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  1. I'm a little curious about it because you guys don't talk about it, I thought It was going to be an interesting subject but nobody seems to talk about it.
  2. Wow!! Gertat, do you think you could help me to create something similar but in spanish?? We have the exact same situation, WH:I is way behind LoTR and Android NR in terms of community, we're trying to expand the game and this would be very helpful.
  3. They really kicked Empire's butt in one-on-one format... And about Cataclysm I guess it was an anounced death for the cheap legends, they're too powerful for this format IMO.
  4. Our league is having this format of play, every day of league we play 3 matches, the person who gets the mpst dominance of the day wins and the one who gets the most cumulated dominance at the end wins the league, personally I find this format a little less competitive that traditional 1 vs 1 since cataclysm is a more casual format in my point of view (sorry for the syntax, english is not my native language)
  5. Thank you very much for the info Mallumo, It's exactly what I was needing. I appreciate the help =D
  6. I couldn't find a way to play warhammer in OCTGN, is there any site where a I can download the right add-on?? The ones I got never seemed to work properly
  7. Can I put a development in a zone that is already burning?? I'd say yes but some friend says that you can't at all!! Thanks for the answers
  8. My playing groups loves this game and we're wondering if FFG plans to release a new expansion soon, any news about it??
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