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  1. It's not in the beta book, and for EotE and AoR I don't believe they added anymore ships. So I doubt it. -EF I think they'll add at least one capital-sized ship to F&D since it was pointed out the Starfighter Ace spec has a talent that helps against the Massive trait, yet there aren't any ships listed in the beta with said trait. If the game 3 lines are meant to be fully functional individually they'll need to add one to the final core or some players will be upset about picking up a talent they'll have to wait a while before getting any use out of.
  2. The A-Wings could be R-22 Spearheads. I thought the B-Wing was an H-60 Tempest, but I saw the wings so maybe it's a prototype or modification that'll go on to be the B-Wing.
  3. A book of the worlds that are able to remain neutral, like the Banking Clan world of Aargau, would be nice.
  4. Yup, you're good here. And Pierce works against Soak regardless of its source, so it works just as much against the benefits provided by personal armor as that from Brawn rating or that one talent (I can't remember if it's Durable or Enduring that increases Soak). If one could somehow get their Pierce rating up to 10, that would be the equivalent of Breach 1; just as Breach 1 is the effectively of Pierce 10.
  5. You could go the Star Trek 4 route- a planet will be destroyed by some unknown and incomprehensible entity unless a creature which somehow connected to this being can be found. However, this creature is either very rare or almost extinct. Other than that, maybe there's an attached botanical garden. Within this garden is the only known sample in existence of a plant (tree or flower) that has recently been discovered to hold the key to a cure for a deadly plague that has been ravaging the galaxy. Many factions are involved for reasons and goals either benevolent or malevolent. If one were so inclined, it might even provide a way to make the plague worse in some way.
  6. In my old Saga Edition game the Jedi of the party ended up in a duel with an Inquisitor during the New Republic's liberation of Taris. While they started off in the apartments of a scientist the party was looking for, a chase and the untimely crashing of a TIE fighter forced the duel to take place in the middle of a giant zoo. It tended to get interrupted a lot as the beasts escaped their cages, either because of something the lightsaber combatants did or just damage from the larger battle throughout and above the city-planet. The point where it became a four-sided fight between the Jedi, the Inquisitor, a rancor and a pack of nexu got a little dicey but it was fun to play out.
  7. Yeah, someone already mentioned Dagobah and you have Tython; both would be good places. Korriban/ Moraband, Rhen Var, Ruusan, Ambria, and Byss (Deep Core one, not Outer Rim one) could be some other good ones. Maybe explore how a Force nexus might work.
  8. If this player wants to buy into the Gambler spec so they can do this excessive amount of damage-dealing make them actually justify picking it up. Given the spec spread listed it seems they've focused solely on a narrow path; one that the Gambler is pretty divergent from. In the end, XP expenditure should be based on more than "I want my character to have this and I've got the points." Particularly for a game such as this, in terms of both setting and intent. They'll need to provide a character reason for this addition. Further, it should be better than "my character rolled a chance cube once as a child and has had the itch ever since" or them simply mentioning playing a hand or two of sabacc during a single game session. That said, even if they can't provide a reasonable justification for it then, you can work with them over several session of them working toward picking this spec up. This has to be actual effort, one that will likely involve losing a lot of credits in the process. If they want the Gambler spec, they need to gamble and that means losing some. Some, in this context probably mean "a lot". After a while they'll either decide it isn't worth it or enjoy it more after working for it.
  9. I never bothered much with WotC's D&D boards but their Star Wars boards after Saga Edition came along were pleasant enough. Back during the OCR/ RCR days, on the other hand, they had more than a few jerk@sses around that made posting pointless at best.
  10. Given that this has probably been kicking around the FFG offices for awhile now, I'd be more surprised if they didn't have the RPG stats for it. I'm thinking the Commander splatbook is probably where we'll see it.
  11. I don't think I'd give them Conflict for using a code cylinder that also had a virus on it unless they knew it was there and would cause such damage. However, if they realize that the damage inflicted on the station was a result of them using that cylinder, I might give them Conflict if they don't do anything to help stop it or undo some of the damage caused.
  12. I say the talent completely applies to checks to get past locks so long that it requires a code to open. Of course, when it comes right down to it, a "code" can be any number of things beyond just computerized codes. It could be solving a puzzle or riddle to access ancient ruins or playing the correct musical sequence to bypass a lock.
  13. You have the Civilian Pathfinder ship listed for pg 190 as well as 188. It looks like that is supposed to reference either the Adz or IR-3F.
  14. I used to read that web comic as it updated. I had more than a few players in my time who would "know" an NPC was evil for something as small as they had a beard (even if their PC had one too). For whatever reason I stopped shortly after they got to the original trilogy. The same people have a previous one that's based on Lord of the Rings, though I can't remember the name of it. My impression was that the "game" being played is based on a generic system, something more like GURPS. Then again, I'm not familiar with GURPS so it may be similar to D20 or I could be wrong completely.
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