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  1. I have just found your work!!! Looks really cool!! How goes the magic conversion? (Jeg kan se at du er dansk, hvis min gruppe bider på kan jeg/vi måske hjælpe) Best Mex
  2. Or houserule..3 (2) blacks give 1 purple
  3. good idea..as long as they don't do the hole eratta deal like d&d insider have done, thus making the books more or less worthless
  4. Heya fellow wfrp's We just had a game last night..and our iron broken...wanted to use his ancestor card, a saga With a purple die on the card...however should that be +1 difficulty (like combat) or only the 1 diff the card says?? I made a Quick ruling in favor of the PC, since it is not against an opponent skill/stat.. Have i missed a paragraph somewhere... Best Mex
  5. Yep that would do just fine yep that would have been the best way...but I will take it anyway I can get it...if you know what i mean
  6. Heya Here is an idea for FFG...release all your action cards etc (everyrhing you made) as pdf...I would love to have backups of my cards, my players would love to look at the cards at home..(my cards stay With me "grumpy gm says") I know you have released a bit in players guide...but release it all...please Squeeze the last Buck out of the licence...It might even give a rebirth of this great game!!! So FFG try something new...listen to us..you fan base... (If im the only one who think this is a good idea..the just ignore me, as always
  7. I agree...the point of the cards was only to give some additional roleplaying options... And the name were only so it would be in wfrp flavor!!
  8. Also Luthor Huss http://www.amazon.com/Luthor-Warhammer-Heroes-Chris-Wraight/dp/1849701318/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1402739151&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=warhammer+novel+luthor+huss is a nice sigmarite book
  9. Beasts in velvet i liked Brunner the bounty hunter should be quite good... I have bought 10+ used books from eBay and amazon...very cheap and also ok if you dont mind the used look...
  10. I have allowed pc to become veterans at their career (retaking it) also if a pc want to up a stat they are allowed to do this over the course of their career paths...the last career being the deciding career regarding attribute (ie +1 or +2 if noncareer) Best Mex
  11. Hmm I have invested too much in wfrp dice to change them all...also I have no idea how eote works...
  12. I have gone a little further....bought a Black blank 8-sided dice, this Will be the initial dice for all except magic... I was thinking on making the sides: 2 double swords 1 double banes 2 single swords 1 blank 2 bane and sword ( changed single bane and chaos star) With the add-on that 3 misfortune converts to 1 (normal) challenge die, there is still chance of getting the Chaos Star so the effects on action cards Can trigger. also regarding the reckless dice...enhance dam +1 (or 2) pr step deep in reckless...and no converting successes to boons but What to do out of Combat??
  13. Thx a lot!!! Regarding the crits...I was kinda thinking 3 ways of making them matter for npc aswell... (Pehaps both) 1. Those crits that don't have an actual in Combat effect...let the pc agument for an in Combat effect...-1 fellowship...that might be..."my axe glances of the helmet of the guard, cutting open the left brow, blood begins to seep Down in his eye"...add 1 White dice to attacks against the guard, the next severity number of times... Or somthing in that regard... 2. Max numbers of crits equal to toughness...regardless of wounds...(boss fights is like normal) 3 add the severity of the crits...when/if they exceed total wounds...last crit kills the NPC... All the above to help the red dice gain potens (Exchange 3success to 1 boon)
  14. And now we are getting crunchy :-) I was thinking about converting 3 succeses to 1 boon...or pehaps 2-1...that would up the crit especially with the red yes??
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