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  1. blackheart16

    Ability Score Modifiers

    I know that when you do not spend any DP in your Secondary Abilities that you get a -30 modifier each time you use this skill. There are a couple additional modifiers during Character Creation such as class bonuses, natural bonus, and certain advantages. Ex. Mentalist, Will 10. Takes natural bonus in composure. Would the Mentalist get to have a final of 30 or 0? Ex. Dark Paladin, class bonus +15 Withstand Pain. Would he get a final of 15 or would his bonus be negated down to -15?
  2. blackheart16

    Generated Characters

    This topic is in regards to the Generated Characters inside the Game Master's Toolkit. So the other day I wanted to go over the characters and figure out where all the dp was being spent and make sure that everything was good. I mostly just wanted to make sure they were perfectly ready whenever one of my players just wanted something quick or for random players that join. Well I started looking them over and I came across a few issues that I couldn't resolve before I stopped. The first 3 character Faust, Allete, and Shion each have issues that I am either not calculating right or I am missing something. Faust, Dark Paladin - I was able to get everything in its place, all 600 dp, advantages, and natural bonus in place. But he has a random 15 Withstand Pain. +5 for WILL 7 and +10 for not taking supernatural. Zero dp spent so I would think either the book shouldn't show it or that it would be ignored since it should have -30 for no dp. Allete, Acrobatic Warrior - When I added dp, I get 620 total. I haven't found a place where the natural bonus takes place but even going through each ability, I still have over 600 dp after. Shion, Assassin - The book lists her as having Notice 65 and Search 35. I got everything figured out except the natural bonus, until I realized that for this character they forgot to add her +30 Notice and Search for Acute Senses. As anyone ever looked over these characters or anyone willing to help me with my stat math?
  3. blackheart16

    Armor Help

    Okay so I discovered what I needed to about the oriental armor from the Domminus Exxet. Now I am still curious what you think should take place for a person wearing only partial armor- like just leg or shoulder pads
  4. blackheart16

    Armor Help

    Newbie on deck! So i plan to take my campaign to the eastern continent, that means samurai. I'd like to wear some but I'm not really sure what type it belongs to. I'm also interested in what you do if you like to wear armor gladiator style, partial. How do you run only wearing parts of armor on sheet?