only started to read Age of Rebellion all they way through. So maybe I've missed it as well.
  6. Just out of curiosity, is there a problem with how defense works now? (I have played in over a year, just starting up again with my girlfriend)
  7. There is an official change coming out involving Defense?
  8. I've been out of the game for a while, thought I'd just throw out this question here. Has Fantasy Flight released any offical stats on cannon characters anywhere? Or will they not be stating up people like Darth Vader, Luke, Han, etc.
  9. Awesome, thanks all. After looking through the Core Book again, and some of the fan-made pdfs I have found everything I need. We were skimming through during session so obvioulsy we missed some things in terms of getting to the action. (Just made a GM call.) Again though thank you all for helping me clear it up.
  10. So this is some I encoutered GMing last week. My players are finally getting into modding their gear and the group tech is launching into all the options for mods. They wanted to add the accurate trait to their weapons and I was fine with it. But I couldn't find what mod or how you could add it to weapons. What limit there was, how much would it cost, etc. So I was wondering if this is purely a mechanic to make enemies more difficult? Or make certain weapons special? Or do I just keep flipping past the page in the book where it list the mod that gives accurate to a weapon?
  11. Were those weapon cards someone was creating ever accomplished and released?
  12. I actually love the shooting mechanics. Because quite frankly you really don't have a lot of control over if you are hit in a firefight. Guns are always > human reflexes. Yet with cover, and defenses you can get some bonuses. Also since it is kind of hard to "die" in this game and armor is very good I am not too worried about it. It also makes it so my players think things through and don't always go in guns blazing. Then again I created an house rule of opposed rolls for melee because that is more skill for each person fighting. But if someone is a really good shot no matter how fast or agile you are, you have so little control if that projectile hits you or not.
  13. I have been rolling it that it kills the entire minion group if you get a critical on your roll. For me an action isn't just one acti, it could be multiple shots or what have you. Though you only take "one" action As if someone does 10 damage to a minion group I carry over the damage and it kills more than one minion. So you'd think a critical would take out the group? Or would it kill one minion automatically and any other damage would just kill others?
  14. The thing is it wouldn't punish the character who put a lot of it in brawl. Because agility would just be about dodging but not reflecting damage or the ability to hit. Your ability to hit would still be your brawn/brawl, and your damage would still be that way. Though just the difficult to hit -you- would be the agility rating.
  15. I think, as it was stated, a happy medium is using Agility score for melee/brawl. Could this potentially get beastly with some of the other talents? Yes, but then again a player is severly investing a lot of their XP into this and essentially centering their character around one aspect. Also a moot point if someone is at some range with a blaster. Opposed checks seem just a little bit more... Clunky in this game and perhaps it is something with me but I dislike the house rule I made for melee (Using opposed checks). It just doesn't seem to "fit". So using the agility score to "dodge" attacks seems like a good compromise, because it allows creatures to have high brawn and brawl ratings without being impossible to hit. But also, if a character wants to invest, gives them a little bit of an edge in melee combat. The only problem I can see it can run into is, when Jedi are used, that basically players will just invest all their XP into agility. Though we aren't even close to Force and Destiny so I am not too worried about that.
  16. I was interested in creating custom talents for those melee heavy charactres. Like so, for example, someone wanted to be an extreme Wookiee Brawler or an Echani Martial Artist I'd probably try to create talents that upgrade the difficulty of oppponents rolls or provide defense, etc. For the time being we have just been doing opposed rolls, and it has been working fine, but I really like to stay as much with RAW as we can so I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts. In terms of lightsabers though, essentially why I was curious was because I really want those "epic" duels that we always see in star wars. Lightsabers clashing back and forth, for at least a couple rounds or more. With those that have experience with lightsabers duels do they last a bit or is it really until the first person hits and how long does that usually take around similiar skill?
  17. My group is mostly ranged, so it isn't an issue that comes up often. Though when we do decide to dapple in vibro-weapons, lightsabers and the such I want to know what to expect. After reading the rules if we were to use the standard difficulty for say a lightsaber duel, it seems it runs into the problem of WEG were whoever basically gets to strike first wins the day. Since skill or defense doesn't factor into a melee standard difficulty. (At least on the defender side.) And with a lightsaber being so dangerous... Yet I want to know about people that have melee heavy games or run it a bit to see their experience. Like the standard difficulty for melee? Did you house rule it? Does you run into any problems? Or is it actually great and better then opposed?
