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  1. Yep, i did the exact same thing to mine shortly after taking it out of the packaging. It really does make quite a difference
  2. The empire doesn't have access to the firespray anymore with 2.0. So i think it's safe to assume jango won't be coming to the separatist side and would only be a scum pilot That said i don't think the separatists even need the firespray. If i remember correctly, they already outnumber the amount of different types of ships to the republic
  3. I want it to have a better dial. A k turn would be nice, the s-loop doesn't always cut it well enough unless you just happen to be in a good position for it
  4. United hey? So if they overbook the flight and forcibly remove someone; that just means it's regular business day as usual for the Empire?
  5. I'd bet against you that we would likely see the V-wing. The faction needs a good interceptor at likely 3 or 4 hit points, 3 agility and 3 attack that isn't expensive jedi delta 7s Also "if" we see the LAAT (I'm not sold on it as it's just a troop transport) that it is likely a medium base ship The republic dropship would likely be large base if we are going down that territory
  6. I'm actually rather surprised nobody said that until now. I was expecting it to be one of the first things said.
  7. My guess would be because the thrust of the opposing ship is always moving it forward. I think the tractor effect is supposed to be a little more subtle than just yanking a ship backwards and completely overpowering its forward thrust Well at least small tractor beams attached to the starfighters. I'm not talking about star destroyers and death star tractor beams which completely pulled ships in and opposing their thrust
  8. Really? Are you really going to lecture me on the physics of science fiction? Take a step back from the fantasy for a minute and understand what you're arguing here. Last time i checked we don't have tractor beam technology. So unless you have somehow invented it. I don't think you can argue the physics of a sci-fi technology I think we should debate space wizards with laser swords next
  9. Well when you think about it. If a machine has the power to pull anything towards it. It would definitley also have an opposing effect as well such as pushing something away Think of a vaccum They suck air in one end and blow air out another So why wouldn't a tractor beam be able to push objects away as well?
  10. Ok guys I've decided that I'm gonna take this to a vote from my 5 favorite suggestions from you guys Vote on this comment with the like button choices There were a lot of good suggestions but these 5 are my favorites Thanks again for all your help and suggestions "Dinner Squadron" - Heart emoji "The Beasty Boys" - Thanks emoji "Bleu Cheese" - Sad emoji "Blue Moon Squadron" - Confused emoji "Pirates of the P2P Network" - HaHa emoji As funny as the Greg option was; it would be just too confusing but i was happy to get Greg's blue moon squadron down to just blue moon squadron as i thought it had a nice ring to it Anyways. Thanks for your votes I think I'll let the voting continue until the end of the weekend
  11. Now if only my name was Greg. This would be a definite winner
  12. This is exactly why i came to you guys. Only now I'm gonna have a problem choosing which one. These are amazing names. I think I'll let this thread continue for the next week. And try and make a decision or maybe make a community vote for my favorites if i can't decide Thanks for being awesome guys
  13. To each their own. For me that sounds like a headache and time that could be spent elsewhere
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