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  1. At last it's unlockable now in the UK on iOS store.
  2. A few people reporting they can't buy on iOS over on BGG ( https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1692321/dlc-scenario-just-released-what-lies-within-v125-u) - Steam & android seem fine.
  3. The app on the UK iOS store doesn't seem to let you buy the DLC - it's just marked as unavailable with no links to buy it. Is that the same worldwide, e.g. waiting for midnight to be available, or does it sound like a bug? (EDIT: Steam shows a link/button to buy the DLC, the iOS app just shows 'unavailable' in its place.)
  4. Real shame, imo, that they didn't include a scenario that required Forbidden Alchemy or Suppressed Memories. I've got the 1st edition core and Forbidden Alchemy, but never managed to snag Call of the Wild, and it feels a little like FA owners are being ignored. Of course I'll be getting the Call of the Wild or Suppressed Memories soon, but it still would have been better if there'd been a FA-specific scenario. Heck - it's not like it wouldn't help sell Suppressed Memories if there'd been 2 scenarios attached to it...
  5. Hi Hejki, Is this app available worldwide? I'm not getting anything show up when I search for it on my iPhone in the UK. Cheers JD
  6. I already 'signed' the BGG petition, but to get the ball rolling here... I'd like this! Judgement Dave
  7. After Julia asked the devs about the possibility of a scenario editor for player created scenarios (aka User Generated Content or UGC) they suggested we start petitions for such on these forums and BGG. So, having not seen one here already, I'm starting one. You may have seen that I started a similar thread over on BoardGameGeek, but if you visit these forums but not BGG then you may be interested in signing this. Petition Asking FFG to Provide a UGC Scenario Editor for Mansions of Madness e2 The creation of the 2nd edition of Mansions of Madness from Fantasy Flight Games added a program to act as game master for scenarios. This is a great step forward, allowing for scenario variation/randomisation to increase replayability but sadly stops the production/play of player created scenarios (or User Generated Content, UGC). The 1st edition of Mansions of Madness saw some excellent UGC scenarios that greatly enriched the game and it would be a shame to lose this from the 2nd edition. To rectify this, we ask Fantasy Flight Games to please look into creating a scenario editor for players/users to create and share their own adventures to play using the games master program. If you'd like to add your name to the petition, please reply to this post with a me too/I'd like this. I'll see how this goes and notify FFG customer service about it when it's got some steam.
  8. Errr 'Sister Wendy' is my 'special way' of spelling 'Sister Mary' - not some sort of mistake. No.Really.
  9. Julia said: having encounters at the South Church is not something that happens that often About the only time I tried was with Sister Wendy who got spooked out by a gargoyle a couple of times before I gave up. Found it odd that the nun would be spooked by how a church looks… But I also had Carolyn Fern (sp?) lose 3 or 4 sanity in one game at the newspaper because of spilled ink - as if a psychologist has never seen a Rorschach inkblot.
  10. Dr.Faust said: Lol, yeah, I meant Mandy. XD Sorry, my friends and I mostly remember her as the 'bent-over dame' because of how open her shirt is for a girl that is just doing simple research in the 1920s. Dr.Faust said: Though, if you got lucky and kept damage to a minimum, you could have the doctor patch folks up on his turn and hope for the best. Damaging cleavage? Yikes! That should get +1 combat.
  11. TerryTate said: Does anyone know if any of the other expansions are going to be Revised in the near future? I just bought DP (revised) as my first expansion, but want to make sure my next expansion purchase isn't one that's going to be retired soon. Thanks in advance! I'd imagine that you're pretty safe with any of them now. As the first post states, DP was the first expansion and didn't have the same look/feel as the other expansions. The revision was to bring it inline with the other expansions. As all expansions (except the original DP) now have the same look/feel it's unlikely that they'll revise any of them. Besides, I'd imagine that FFG don't do a revision without really needing to. A revision may not sell well to owners of the previous version and may cause some ill feeling and confusion amongst them. Better to spend the time/effort doing another brand new expansion that gives something totally new to everyone.
  12. Been eagerly awaiting del Toro's ATMOM for many years now. Last I heard Prometheus had potentially thrown up some barriers to development due to similar setting (mountains) and plot points (mankinds origin). I could understand it causing problems if the target audience was the same as Weekend at Bernies 3 and Police Academy 27, but I'd actually like to think that fans of del Toro/Alien films would have enough sense to recognise them as different stories. If it does come about, it'd be a great time for FFG to release a ATMOM-style expansion, if nothing else. Given the style of game that AH is, I'm not sure that it'd be worth doing some form of sponsorship/endorsement. I'd think that too few people (who didn't already know of AH) would be interested in a game that can routinely last longer than the 2-3hr film… Tromdial said: For those interested in Lovecraft inspired films that do exist, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovecraftian_horror#Movies_and_television The legendary John Carpenter directed two of my favorite Lovecraft inspired films: The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness (regrettably have never seen Prince of Darkness). Some other unmentioned films that have Lovecraftian tones in them are The Pirates of the Carribian sequels (2 & 3) and Altitude. Hellboy too is very Lovecraft inspired. Big omission on that wiki page and your list - 2011 saw the HPL Historical Society produce The Whisperer In The Darkness, filmed as it would have been if produced when the story was written. So unlike their silent Call of Cthulhu, this one's a black and white talky. See http://www.cthulhulives.org/whisperer/index.html for details. And if you've not seen/heard the HPLHS productions then I'd also say try their Dark Adventure Radio Theatre audio productions of several HPL tales - again done as they may have been in the 20s/30s. (BTW I'm UK based, so got hit by international postage, but still think the films/radioplays were well worth getting. If you're US-based you've really no excuse not to check them out.)
  13. I'm no authority on this, but… Most discussions about which order to get the expansions in seem to pretty much agree that Dunwich is best bought first because it includes injuries and madnesses. The consensus seems to be that madnes and injury should probably have been part of the base game and, once played, you'll never want to play without them - whether you include the rest of the expansion or not. I've not seen any other part of an expansion talked about as being as important (though epic battles and personal stories may come close).
  14. jgt7771 said: For Wendy, I can only quote Aliens: "Seventeen DAYS? Hey man, I don't wanna rain on your parade, but we're not gonna last seventeen HOURS! Those things are gonna come in here just like they did before! And they're gonna come in here AND THEY'RE GONNA GET US! "HUDSON! This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training! Right?" [Newt salutes] "Well, why don't you put her in charge?!" I've always thought that the best way to deal with many AOs is to dust off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. Of course it won't work on Azathoth as he does it first.
  15. Only just spotted that you'd posted two threads on this… thought it odd that nobody had answered.
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