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  1. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    I'm still a bit curious about Thrawn's Intellect and Knowledge (Warfare). *fanboy*
  2. What time periods does everyone play?

    The game I GM started during the events of Return of the Jedi, and a few weeks have passed during the 3 adventures since then. Main difference to canon is that the Grand Admirals managed to quickly unite in their support of a new Emperor, so the true consequences of the Battle of Endor remain to be seen.
  3. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    I have to know: What are Thrawn's Intellect and Knowledge: Warfare?
  4. Playing a Female as a male

  5. Playing a Female as a male

    I must have been a late bloomer. My first - DoD Chronopia - came from a book store.
  6. Playing a Female as a male

    The Swedish classic: have you, or have you not, bought RPGs in a toy store?
  7. I Wanna Be A Flyboy(girl)

    Seems good to me. Even if there were stronger builds (not my area of expertise), you have a strong character idea there, which means a lot. Go for it, I'd say!
  8. Seems possible. Good guess!
  9. Warriors rejoice

    Fair analysis, though I would still consider Cunning one of his strongest characteristics. I just like that the racing/tinkering/djem so are all available within the sentinel career, though he certainly doesn't fit perfectly otherwise.
  10. Warriors rejoice

    Absolutely. He sure relied more on his Brawn in his later years.
  11. Warriors rejoice

    Surely they could have mentioned a bit more, right? Still looking forwards to this! (Of topic: Am I the only one who would argue Anakin started as Sentinel: Racer/Artisan, learned shien [mostly left side - he was a master of Djem So], and later became more of an Aggressor? He was a Cunning warrior, not a Brawn warrior, after all! )
  12. How many classes don't you use?

    This. The sidewinder-wielding Nautolan in our rebel cell makes very good use of Ace: Gunner. Fantastic character.
  13. Stun, brawl, minions & rivals.

    Get a new GM. The one you have is broken. Seriously, any sensible GM would accept that you are making a decision not to kill your opponents, and go with that.
  14. I hope the Vurk are included, I kind of like them. Tholothians - not really a fan, but that's mostly because I don't particularly like the idea of them being a species of their own (I always assumed the tendrils were decorative headdress - takes some getting used to knowing it's not the intention!). Thisspiasians might be cool, but I doubt I'd ever play one. Really looking forward to this book now!
  15. True, considering that it is usually wisest to invest most or all of one's starting XP in characteristics, you have a good point there.