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  1. to buy Dwarrowdelf cycle? I know it's out of print and that many people ask about when it will be reprinted. I'm more wondering where I can get the packs, even at a mark up. In particular I'm looking for Watcher in the Water, Foundations of Stone, and Shadow and Flame. I can find the Long Dark for 40 USD (amazon I think), and I know that packs will occasionally come up on ebay, but does anyone know where they can be found, even marked up? Thank you
  2. I asked this also recently, and sounds like it could be soon, or six months or longer (not soon in my estimation). I found a Khazzad-Dum box at a local store a few weeks back, so it is out there, and stuff comes up on ebay from that cycle, often at pretty low prices (above MSRP, however), but gets snatched up FAST. It's too bad it's not in stock because some of the strongest player cards are from that cycle--though they aren't mandatory for even hard quests because the card pool has grown so much.
  3. Also, notice how Thranduil's stats are the same as his son's Legolas, just defense switched for attack? I'm very glad to be getting Orcrist as a non-quest-dependent player card (as we will presumably be getting Glamdring, Sting, etc).
  4. I know a lot of people, including myself, are waiting for a lot of different items to be reprinted. If you can be patient (something I have a hard time doing) you will be able to get the packs for regular price, either through reprints or snatching them up on ebay/other online stores. Also, don't shy away from checking brick and mortar stores, as they can sometimes have the very product you are looking for on their shelves.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Am hoping for sooner rather than later with the reprints. Picked up the Khazad-dum box at a local store about a week back--is it just the adventure packs that they wait to reprint? Are the expansion/saga boxes kept in continual supply? Of course, playing is always going to be whatever floats your boat. I'm a fan of house ruling games, as long as you know the impact it will have on the gaming experience. Such as, "is starting with X card in hand going to give me a huge leg up on the quest?" I would rather not do something to really warp the game, and starting with a chosen card in hand feels to me like less of a help or crutch than starting two resources on each hero or playing easy mode or something, but my knowledge of the intricacies of the game and how it is balanced is still far from deep.
  6. I've played this off and on since '12, and am just starting to make some headway into all the new stuff. Last time I played was at the end of Against the Shadow so it's been awhile. Sadly, I was current with all product (and 3 cores) but they were all trashed by a "helpful" relative when I was out of town two years back. So I'm in the process of building back up from scratch. I'm wondering when can we reasonably expect the Dwarrowdelf cycle to be back in print? I know it's on the Upcoming page, but that for FFG doesn't really mean a whole lot in terms of specificity. Will it be a month or two, or will I still be waiting in 6 months? I would like to know because that is where many of my old go-to cards from when I used to play come from (Elrond's Counsel, Warden of Healing, Elrond, Ally Arwen, Glorfindel, etc.). Also, on a different track, when building decks I often have a hard time wanting to put a bunch of cards in but sticking to the 50 card limit (I always keep my decks at 50). I will usually only include a single copy of a card like Steward of Gondor and just put it in my starting hand and draw the remaining cards, saying to myself "I would just keep on starting the quest over/taking a mulligan until I got it." Is this a common practice, or is it considered by many to be fudging the deck/game? I'm a solo (and two handed solo) player exclusively. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, Saw seemed pretty oddly costed to me when I first saw him. I'm interested to see how much support/mitigation is featured for indirect damage in Legacies.
  8. I like to see this design space being explored. Jar Jar looks thematic (I'm not a hater and look forward to using him at this cost), and Bib and Awakenings Vader look interesting, w/ Bib taking Tusken's place.
  9. Yeah, feels like EaW was pretty recent and I am not itching for a new set yet (and the billfold would thank me). Ideally for me, I'd like to see the Rivals set released in early Jan, with Legacies out in early-mid Feb.
  10. Does anyone know when this is supposed to be released? I've heard Dec 11, but find it hard to believe it's only 1 week away with the relatively few spoilers we've really gotten from the set.
  11. I very much agree with the first part of this, having a good variety of characters especially can shake things up. I do not agree so much with the second statement. Many people (me included) like to try out cards that are not the "best" or most efficient, and give all the cards a go in different combinations. However, although I have not come close to doing this, I also do not have full playsets of anything except the starters, and am pretty close with Awakenings. Though I am not trying to get full playsets, I like to have a x1 set of expansions and many more multiples of cards I like and/or are solid includes in a variety of decks.
  12. I've tried many different storage options. Tackle boxes, photo cases lined with foam pages, slotted plastic containers, and so on. I recently changed from plastic photo containers to both a Feldherr case (for 200) for destiny dice (I don't need to store my decks in there). I really like the Feldherr, but it would be a little cost-prohibitive for all of my dice for now and in the future. The photo cases were ok, but the clasps do not stand up to much use and can easily fall open, at least on the ones I tried. I am now just making my own dice trays with cut up cardboard, cereal boxes, glue, foam pages, and tape. Takes a little time but it's good to do while watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my wife (she likes them). There is a very small chance the dice will get scuffed by cardboard. I'm making trays to hold 40 dice 'cause I have a little square bag that will fit 4-5 of them. For cards I use deck boxes (some of which I've made myself based on youtube videos) and the cardboard long-boxes for cards mentioned above (I've been using them to hold cards since I started Magic in '93). I don't like album pages for anything other than complete sets to collect and put on the shelf, not for cards I'm going to be putting into decks.
  13. I also really like the theme of Clash, and like it when playing with and against x2 copies, with both decks using melee damage. It's fun to Clash after an opponent's Clash.
  14. Good point. Also, it's not like these formats from FFG are set in stone, they could always be adjusted or completely changed, as they have been in other games (cough mtg).
  15. I hope this is the case, and think it will be at least early on, when people newer to the game don't have to go back 5+ years to get stuff. (PS, when I first heard "trilogies" I was excited that it was some kind of "play only cards from a specific SW trilogy--either episodes 1-3, 4-6, or 7-9." I would love a variant like this because I really like theme in games. However, it would be very difficult to balance, which seems hard enough to do already.)
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