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  1. Looking for regular casual game night in NOVA

    Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD -- Wednesdays, monthly tournaments on the 2nd Wednesday. Play More Games, Gaithersburg, MD -- Thursdays, monthly tournaments on Sunday (not sure which one though). Beyond Comics, Frederick, MD -- Mondays, monthly tournaments on 3rd Sunday? Games and Stuff, Glen Burnie, MD -- Wednesdays, monthly tournaments on the 1st Saturday of the month.
  2. Three Word Story

    resolve against Scum
  3. This game is spot on

    We just started playing this game and our group went from 4, to 7+ in TWO feels like the TV show (in an amazing way). Kudos to the designers for coming up with such a good game! So Say We All.
  4. Anyone know the details: -- # players -- winning faction --winning list (even though I'm not a fan of listing these--> leads to group think)
  5. Silver Spring MD

    Dream Wizards has players on Wednesday nights, and a monthly tournament on the 2nd Wednesday of the month..... look us up on facebook: Nova Squadron.
  6. Virginia Beach area

    facebook: Hampton Roads Star Wars Tabletop
  7. What beats Sith Lords?

    No one mentions Ten Numb....Soontir runs from Ten when he's loaded with VI and roll 15 dice and modify a crit. :-) The only problem is, you better kill fel before help arrives! Biggs is almost a given in the list, to protect Ten....then you can fill out the rest accordingly.
  8. Do you have to spend the surge or just have a surge to trigger Mak's Critical Hit abilty?
  9. "Prize snipers" affecting your local tournaments?

    We get that opportunity more often that not in our area. Our area has a healthy competitive spirit though, and welcome so called 'outsiders'
  10. The Source mission---possible spoiler

    Well...oops. I guess the rebels won then!
  11. The rules say that Vader cannot be Pushed or given movement points outside of his activation. Can a Imperial Officer order him to move? Thanks.
  12. What would you ask Alex Davy?

    Ooh along those lines, and I've seen it pop up in these forums "Is the Raider the same class as Tarkin's private vessel? (I think the Carrion Spike is the name)" I pictured the Carrion Spike to look like this. I think they reference this ship, or episode of TCW in the book. For reference the episode is called Cat and Mouse. S2 E16 It's also featured heavily in the new book, Tarkin.
  13. Maryland players

    Find us on Facebook, NOVA Squadron. You will not find a more wretched hive of scum & villany, and of course smugglers.
  14. Anyone play in Central Arkansas?

    Any gaming stores by you? Post up flyers, beat the bushes....the players will come, you just have to make your presence known... Search Facebook for XWING groups....there are a lot out there! Good luck!
  15. I'm registered and will be there unless something drastic (I.e. Real life) gets in the way!