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  1. Great show guys, enjoyed the Podcast as usual Looking forward to hearing the next episode as it will be interesting to hear others tactics and thoughts while playing a match. As we have an almost non existant community where I am located, I rarely get insight as to how others play the game with the except few I manage to convince to play with me.
  2. I love those close calls, you're so close to winning but also so close to the imminant demise of the entire world and it rests on you and your party's shoulders! We had a very crushing defeat on our last game, after several failed skill checks in both the other worlds and in Arkham encounters they resulted in several character delays and bought out our Ancient One which we were not prepared for at all. After removing 2 Doom token by brute force all our investigators were devoured at the end of the third combat round. The set up was almost as long as the play time! In answer to your question though, we have always played that it is usable if it is your final shred of sanity to prevent your character from going insane and since there is no official ruling on this one (or at least not as far as I could tell) go withh what your group decides
  3. I was surprised to only see 2 people listed in Adeaide, is anyone else South of Adelaide? Where are you at Aussie Arkham players!
  4. I'm sure we will see the universe fleshed out in time and at a guess more information on the runner identities featured in Netrunner. I think the whole idea of the corp is it's this big faceless organization so the secrecy of who is calling the shots it part of the enigma that is the corporation. I'd personally love to see an RPG for this universe, there is so much potential! As for merch, take all of my money FFG
  5. Quite helpful for my first game of Cosmic, thanks for the tips!
  6. Rudd1ger

    Worth getting?

    That's a real shame as it's a fantastic game once you get past the intial set up time. Personally I enjoy it, picking equipment, personalising and loading out my character. If you have the equipment cards it streamlines the set up and play time immensely as all the information is on hand. In answer to the original post, yes I think it is worth getting. I'm not too sure how the old rules fared but from all I have read up on the second edition fixes a lot of the problems that were initially had with the first edition and people have had great experiences with the revised rule books. The rules are pretty straight forward once learnt but there is a bit of information to remember and reference for the first few games. Also Tom O' Bedlam, was the conflicting rule a Matriarchy character's ability?
  7. Really exited about this expansion, I feel like our group has almost played it enough now over the last couple of months to justify buying an add on and give the game a little more variety and difficulty! Thank you FFG
  8. Rudd1ger


    Just the Cultists.
  9. Great, thanks for the clarification on that! We were familiar with the workings of the Bonus Token but were unsure of the additional Bonus packs and almost treated them as additional Bonus Tokens.
  10. Just wondering if there is a difference between the Bonus and Bonus Token equipment? We have looked quite thoroughly through the rule book and online but can't seem to find an answer.
  11. From what I have read it would seem the older versions would not be compatible with the newer expansions as FFG have overhauled the game. I'd start by getting the newer version of the game
  12. These are fantastic Jake Yet Again, thanks for the links and recommendations!
  13. Apologies if there is information about this else where but I couldn't seem to find anything on it. Do these books contain bonuses for the Tannhauser game to send away for? Such as the Golum book containing an extra Android event card or the Arkham novels that contain additional stories for Elder Sign/Arkham Horror. I am curious as it will determine if I purchase this via ebook or physical copy.
  14. I haven't encountered this yet we usually fill at least half of the doom token track with mythos cards. Out of the 20 or so games we have played since buying the game we've only won just over half of our games. Partly because of poor die rolls, partly because of bad card draws but also partly because we aren't very good investigators!
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