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  1. Vader, out of all the unique squadrons, would probably be best suited to a scatter defense token reflecting his natural and force driven abilities and as I mentioned above, he should drop escort and gain rogue. That would put him in the 25 point range. You could argue that Vader could also have a natural counter 1 or 2 driving him to 27-28 points, without breaking the game balance, again due to his force enhanced reflexes.
  2. I've been using primarily scatter aces with Dengar at or around the 90 point mark. If I throw in Sloane as well I feel like I need to take a shower after a game it feels so dirty...
  3. If they drop to 500 points it may be an idea to make support/special 1+ to push people into using those units. That may even be a good idea at 800 points.
  4. Kill scatter and your done, replace it with brace or make it one use only.
  5. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
  6. I don't have an issue with the SSD length, but if I were FFG I would have made the bridge the same size as the ISD and although the CR, Raider and Hammerheads are certainly way to large, they do not look 'odd' on the table. I just happen to personally think that the tiny bridge on the SSD will be quite jarring next to the ISD 🙂
  7. This link takes you to my SSD (painted by the very talented Mr. Haller, whose page this is. http://www.orionpaintworks.com/2016/08/video-showcase-build-review-sith-planet.html
  8. They look fantastic. Where do you get the ISD's from? I have the Sith Planet SSD at 38" long, which is 1/20000 scale I think and I'd love some of those ISD's to sit next to it for a true scale in my model cabinet. EDIT: At 38" long and with the accepted wisdom that an SSD was 19km, the Sithplanet is about 1/22500 scale, so close enough. The FFG SSD at 24" long is ~1/36000 scale.
  9. In general, I agree with Mad Cat. Your squadrons would be great if you were using them as anti-ship, but I think you want to change them to be more JoaT To That end, I would drop the three generic VT's and pick up Steele and 2 Defenders, I would also add Valen Ruder. He has the same 3 black dice as a VT. Add either expanded hangar bay or boosted comms as you see fit to the ISD. That should give you a flexible and effective squadron force.
  10. I think the model overall will be OK. I have the SithPlanet one at 39" long and the only thing that irritates me is the bridge size 🙂
  11. The scale/size of the SSD is my main 'issue' with it. I think they may have been better had the kept the model at 24" (probably the max logical size to price ratio) and made the bridge the same size as the ISD. My fear is the model itself will look out of place.
  12. Your opponent would have been better off with Madine I think. The MC80 needs to play for position, head on assaults with it always end in disaster and the MC30 would have benefited greatly as well. Dodonna is much better with MC75 Ord/MC30 Torpedo combos
  13. I don't think that this is FFG putting one over on us, if it's rules/balance, I'd sooner wait, if it's model quality, I'd sooner wait. If it's transport stuff beyond their control, I'll have to wait 🙂
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