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  1. Vad i helvete... That is really wierd... Almost makes me consider getting someone in GB to pick it up and mail it to me, but I'll try to wait for my ordered copy to arrive instead. 🤔
  2. We used a DL-7H Heavy Blaster Pistol with an Overcharge valve.
  3. ...where in Sweden did you find this, if I may ask?
  4. Am I missing something, or is the damage for a shoto wrong? It shows up as 5 (correct) in the weapons table, but when you add it, it applies the -1 dmg modification inherent in a shoto. Thing is - I'm pretty sure that the base damage should then be 6, which is then lowered by 1 to 5 - 1 less than a regular lightsaber. Thoughts?
  5. Am I dreaming, or is this a repeat from somewhere?
  6. What he (?) said. 😄 Eon is my all-time favourite RPG, and I find it's current 4th Edition to be the best one so far. (Being a freelancer for it might make me a touch biased, though.) Right now it's Eon and Star Wars for me, as well as Highlander (using Eon rules) and Symphony of the Fallen (supernatural western, using Genesys).
  7. No, I just think the quote implies that the officials are trying to distance themselves from an obviously violent Mandalorian. I'm aware that it's not the only interpretation, though. No idea who Ms Warren is, sorry.
  8. I think that quote makes it quite obvious that he was a Mandalorian, though?
  9. Are there any new Force Powers in this book, and, if so, what are they about?
  10. One feature that I would really like is if it was possible to choose <No beginning> and <No reason for adventure>, thus hiding them, as is the case with the <No attitude> for Force. Not very important, of course, but I'd be grateful!
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