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  1. Hey bud, sent you a PM. Thank you!
  2. Good idea, I'll check with them. It was my screw-up, and there are probably a dozen I need, so we'll see. I'll check eBay. Cheers!
  3. Due to an unfortunate oil-based Sharpie accident, I ruined a few of my ship tokens (the cardboard base). They look pretty janky so I'm in the market to purchase new ones. Does anybody have a good site to buy this specific component from? TIA, tgoVIPER
  4. SirWillibald, Big fan! Thanks for everything. What's next?
  5. Where is the darn thing? It wasn't on the cardboard punch outs, and isn't on the instruction booklet. It's not the UPC on the box. Anybody know where it is? Thanks,
  6. Ah, sorry. Forgot to mention, have two of the new core sets. Good lookin' out.
  7. Hello and good evening, So I've got about $50 worth of stuff (Imperial Assault/LCG) in my CSI cart and I can't ever pass up the free shipping for $100+ spent. I've got one of each of the wave 7 X-Wing ships. I haven't had a ton of time to play, so I'm looking for recommendations of a couple extra to pick to fill in the ranks. I know it's personal preference and play style and what not, but it's such a friendly and knowledgeable community I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm pretty stocked up with Wave 1-5, but I think I only have one each from Wave 6 as well. So that's also an option. Thoughts? TIA! S! - tgoVIPER
  8. @Gazerfoxie Thanks! I hope my boxes turn out nearly as well as yours. Cheers!
  9. Believe it or not, I use a set of bent tweezers with a narrow rounded tip and a metal straightedge to do all my scoring. works well enough. butterknife and a straightedge works too. Gotcha, do you puncture along the scoring line at all? It looks like the edges of your boxes are dashed, was wondering if that was the lighting or what? Possibly a dumb question, do you score on the opposing side of the fold? i.e. say you're doing a mountain fold for the lid of a tuck box, do you score on the inside or outside? Thanks!!
  10. @Gazerfoxie What did you use to score your fold lines? That looks like it would help a lot. (or for anybody else, what's a good method to score) @SirWillibald Awesome work as always, your hard work is much appreciated, sir!
  11. You bought all that to try the game? Your wallet is ******. Agreed! Say hello to fun, and goodbye to your money and free time. Welcome!
  12. I test munitions, weapons, and explosives for the DoD. note* not one of my tests
  13. Such a cool program, thanks for putting it together. This might be a dumb question, but besides typing everything in again, is there a way to import data from older versions? Thanks!
  14. I've already checked the sticky and didn't find exactly what I'm looking for. Does anyone have a spreadsheet (or whatever) that I can populate with the ships I own, to pass out to my gaming group so they can plan their squads in advance? One of the websites is close, but it doesn't have a couple of the newer releases. Thanks in advance.
  15. Greetings! I've got the yellow and green FF sleeves for the smaller cards, but was wondering if anyone has anything they use for the bigger player cards? Thanks in advance! - tgoVIPER
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