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  1. First, if you paid $60 for this game . . . well, you didn't do your homework. Second, I would pay $60 all day long for this game. Mind you, I'd love to have gotten 10+ heroes, 3 or 4 more monster types, and some more dice, but the game is fun, fun, fun, and that's what the purchase is all about.
  2. I registered for this forum for the sole purpose of replying to this thread . . . PLEASE put out an expansion (or 5) for this game! A big box expansion would be ideal (new tiles, more dice, new heroes, new monsters, expansion board?, hero mats? card mat?), but I'd also be down for some of the smaller expansions with 2-3 new heroes, new decks, new monsters, etc. I play this game a LOT. Mind you, I love Descent and a lot of other games, but the relatively quick setup and play time of this game means it sees my table far more often than anything else. Easy solo rules make it playable all the time, and the rules are simple enough that even my wife will play. I really hope we see an expansion or 5 for this game . . . It's a blast to play.
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