  18. Then again I know in my group, I can't just have "character wins against you" or "you miss" "But you didn't roll" "You still missed" That would never fly in my group. I'd love to see canon stats of characters so we can get a general idea of their level of skill, to measure pcs against but I suppose this can be accomplished with skill guidelines (If you have X amount of skill you are considered a X level of person) Though I am very sure the fan community can come up with some decent stats if it is a large group effort.
  19. I believe they had it in the beginning but they changed it for some reason. I completely agree with them on the ranged aspect, but on the melee… Well I agree that I think player skill should have a little more to do with it. Honestly I just do opposed rolls. Whoever is attacking(Or had initiatve) and want to hit the player just makes a dice pool. The difficultly is the person's skill. So say they had 3 agility and 2 melee…the attacker would be rolling against 1 difficulty die and 2 challenge die. Advantage and threat can be a little tricky in this situation, but it does provide a lot of flavor for narrative fun or flare. Say the attacker hits but generates a lot of threat. I can say they got off balance or anger got the best off them and they are now open for an attack. The person gets a bonus die on their roll, or they were pushed back and able to get higher ground or maybe run away. Most of the time it can translate into what the tables suggest you do with advantage and threat, but more often it can lead to more creative or interesting results. So far it has worked well, but then again non of my players are melee heavy as of right now. Nor at the enemies they face.
  20. If I recall, there are few non-jedi users of lightsabers out there. Certain places of the EU I believe. I always assumed the real reason that non-jedi usually didn't pick one up was in a galaxy of ranged blaster weapons they were useless to someone without the force. As without the force you don't the reaction speed or "magic" to block ranged weapons. Hence really on a battle field they would be relatively useless as the person would most likely be mowed down by blaster fire if they started to charge a battle line. (Enough Jedi would have this happen to them if facing lots of blaster bolts.) Also the fact that you needed the force to create them, they were controlled production and really to get one you'd either have to get a force-sensitive to make one or take one from a dead one. (A task in itself.) Just my two cents.
  21. Is it possible to get this tool onto your PC? As a stand-alone software? I play with a group but with the lack of dice out right now, this would be really useful to use when the dice rolling gets pretty high. (Hate doing rerolls especially when trying to keep track of a lot of advantage/threat) I also would like to avoid creating a google+ account.
  22. I know a lot of us(If not most) commenting on this forum have purchased/played this game. So for a bit of fun I though I'd ask what everyone's groups are, what they are doing, and where is their adventure taking place? My group is three, and they are all playing fringer types(Obviously), though it is less about doing criminal activity and more about just living in freedom. Not tying themselves down too tightly to anything. Two characters are player made, a slicer/thief whiz of a Twi'lek who also dabbles in a bit of charm and outlaw tech. She is also secretly force sensitive. The next, the combat heavy, and somewhat leader of the group is a male human who is a bounty hunter class. Though despite his crack-shot with a blaster carbine he is also an amazing pilot. Thirdly, the last player, really liked the Sasha character so we just copied her down with a bit of edits and off she went. Our setting is a few years before a Battle of Yavin, and their first adventure is on the planet of Illum. A old noble house from Alderaan wants to relocate there as it is a forgotten world and only they know the how to get there. The climiate in the galaxy, especially with the Empire, is something they want to escape from and they hired the group to secure, set up, and discover a suitable location for them to relocate. Also help set up a little colony and homebase for them. It has been great fun as Illum has a lot of secrets I can use, and the group is just having a blast playing these characters. So what about everyone else? What are you all doing?
  23. I am currently working on a Wampa myself. I picture creatures as more of Henchmen or the big guys nemesis. But I wonder if huge creatures should use the stats and rules that govern vehicles or starships. I'll post what I come up with if anyone is interested in, but I don't think it should be too hard to put together some creatures.
  24. This is the one thing I have seen missing from the setting. Creatures. For explorers of the fringe, having stats for Krayt Dragons, Gundarks, Wampas and the like would be incredibly useful. I was wondering if anyone has come up with any house creations for creatures?
  25. I agree that Luke and Leia may be a bit out of place. (Well, Luke could probably exist as he was in A new hope) But to work with this setting we have people like : Han, Chewie, Lando, Boba Fett, Dengar, Bossk, Jabba the Hutt, Greedo, IG-88. Lots of fringer and other elements we have that could be stated. But essentially the goal is to just get a guideline to be able to mold our own npcs that line up with the canons, and since I actually want my players to be able to interact with canon characters to get their stats too. Though this is really to save time, because I could just wing it and create themself and then just adjust it when their stats come out.
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