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  1. If this isn't an Obligation, I don't know what is. ?
  2. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    Thanks for looking, I appreciate it! I too hope I figure out how to take criticism well. ?
  3. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    By the way: If you remember that last talent, please mention it here! We considered Shroud, Misdirect and NYSM when creating Hide, but if there is yet another talent that touches on the subject, It would be very good to know which one. Thanks!
  4. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    Most importantly, Shroud alone doesn't work (for us!) because we think this kind of ability should be available to all Force users, not just those that would open the Shadow tree. We simply want it to be a more common ability. (This is why I like Shroud; it shows you're an expert in this field.) Good one, I'll have to ask the others! Thanks! ❤️ I do think it has a mistake, though: I'm pretty sure we meant for it to make it harder to remember what the character looks like. It's not meant to replace Now You See Me.
  5. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    Thank you for your honest feedback. I will bring it back to the group, and see if we need to revise or remove the power. Regarding your belief that we didn't know about/missunderstood what already exists in the game, you are simply wrong, but that doesn't change the validity of your arguments against the power.
  6. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    Please note: I am still more than willing to hear feedback! I've just been on these forum long enough to know better than trying to have some kind of discussion with Tramp Graphics.
  7. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    Except for, e.g., Bind and Move. Ring any bell? Please refrain from telling me what I am or am not getting.
  8. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    True, but we want to change that. Should have made it clear.
  9. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    We didn't really think about Suppress when designing Hide, though I feel the powers work in very different ways. I will definitely ask the other players about this! (As for Misdirect, please see my last post above.) Thanks!
  10. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    Thank you for your feedback! First of all, I should of course have specified that our group uses a mechanical approach to sensing Force Sensitivity - opposed Discipline checks using the Sense Power. This is implied in the base Hide power, but I should have made it clear. (Also, I think this is actually identical to your houserule?) Regarding Shroud, we thought about it carefully to avoid making that talent obsolete, even as we want the power to hide force-sensitivity not to be restricted to a certain specialization. Comparing them, we found that even though Shroud has a DP cost, it a) is infallible, b) allows free use of Force Powers (this requires upgrades with Hide), and c) makes the use of Force Powers undetectable. We consider this enough reason to pick Shroud even if Hide is available, but if people here disagree, it's certainly food for thought! As for similiarities with Misdirect, we might consider tweaking the "sneak" aspects of Hide to avoid overlap. I will discuss this with my group; it is not a central part of the Hide power. Thank you! I hope this explains our way of reasoning better. Thank you for your answer, it means a lot!
  11. Sharatec

    Custom Force Power: Hide

    Weird... does this work?
  12. So... my friend created this Force Power for use in our current campaign, where we felt it thematically apropriate to have an established way of hiding from Inquisitors and their minions. The GM likes it, but I'm curious about what people on the forum think? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Hide Force Power.pdf
  13. I don't have their descriptions in front of me, but I would assume Silhouette 1 unless otherwise noted.
  14. Sharatec

    Custom Species Feedback

    Athanati should probably have 80 XP, or possibly 85.
  15. I like to visit their shops, but truthfully, I've kind of given up on buying from them online.