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    jetsetter got a reaction from Last_Red_Ninja in X-Wing Organized Play in the San Antonio, TX Area?   
    5/4/2013 San Antonio Dragon's Lair San Antonio dlsa@dlair.net The place where the regional tournament is being held….I will be visiting family in San Antonio and plan on hitting it up!
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    jetsetter reacted to KrisSherriff in How many of you are going to Worlds?   
    I went in for a ticket for X-Wing and it was sold out, went for Armada and it was sold out, went for IA and got a ticket and so I have started trying to learn how to play Skirmish

    Will be booking my flight in October as I am still recovering from the NOVA Open.
    I am painting some Miniatures this week and just need to keep getting games in if I want to have any chance of not embarrassing myself...

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    jetsetter reacted to Sanchez in "Prize snipers" affecting your local tournaments?   
    Do victims of prize sniping tell stories afterwards?
    "We don't know who he was. He rode in one morning, tied up his horse at the gaming parlor without sayin' a word. There was something dark about him, he was dangerous and we knew it. Worst of all, he knew we knew it.
    He entered the tournament, just cleaned up the joint. Yep, competitive kinda guy - Falcon list, turrets, the works. He laid into us locals pretty hard, just whooped us somethin' fierce. Yessiree, we were outmatched from the prelims to the final match. Took the top prize, he did. Us local boys could only stand together, ashamed at our poor outing against this feller and too scared to say anything.
    He packed up, put on his hat, and walked right out with his prize. He mounted up but before riding outta town he turned back to us and uttered only one thing. 'I'll be back next year,' he said then rode out towards the sunset."
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    jetsetter reacted to blagmasterg in Tournament play...Have you quit attending?   
    Gosh I don't think that I would ever even *think* of giving up tourneys.  Generally they are a very positive and fun experience for me.  Sure you get the odd moron, but you get that in every walk of life and they are more than balanced out by fun, friendly folk who just want to fly casual and have a blast 
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    jetsetter reacted to felkor in Definition of "Tile"   
    I would interpret it the same way you do.
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    jetsetter reacted to drkjedi35 in 2015 NOVA Open Registration Begins February 1, 2015   
    Registration for the 2015 NOVA Open begins on February 1st. Those of you who were there last year know how awesome it is. Those of you who weren't there, should really consider it.
    The dates are September 3-6, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, VA.
    The events will include:
    The NOVA Open Championship - Swiss Rounds (Saturday), Elimination Rounds (Sunday) - This will be a standard 100pt tournament similar to the FFG Regionals, Nationals, and Worlds. It will be treated as a premier tournament. The 2014 NOVA Open Champion, Ira Mayers, finished 4th at Worlds.
    X-wing Hunger Games (Thurs-Sat nights) - If you are familiar with the Hunger Games books or movies, this format is pretty self explanatory. Its an all out fight to the death between 8-10 players on one map. Alliances are made (and broken) and much fun is had.
    NOVA Open 2015 Star Wars X-Wing™ Narrative Campaign "Ascent of the Dark Side" (Thurs-Sun) - This is the perfect event for those of you who aren't really into competitive X-wing. This is a new event at the NOVA Open and the first large scale continuous X-wing narrative campaign of its kind. Players will participate in missions each day that will help determine the the fate of the galaxy. Each year will build on the events of the previous year. Together, we will create a new story in the Star Wars universe and you will have a chance to make your mark on the Galaxy Far Far Away (GFFA). This is not an event to miss. More information on this event will be posted soon.
    Plus much more to include:
    - NOVA Open Capital Palette Miniature Art Competition
    - The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Lounge
    - Vendor Hall 
    - Silent Auction
    - Daily Raffles
    - Some of the NOVA Squadron Radio Cast will be in attendance
    - and some really awesome Prize Support!
    Also, don't forget to help NOVA Squadron hold on to the Tabletop Olympics Trophy!!
    Remember! Registration opens on novaopen.com on Sunday February 1st. Yes, this year Super Bowl Sunday is also Super NOVA Sunday!
    Hope to see you all there! 
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    jetsetter reacted to Parravon in Leebo + Determination   
    When you have two abilities that trigger at the same time, you get to choose the order, but you must resolve them both if they are mandatory (don't feature the word "may"). As Leebo doesn't have a choice (his text doesn't have "may"), you must take two cards and choose one. If you get a Pilot card, choose that one and then discard it with Determination. 
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    jetsetter reacted to KineticOperator in [Speculation] Autothrusters Guess   
    You are exactly right.  And just for the record...
    I've seen the card, it's awesome.
    But then again, I have seen a lot of things coming up for X-Wing and it's all awesome.  This is just one more dollop of awesome sauce on top of deep fried sugary awesome (with bacon).
    And that my friends is how you say something without saying anything about something you are not allowed to say anything about.
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    jetsetter reacted to Cubanboy in What happened to this game I love?   
    This morning I have a free minute from life so I wanted to jump on the forum and see what's up, what people are flying, what bright new people are posting, how ships repaintings are coming along and what wave 7 will offer.
    The first thread that I see is one about leaving, next about inclusive, followed about getting women to play x-wing.
    Wow what happened in 40 days, no really what happened.
    As a former 40k player I dealt with a ton of garage, from terrible sportsmanship to people threatening to kill me for playing at a different store. I was super happy to find this game with an amazing community of players and be involved in the community. As a person that joined at the start of 2014 I really loved this game. It's a table top game I play with my wife and still looking forward to teaching my son how to play.
    Maybe we can go back to talking about the game we love and not inclusion or gender talk
    Ps I asked my wife if x-wing was sexist, she said "that's dumb".
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    jetsetter reacted to Darph Nader in 2014 Nationals Results   
    Well what a day to be sure, great matches great players! Congrats to Jeff on the victory winning with the smoothest man in the galaxy always good to see!
    I ran the TalaBand and went 4-1 with (18) points
    4x Tala
    4x Bandit
    Going into yesterday I felt the Z swarm would be a sound counter to other Rebel beef or any YT silliness and for the most part my hypothesis was correct.
    I was 4-0 going into my last match feeling good as I got paired with Ham Salad yet again, however leading 38-37 as time was about to expire my tale of woe was about to be etched. As Ham whiffs rerolls whiffs again with only one hit at range 2 on a Bandit with 2h, I proceed (of course) to throw two evades. Which now triggers the whiny blonde kid in the quad turret to shoot at me again, this time for three hits.
    Good thing is that I've got a focus on the bandido right? (insert buzzer sound) Ooooo I'm sorry WRONG answer, the correct answer is not when you throw double blanks (insert Price is Right loser sound effect). Oh the capricious nature of the Dice Goddess, what have I done to offend thee so!? With that epic dice failure I drop from being second to tenth in blink of an eye. To quote Dire Straits, "sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." A tough way to finish but I was supremely pleased how the TalaBand performed on the day at a premier event.
    Thanks to the Store Wars crew and Josh for all of their efforts to get the event and then to orchestrate it yesterday. My appreciation also goes to my opponents (Benoit, Patrick, Shereef, Preston and of course my new Clark Kent/Glen Nielsen) thank you all for superior matches!
    Lord Nader
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    jetsetter reacted to LucCros in 2014 Nationals Results   
    Canadian Nationals was an absolute blast. Many thanks to the group for stores in the Southern Ontario region for hosting.
    Final table was recorded by us over at Monday Night X-Wing (MNX). Will be posted to our YouTube channel in coming weeks after editing and commentary.
    How did dual Falcons beat 36 hit points of Blues and Bandit?? Tune in to find out!
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    jetsetter reacted to mlbrogueone in 2014 Canadian SWX National, October 25th, Hamilton ON   
    Great tourney today. On behalf of the deroit area contingent id like to thank our brothers to the north for being such wonderful hosts.
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    jetsetter got a reaction from Lee338 in Show off your Fleet!   
    lunch time game...not my entire fleet...just enough for 200pts a side...

