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  1. your first comprehension is correct. 'You' refers to yourself. The card is pretty good in grand melee, where turn order is critical.
  2. Since we're on the topic of Ambush from the Plains, can we ambush in cards with the Shadow Crest, assuming {Cost + 2} is lower than my initiative.
  3. New cards wanted! Rhoynar Emissary x 3 (Harsh Mistress) Maege Mormont x 1 (Harsh Mistress) Manning the City Walls x 1 (Chasing Dragons) Ser Archibald Yronwood x 1 (Chasing Dragons) Ser Gerris Drinkwater x 1 (Chasing Dragons) I Am No One x 3 (The House of Black and White) Poisoned Coin x 3 (The House of Black and White)
  4. ktom said: I don't know what you guys are talking about. The rules of this game seem pretty straightforward to me. show off! But yea! Thank you everyone
  5. CONGRATULATIONS! You guys won a prize! j/k! But thanks for helping with the questions I'll post more questions once we encounter them in our play group. BTW, anybody up for trades? Drop me a PM!
  6. We had a scenario here in melee: A player had Crown regent and Master of Law. I had Across the Summer Sea. The 3rd Player has Kingsguard Commander. The 4th Player, taking Master of Coin, declared a challenge on the 3rd player (Kingsguard). The first player uses Crown Regent's power. What happens? Does A) He cannot redirect the attack because there are no other legal players? (ie: both titles are in effect simultanously, so Coin supports Law, even though he's using Crown at that moment) b) Crown is in effect, so he can redirect the challenge to the Crown Regent. c) He used crown's effect, then is able to switch to the Master of Law to 'null' the crown's effect.
  7. Thank you ktom! Ah ha! I knew my friend was being fishy! >
  8. 1) I have a Varys (SaS) in play. Can I play a duplicate on him? Our inhouse judge says that you cannot as shadow cards may only enter play via the shadow mechanic.
  9. New cards wanted! 1-2x Hall of Dragons, 3x blood-crazed screamer , 3x dothraki handmaiden, 3x linked advisor, 3x dragon knight,
  10. thanks bomb! could you please point meat the part of the rule book that supports this? So that i could learn and show my friends
  11. What happens when you simul control 2 titles? Do you get to use them simultanously? (ie: having kingsguard and crown regent gives u +3 power and +3 military?) or can you only use one at a time, and you need to declare it? If so, when can you switch them around?
  12. I have 11 power on my house, 3 power on Tywin Lannister, and Joffrey (core) in play. Someone Valars, will I win the game?
  13. Updated! Need: 12x Much & More 3x Dance with Dragons 1 x mutual cause (Core) 1 x mutual enemies (Core) 2 x Retreat (Core) 2 x Stannis Northern Calvary (Core) 2 x Support of the Kingdom (Core) 3 x Westeros Bleeds (Core) 3 x King Robert's Host (War of the 5 Kings) 3 x Banner of the Storm (Calling the Banners) 3 x Compelled by the Crown (Calling the Banners) 2 x DragonStone Rookery (The Raven's Song) 3 x The Raven's Message (The Raven's Song) 3 x Gilly (Refugees of War) 1 x The Tides of War (Refugees of War) 3 x Varamyr SixSkins (A King in the North) 3 x The Hand's Judgment (The Tower of the Hand) 2 x King's Landing (Secret and Spies) 3 x A United Cause (Trial by Combat) 1 x I fight to Win (Trial by Combat) 3 x The Painted Table (Trial by Combat) 1 x Manning the City Walls (Chasing Dragons) 3 x Red Queen's Faithful (Chasing Dragons) 3 x Ghost of Winterfell (A Harsh Mistress) 1 x Men of Duty (A Harsh Mistress) 3 x Greyscale (The House of Black and White) 3 x Little and Less (A Roll of the Dice) 3 x Condemned by the Council (A Time of Trials) 3 x The Shadow of the East (A Time of Trials) As a set (meaning all or none) 3 x Joffrey Baratheon (Princes of the Sun) 3 x Questioned Claim (Ancient Enemies) 3 x Small Council Chambers (Secret and Spies)
  14. why Martell? And what kinda martell deck?
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