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  1. i've used them for infinity already. they work beautifully! which is nice because i currently don't have very much scatter terrain and i need to build up more of it
  2. once we start seeing snipers with unlimited range people are going to change up their boards pretty quickly to make sure there is lots of large LOS blocking terrain pieces such as buildings and walls. snipers will make quick work of armies standing stupidly out in the open. i'm actually looking forward to this but i already play with lots of LOS blocking buildings as i discovered after my first 2 games that it's a must if you want to even have a chance at advancing on objectives without being the first one with the balls to lose a squad first for taking the first initiative and being punished hard for it
  3. words truly cannot describe how incredible your work and dedication to these figures are you are someone i plan to follow and learn from. keep up the amazing work
  4. how? the AT-ST is massive enough, not sure how you'd even fit one on the board scale wise without it being more of a hindrance than an effective tool also, painting it would be a nightmare for anyone without an airbrush
  5. your paint job is so well done if i was facing you across the table i'd feel awful for every model i removed from your army. Almost like i'm desecrating an ancient temple. do you make any advanced painting tutorials? i do some nice paint jobs myself but i'd like to take it to the next level and i think someone like you is just what i need to put me up there
  6. I'm just calling out the few that keep this weird fight going on after years of this negative opinion stating just because they didn't like it and feel like their opinion means everything. I run into too many of these people both online and in person.. and yet they've accomplished nothing but still persist anyways.. it's like they get a kick out of it while they stir the pot, add their own tidbits and watch the banter begin again the recipe of the troll is a dangerous one i think it boils down to when they play a game they don't wanna see battle droids across the table from their OT army and it ruins their perfect expectation of their OT game.. drives me bananas.. if the success of Destiny isn't already speaking volumes about mixing all 3 era's together then i don't know what will get through to these people.. i literally want to say to them "go play at home with your OT loving friends and let the rest of us enjoy the game for what it is. Nobody is forcing your to buy their product, nobody is forcing you to buy everything, you buy what you want.. nobody is forcing you to play competitive." the mindset needs to stop i want to see mixed armies.. these things make for more interesting games.. anyways.. i'm done ranting.. felt like i needed to get that out
  7. man, why do people insist on holding onto their hate for the prequels? I mean i love the Original Trilogy more just like the rest of you but the prequels never deserved the hate it got from fans that clearly can't let go of their childhood and move on. The prequels were beautifully written and the poetic nature of how Palpatine and Darth Vader rose to power is not something to be snuffed at; even with the classic star wars cheese scenes. Those of you that hate the prequels clearly have little to no interest in politics, if you were then you'd appreciate the films a lot more. George Lucas deserves more praise for those films in my opinion. the prequels come with an even much much larger array of units and vehicles than the original trilogy ever did and if you add in the all the clone wars stuff you have enough stuff to release for years and years to come which can make for some really fun, diverse and dynamic games. i would love to see the clone wars stuff especially. I was never a fan of clones or troopers much until i saw the CGI clone wars series. Particularly season 4 the invasion of Umbara set of 4 episodes. Everything from the clones perspectives in the war. It was emotional and powerful to say the least
  8. and yet sabine is one of the characters that has a strong chance against the cancer commonly known as Thrawn/Unkar. maybe we should stop running to the cry nerf territory and start finding ways to deal with the issues. like what logical thinking minds accomplish sabine decks are tough but they are still very susceptible to thrawn unkar, just like most decks.. believe me, sabine is not something you need to really be that concerned about. is she tough? you bet, is she beatable? definitely. My sabine deck failed to thrawnkar on turn 3.. TURN 3!! to a thrawnkar, turn 1 he managed to lay down a crime lord, turn 2 sabine is dead and i failed to kill unkar by 3 hp. now the game is over but i play it out anyways.. turn 3 my secondary is dead. i honestly don't know what deck could have stood up to that. I now run "fair trade" to try and deal with that, but there is no guaruntee it will even work as thrawn will probably remove it from hand first anyways and i have to land the resource side on a die, plus have it in my hand
  9. empire isn't the first on your list? are you mad? in all fairness, you're actually the first person i've heard of that didn't rank empire as the best one i'll go with 1. Empire 2. ROTJ 3. ROTS 4. ANH 5. AOTC 6. TPM 7. Rogue one (only because of the last 10 minutes of vader action or it would rank last place) 8. TFA
  10. my sentiments exactly. FFG is famous for delayed product. but destiny was released when they said it would be so who knows
  11. they look amazing, i can't wait to finally start mine (not sure when that will be yet)
  12. i'm in agreement on this, when i first looked at it i thought to myself, there's a $10 legendary if i've ever seen one if he gets played it will be for the 1 dice version, and i'm not sure even then he's justifiable at 16 points
  13. yet this was answered on page 4 and it still seems to be going on. sometimes you need someone to stop the conversation that has already come to an end, yet for some reason people keep posting for the sake of posting
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