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  1. I did ask and got a response from FFG which confirmed your answer: Hello Josh, If Guts and Initiative has been used to make a skill check reckless, Trust Instincts will still activate. Hopefully this helps, and happy gaming! Zach Tewalthomas Quality Assurance Coordinator Fantasy Flight Games ztewalthomas@fantasyflightgames.com On Aug 17, 2015, at 2:31 AM, no-reply@fantasyflightgames.com wrote: Message from: Josh Kaufman E-mail: hobbes27@netzero.net Rules Question: I have a rules question cocnerning Battlestar Galactica. Guts and Initiative tells you not to add cards from destiny. Trust instincts is a skill card that adds card from destiny. If both cards are active during the skill check (Someone plays guts and initiative and then trust instincts is put into a skill check) does trust instincts still activate?
  2. I have a feeling there is no definite answer here. But I thought I would ask anyway. Guts and Initiative tells you not to add cards from the destiny into the skill check. Trust Instincts is a skill check ability that adds two more cards from destiny. So if both cards are played. What happens? Does Trust Instincts trigger or not?
  3. Mephisto666 said: The distinction I was making (which I think most got) is that with the engine room, you have already used the action. Thus, the action being available afterwards does not effect it already having been taken (wow, that like time traveler speak). When moving… you discard BEFORE you move. So the sabotage occurs before and could take a location out of service. Thus, my Roslin "discard two card to activate a location" - her discard would be BEFORE the location "action" as used. With engine room, the action is already taken, then it would be out of comission, so the action completes. But don't you discard a card to catch a transport to another ship? So at the end of your movement phase, which is powered by the discard, you arrive at a damaged location. When you discard to activate the engine room, you could use a similar logic. You discard a card to activate the engine room. But at the end of the action, the engine room is damaged, so it doesn't work. At the time you were fueling the engine room, it seemed to work, but upon completion it didn't. Similar to what happens with ship to ship movement. You took a ship to a location that you thought was functional, but it turns out it wasn't. Both ship to ship movement and the engine room are options being powered by the discards. Now I also do see the argument that you spent the cards to perform the action so the action takes place, but then there is a big mishap in the engine room. So I don't see a clear cut answer here and have a feeling there isn't one unless someone official speaks up about it. With Roslyn, I am trying to remember how her disadvantage is worded. But I'm more inclined to say that there is two steps here. First step she discards to activate a location. Second step she activates the location. Which would put her in sick bay and she wouldn't do the actual engine room activation. But I don't recall that being clarified anywhere either.
  4. I have a rules question regarding the Engine Room. Suppose the human player activates the Engine Room by discarding treachery and a cylon player plays Sabotage and the Engine Room gets damaged, does the Engine Room action still happen? Obvioulsy the human player goes to sick bay.
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