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  1. Here's an interactive map showing the spread of an infection. Its a pretty cool Zombie outbreak simulator, and I believe its based on the Cornell study. http://mattbierbaum.github.io/zombies-usa/
  2. Lol, you betcha. if Z-day ever occurs, I'll be out that channel before the televisions go dark... Provided my friends are on board. I wouldn't leave them in the lurch. The one issue I have always had with zombie movies... The distinct lack of hope at the end of the movie. Even if the protagonists have survived the horror of the zombie hordes, all the while losing friends along the way, by the time the movie ends, there is nothing for the characters to look forward to. Thats why out of all the zombie movies i have seen, the original day of the dead and the remake dawn of the dead had the most satisfying endings. There was hope. I see a sailboat, or anything that provide separation from the horrors of the world, can be an outstanding goal to reach. Your group manages to sneak through an infested city, narrowly escaping death many times and finally sets out to sail along the coast. Crack open a beer... "ITS MILLER TIME!" They can finally sleep soundly, maybe even have a decent meal and really sit down to plan out their future... I would never want to start a game with "I sail away!!!" although i joked about it earlier in the thread. RPGs are always about the journey, not the ending, but if you have nothing to drive you forward, the game can get a little stale.
  3. Hey all, sorry to be gone for a while... was on vacation. Just to give people an idea of what a lot of cruising sailboats have in terms of gear... -Living in California, I usually keep about 30 days of canned food available onboard in case of a Major (7.0 or higher) Earthquake. Some cruisers have more, some less. A lot of people also fish for food. but that is not a guarantee. - I have a watermaker onboard (converts seawater to freshwater) - will last a couple of years if maintained properly. Also, a Water catchment system on a sailboat can gather A LOT of water when it rains... - Solar power and a wind turbine for electrical power. - Lots of booze... ya know... cuz I even have a sailing friend that brews his own beer onboard. Its not the best, but bad beer is better than nothing if the world is ending... - Most cruising sailboats have a smaller dinghy that can be used for shore excursions. I myself have an 8' walker bay. It has its own sail kit, oars and a 5hp engine. - Finally, a sailboat of about 30' or so can support about 4-5 people (you're average gaming group). it'll be tight, but it is doable. Hell, my friends have always joked with me that if Z-Day does happen, they're coming to me... So if you live on one the coasts or even the great lakes... A sailboat could be a great option for your group's survival. I like the idea of the sailboat as a mobile base of operations for the group. you're safe when you need to be and can use a dinghy to come in quietly as night to scavenge for supplies.
  4. I live on the West coast. The water gets deep REAL fast, so that's not an issue. Transferred zombieness to the fishes, yeah that would suck... Although I wouldn't be scared of zombie sharks. There's not a shark alive (or dead) that can harm a modern boat. Zombie killer whales, Sperm whales, and giant squid on the other hand... shudder....
  5. I live on a sailboat... (thank God for game book pdfs) I gotta laugh when I think of my GM's response as I just sail out the channel... Gotta watch for pirates I guess...
  6. I've mentioned in this in threads much older than this one. FFG has the perfect backdrop for an excellent cyberpunk game. They have the Android novels, ANR continues to steadily build more lore into the universe, and they already have an excellent RPG system in the Star Wars RPG line. Just mix, add more cybertechnology, a dash of chrome, and whole lot of dark future and FFG could have another top selling RPG on their hands.
  7. "That was no laser blast! Something hit us." Bump...
  8. I am planning to, they just take a while to put together since I have type each talent in. I may start a couple this week though since you asked I think I'll start with Smuggler since that's my favorite class
  9. That would be me. There aren't any force users in my group so I haven't looked at that tree in a while. Thanks! I will update immediately. Update: Here are the new Links Force Sensitive Exile Move Sense Influence
  10. From the previews you posted, this looks really good, but I can't seem to download the app. The link appears to broken. I hope its just a bad link and not something more insidious like an imperial blockade
  11. This is something I put together a while back for the Beta. While looking over it, it probably needs to be updated for the release of the game proper, but here it is anyway. Starships Logistics
  12. Just keeping this thread visible until it gets pinned...
  13. Thanks! Just like everyone else here, I just want to make this game as accessible to as many people as I can!
  14. Hey all, I thought I would add to this topic. I've put together the three Force talent trees in pdf format. Here are their links. Hope you all can use them! Move Power: https://www.dropbox.com/s/huz48ub6yep94hk/Move%20Power%20-%20Core.pdf Sense Power: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ttcf97wl49nnvjk/Sense%20Power%20-%20Core.pdf Influence Power: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyhn115oniknsgi/Influence%20Power%20-%20Core.pdf Quick Update: Here's the Force Sensitive Tree as well https://www.dropbox.com/s/8iuwh01jt7z1dqb/Force%20Sensitive%20Tree%20-%20Core.pdf
  15. Tychoe, I'm doing the exact same thing! I really enjoy the story mechanic dice that exist with EotE and I've started my own conversion as well I've done weapons and armor, but I'm still trying to figure out a good balance for "races" as well as classes/careers. I've also started jotting down ideas for netrunning, and I'm trying to keep the feel of the Android: Netrunner. So MU, Link, ICE strength, etc. but that's proving to be quite a task… My CP2020 library has been dusted off and seen more use in the past month than in the last couple of years. Which is AWESOME. Cyberpunk is my all time favorite setting/genre. FFG, please put me down on the list for - Android: The Cyberpunk RPG!