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  1. Of course, all bows have the same "function". It is the features that make a difference. It is harder to use a Longbow since you have to pull against the full weight of the bow the entire time you are holding it drawn. This can lead to a little shakiness for those not used to using them on a regular basic. Whereas the recurve bows reduce that a fair amount, making them easier to aim without having to pull too hard at the same time... The crossbow does lose more speed and accuracy at longer range due to the bolts size as opposed to the size of arrows used with bows. So, you could do something like adding two dice for shorter range and one die at longer range for the crossbow. Whereas the bows do not lose dice (except in the case of extreme range)...
  2. But my interpretation of stress is very abstract. I miss, I suffer stress, that doesnt mean that in game something physical happened to me in that moment and I must give a reason for suffering that stress right then. But rather something like, I shoot, I miss, I take stress. Then, since the zombie is still coming, I bust open the window and hop out side. If Im already on the ground floor I wouldnt roll then, but could say that the stress I suffered was caused by getting cut on the glass. Or, like I have said before in other threads, running through a house shooting zombies and suffering stress from my own attacks. At the end I decided that the stress represented me hitting my shoulder on a door post while looking back shooting at zombies. I do see your guys' points. And I understand better why you could roll a test if there was no risk. But Im mostly thinking of combat situations, not trying to remember the hide a key when nobody is around. I think combat itself is risky no matter what you are doing. No problem. Also having a friendly argument. Not hating on you. As for your examples, here is food for thought. If there is no stress needed for shooting the zombie (say it's a fair distance away and isn't going to be able to take a swipe at you just yet). Then you wouldn't need to take stress. However, for the busting open a window? You could cut yourself on the glass. Time to take a test with negative dice for possible stress! As for running through a house shooting zombies? That makes a little more sense in that you are doing two things at once and you have to split your attention... the stress you took for hitting a door post makes more sense. It all depends on the situation. I don't think that all combat actions should lead to stress.
  3. I would say the point of rolling it is to see if you pass or fail, not to see if you take stress from every little test. Let's take a simple mental task. Remembering where your friend/family member keeps the hide-a-key to their locked house so that you can get in. I don't see why you would take mental stress (which leads to insanity if too much is taken) when, if you fail to remember, you could just break a window and climb in instead... However, that doesn't mean that the same situation can't be stressful. Let's take the same scenario above and add stress. You are running from zombies (they are a little bit down the street and you don't have much time). You could break the window to get in, but the windows are a little high and it would take precious time to get in and open the door for your friends. But, if you can remember where the hide-a-key is, you can get in much faster! This is a good time to add negative dice for possible stress. If you fail, you might be able to keep a cool head. However, even if you pass, you could still take stress because the zombies are getting ever closer while you try to remember. It is, in it's base form, the exact same test. The only difference is the situation. As for the, "Why roll if there is no risk?" There is plenty of risk in non-stressful situations. Say you fail to remember where the key is in the first, non-stressful, situation. You now have to break a window to get in. The noise caused by this could draw unwanted (and undead) attention. Just because there is no stress doesn't mean there is no risk involved.
  4. So, I'm about to start a campaign and I have a Compound Bow at my place that we could get access to. However, there are no stats for them in the Weapons section. I understand this is meant to be simplistic and you can use a "counts as" guesstimate. I'm just trying to see what others might think works best for these weapons. There is a "Hunting Bow" in the Pandemic (Post Apocalyptic) section. But it doesn't cover the broad number of types: Longbow, Recurve, and Compound. And there is also the Crossbow. Here are my thoughts on the types and what Weapons values they should have: Longbows: No Dice Added +3 Damage These are the most difficult bows to use and so shouldn't add any dice to the pool. But, if you have the correct weight for your size, they shouldn't add any negative dice either. Recurve Bows: One Positive Die +3 Damage The recurve on these bows make it easier to draw the bow and, as such, allow a person to use the same draw weight as the Longbow without trouble. Adding one positive die to the pool. Compound Bows: One Positive Die (Possibly two if customized?) +4 Damage These are the best bows out there for both precision and weight. They allow even heavier draw weights to be used and allow the user to hold the draw easier as well. Crossbow: Two Positive Die +4 Damage These were designed to be easier to use (since the user can keep the crossbow ready to fire without having to hold it drawn) and were designed to be armor piercing. The downside, of course, is the reload speed. Possibly needing a "Major Task" to reload. What do you think? Is there a guide out already for these? If so, where can I find that?
  5. Was actually able to play in two Kessel Run Tournaments with my gaming group (we have been dubbed "The Winged Gundark" group "Cacaw!"). My first list did not go well, the force was weak with me that day. List as follows: Wedge Antilles -R5 Astromech -Swarm Tactics -Proton Torpedo Biggs Darklighter -R2F2 Dutch Vander -R5K6 -Ion Cannon -Proton Torpedo My mind was in a bit of a fog as I had the cold so I was making bad decision after bad decision. At one point, I Dagoba'd (what our group calls accidentally, or purposefully, leaving the map with a ship) an untouched Y-Wing with an unused Proton Torpedo. Luckily, the rest of my group did well, winning The Firespray and an A-wing (which was given to me since I was the one in the group who wanted A-Wings). Next day, I was at 95%. My cold was gone, but my voice was gone with it. But, my mind was at full capacity. I decided that the torpedos were a little lackluster for their points, so I opted for survivability on my powerhouse (wedge) instead. Boy, did it pay off! Wedge Antilles -R2D2 -Expert Handling Biggs Darklighter -R2F2 Dutch Vander -R5K6 -Ion Cannon -Proton Torpedo My choice was exactly what I needed. I went 4-0 (4th win being with Lando, Arven, and Green Squadron Pilot). Expert Handling and R2D2 decided my second match. I ended up with Wedge vs. Backstabber, Dark Curse, and Mauler Mithal. No damage on Wedge and one damage on Mauler and a Direct Hit on Backstabber. I was able to get wedge right in Mauler's face and blew him out of the sky. Next Turn, I took out Dark Curse in a single turn with some nice rolling, but it put Backstabber behind me. He took out my shield and put a crit on me (the one that adds a stress token and then turns facedown). I was able to green maneuver to regain a shield and then barrel roll out of Backstabber's firing arc. Next turn, I was able to green maneuver to regain my second shield. Then I moved and barrel rolled behind an asteroid to get an extra defense die losing only a single shield. Then I was able to get him in my sights and give him the last damage for the win. Wedge with R2D2 and Expert Handling is a force to be reckoned with! The Winged Gundarks took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for a total take of 1 Millenium Falcon, 2 Firesprays and 2 A-Wings for the weekend. All four of us got what we wanted since we just traded with each other to get it. So, I got my two A-Wings (for a future total of 4 since I pre-ordered two already).
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