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  1. Don't. RAW/RAI are among those terms that get used so often that many of us simply don't think about the fact that their meaning is far from obvious to noobs new players. It's never a bad idea to ask! Welcome to the game!
  2. Any chance that Battle Scars might be included in future versions?
  3. Kind of like that Prophet seems to be a somewhat socially-oriented specialization.
  4. Regarding lightsaber duels, I think it's very important to remember that a combat round is considered to be almost a minute long in this system - about 10 times longer than many people are used to having played other systems. While this might not help with the feeling of building suspense in the fight, a lightsaber duel going for three rounds is actually almost 3 minutes of action. Quite a bit of time.
  5. Time for full-scale rebellion in the group. Oust the GM and get someone reasonable to take over. Pitchforks and torches optional, yet encouraged.
  6. I was a bit surprised by what Meditative Trance does, but thinking of it, I really like it.
  7. Bought the Force Awakens Box for the dice and the map. Still trying to figure out if I regret it or not.
  8. Also, the 5 XP discount doesn't apply when creating the characters, unless I'm mistaken.
  9. I houserule it somewhat, so that whenever a Togruta gives assistance, the roll gets an additional Boost Die, no matter if it is skilled or unskilled assistance. Don't know if this is helpful?
  10. Sometimes I worry about my memory... Thank you!
  11. Thanks for feeding us what info you could get, Absol197! Much appreciated. Any chance you know what bonus career skills the new specializations get?
  12. Vassego. Dangerous Covenants känns som en av de centrala böckerna att ha.