    holy $* it worked!!
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    jetsetter reacted to UnfairBanana in Scale... so close   
    This is one of those times where I'm lucky I don't know all the technical specifications of these ships. Yes, I know it's only a VSD. I know it's smaller than an ISD.
    But the golden part? I don't know how much smaller it should be, so I don't care that it isn't perfect.
    Ignorance is bliss.
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    jetsetter got a reaction from switch8383 in looking for players in ridgecrest ca and in norfolk va area.   
    One of our (NOVA) guys in the VA Beach area is Rouen (Curt). They play at Atlantis Games....
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    jetsetter reacted to sp00n2 in X-WING games near Philly, Wilmington, and Baltimore   
    Check out nova squadron. They have a huge group and several stores where they play up near glen burnie and south pa as well as in Virginia. They have a Facebook group you can look up and are good people in my experience
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    jetsetter reacted to Dagonet in Bring Out the Big Guns! Wave 5 announcement   
    Now put Lando with Threepio, on Han's Falcon.
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    jetsetter reacted to magadizer in Bring Out the Big Guns! Wave 5 announcement   
    Because it's FREAKIN' HUGE!
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    jetsetter got a reaction from The Madman in Game Night Kits   
    They just got renamed into tournament kits, and called summer, winter, fall, if I remember correctly.
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    jetsetter reacted to Scurvy Lobster in You know you play too much x-wing when...   
    When someone at work says they are stressed you reply: No actions for you my friend.
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    jetsetter got a reaction from Osoroshii in 44 Tickets Left for Flight 1 North American Championship   
    Better yet, plan on it starting at 10:00 am....then if you are late, you'll actually be on time!
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    jetsetter reacted to Darth evil in Advanced Sensors.....Whats up with that?   
    i can't see how handing your dial to your opponent to ever be a good idea.
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    jetsetter reacted to Danath "ATLAS" in Card pages   
    You can also put 2 in sideways and they works well in standard.
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    jetsetter reacted to Duraham in Card pages   
    I use business card holders
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    jetsetter reacted to Deroche in Ohio Regional May 17th   
    They were getting the last four players just started around 1:00am when I was knocked out and sent home. Tie swarm vs interceptors and dual falcons going against each other were the remaining lists. Looked like it was Macar's event to win; he's evil with those TI's.
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