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  1. Q: is there an official ruling yet on how the new magic actions fit with Rune and Verse In RoT? I’m aware of the Discord chart and I think it’s fine, but was just curious.
  2. Tell your friend to simply go to their DTRPG library. They will be able to download the most current version of the pdf
  3. Happy New Year everyone, I created this magical skill progression mod for the Genesys core magic rules because I felt that the power progression for spellcasters was too simple. The core idea of this mod is: “Knowledge is Power”. All magical powers are derived from the study of the Spellcaster’s Magic. This provides the spellcaster with points to distribute among the disciplines that are available for the type of Magic the caster is involved in. Anyway, I hope some of you find this useful. Comments / Criticism is welcome Knowledge is Power.pdf
  4. Darian Ocana

    Gear Prices

    I honestly wouldn't worry too much about the price differences. Genesys being the toolkit that it is, assumes that you the GM, will set the prices accordingly. I think the examples are just there to provide an idea for what their cost might be in the setting they would be featured in. I'm not too fond of the static prices that they set for weapons and armor, especially the odd price progression with armor... So instead of their rules, i'm going to use the framework Genesys has provided and build a system based on price multiples. It'll be a bit more mathematically intensive, but should provide a more rounded and balanced (imho) approach to gear. Other than that, I am more excited for this game than I have been for any other system in a looooonnnngggg time...
  5. Similar to Klort's answer, I've been thinking about using the force die as a "Winds of Magic" type die. Magic is Chaotic, sometimes its beneficial, other times... malevolent. No hard guidelines yet, just an idea.
  6. The math error shows up rarely when there are a lot of successes and failures. I'd say it appears about 5% of the time. Its weird. It could just be a math error depending on what the type the variables are, (int, double, long, etc...) I'm not proficient in JS either. I dont know how it handles those variable types, so I'm not gonna worry about it. I'll just pay a little more attention to the output. Thanks again for the reskin!
  7. I count myself as one of that number... However, its nice to have this app for quick sanity checks for some of my homebrew designs I'm working on. Its really helpful to have as many dice as I need. Plus, I find the Genesys symbols a lot more intuitive that SW dice.
  8. A few bugs to report... 1. Despair does not appear on the Dice 2. There is an odd non-repeating math error with the successes and failures. Sometimes the output is correct, sometimes not. Other than that, this is great! thanks for this
  9. Oh man... WotCh is immediately making its way into Crane and Lion decks... Honor decks incoming!
  10. I like what's going on in the ongoing story, but anyone else getting a Game of Thrones vibe here? The death of the Crane Clan champion sets of a series of events that results in the clan wars (or maybe the Scorpion Clan Coup)? There's already hints we'll see the Egg of Pan Ku show up (that little bit with Hotaru and Kachiko). I wish they could have tried and come up with a different storyline rather than just retelling the old one in slightly different way... As for the decision, I would like to see Justice dealt, but I feel Duty will win the day in order to progress the storyline. Of which I'm sure they've already mapped out at least a year in advance...
  11. if you play the L5R LCG, I suggest using the Fate tokens as Strife markers, Rings represent your stance, the Honor counter can be used a player initiative counter and the first player token is the current player token. All thematically matched to the game.
  12. Here's an interactive map showing the spread of an infection. Its a pretty cool Zombie outbreak simulator, and I believe its based on the Cornell study. http://mattbierbaum.github.io/zombies-usa/
  13. Lol, you betcha. if Z-day ever occurs, I'll be out that channel before the televisions go dark... Provided my friends are on board. I wouldn't leave them in the lurch. The one issue I have always had with zombie movies... The distinct lack of hope at the end of the movie. Even if the protagonists have survived the horror of the zombie hordes, all the while losing friends along the way, by the time the movie ends, there is nothing for the characters to look forward to. Thats why out of all the zombie movies i have seen, the original day of the dead and the remake dawn of the dead had the most satisfying endings. There was hope. I see a sailboat, or anything that provide separation from the horrors of the world, can be an outstanding goal to reach. Your group manages to sneak through an infested city, narrowly escaping death many times and finally sets out to sail along the coast. Crack open a beer... "ITS MILLER TIME!" They can finally sleep soundly, maybe even have a decent meal and really sit down to plan out their future... I would never want to start a game with "I sail away!!!" although i joked about it earlier in the thread. RPGs are always about the journey, not the ending, but if you have nothing to drive you forward, the game can get a little stale.
  14. Hey all, sorry to be gone for a while... was on vacation. Just to give people an idea of what a lot of cruising sailboats have in terms of gear... -Living in California, I usually keep about 30 days of canned food available onboard in case of a Major (7.0 or higher) Earthquake. Some cruisers have more, some less. A lot of people also fish for food. but that is not a guarantee. - I have a watermaker onboard (converts seawater to freshwater) - will last a couple of years if maintained properly. Also, a Water catchment system on a sailboat can gather A LOT of water when it rains... - Solar power and a wind turbine for electrical power. - Lots of booze... ya know... cuz I even have a sailing friend that brews his own beer onboard. Its not the best, but bad beer is better than nothing if the world is ending... - Most cruising sailboats have a smaller dinghy that can be used for shore excursions. I myself have an 8' walker bay. It has its own sail kit, oars and a 5hp engine. - Finally, a sailboat of about 30' or so can support about 4-5 people (you're average gaming group). it'll be tight, but it is doable. Hell, my friends have always joked with me that if Z-Day does happen, they're coming to me... So if you live on one the coasts or even the great lakes... A sailboat could be a great option for your group's survival. I like the idea of the sailboat as a mobile base of operations for the group. you're safe when you need to be and can use a dinghy to come in quietly as night to scavenge for supplies.
  15. I live on the West coast. The water gets deep REAL fast, so that's not an issue. Transferred zombieness to the fishes, yeah that would suck... Although I wouldn't be scared of zombie sharks. There's not a shark alive (or dead) that can harm a modern boat. Zombie killer whales, Sperm whales, and giant squid on the other hand... shudder....
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