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  1. Whoever updated the Player Resources downloads to one Printer friendly section and one Full colour section is my new favourite person in the world. 😍
  2. 1. Base it upon the rules for Adopted Peasant? (Emerald Empire, pg 245.) 2. I'd say knowledge of different musical traditions and familiarity with what feelings certain pieces are usually meant to evoke.
  3. As I wrote, I hope they don't become a Great Clan. Didn't like it in earlier editions, don't think I'd like it now. Does the Mantis school curricula have mistakes not mentioned in Errata?
  4. I might have to abandon my dreams of the Mantis never becoming a Great Clan... 😭
  5. Anyone else being a little bit sad that this book doesn't contain information on the Moth Clan instead of the Centipede? Considering the Moth's focus on a different realm?
  6. ...I can't possibly thank you enough, Tonbo Karasu-sama! 😲 This is perfect! Let me know if you ever need a favor, an alibi, or a kidney.
  7. Does anyone happen to have a link to any kind of "who-is-who" in FFGs version of Rokugan? Like a list of the clan champions, jewelled champions, and so on? Thank you in advance!
  8. A failed attack roll might just as well be described as an attack that hit the target, but failed to damage her because of her awesome armor, impressive fortitude, or something else.
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