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    Ghostofman got a reaction from Sear_Clone in Success question   
    If you roll, and after all canceling out you have two 'splosions, your damage is +2.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from langeleb in Are missile tubes underpowered?   
    The system assumes that using personal scale weapons vs. vehicles will be about Crits and not Hull Trauma. If you check, unlike personal scale, vehicles can be critted merely by exceeding the Armor rating and getting sufficient Advantage. There's no requirement to actually do Hull Trauma as well. 
    Now... will you Blow up an opposing vehicle with just Crits? Usually not. But what you will see can be done is A) Strain, as a lot of Crits will default to System Strain, especially against planetary vehicles that usually lack complex systems like shields and and hyperdrives. And B) will do damage that can't just be ignored. A person with a crippled leg can still drag himself along. An AT-ST with an Engine Destroyed on the other hand can't just limp along, it's stuck. And without a turret (funny, but yeah the head doesn't count as a turret, likely because the vehicle is otherwise maneuverable enough to compensate, mechanically anyway) that AT-ST is now just waiting to be flanked and destroyed at your leisure.
    Finally... Minions. Ok, so you're being strafed by a TIE fighter... It's totally reasonable to slap a minion in that thing. Yeah it's skills will be garbage, but hey, that also means you probably won't accidently 2xWT a player. They shoot that missile at it and... Crit. Crits remove minions... so if you roll that option over to Minion Vehicles... kablooey.
    Now... that doesn't make engaging vehicles on foot a wise idea. They're bigger, badder, and KOing them is going to be tricky and (usually) require several good hits depending on the weapon used (something like a Flechette launcher or Ion Disruptor will work faster than a repeating blaster), but it can be done. But if you're in a tight enough spot that that's your best option, it is an option.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from Varlie in Jetpack Disrupting Game Balance   
    The issue comes from the difference in range band scales. Since all the personal scale bands (engaged all the way to extreme) can be found within the Close range band, and individual characters don't have a speed rating. The argument is being made that the jetpacker is moving at planetary scale, allowing a single Fly/Drive check to cover the "move within the Close range band" maneuver effect to let a character move pretty much anywhere they like in the personal scale band system.
    The problem here is that a vehicle can operate within the personal scale band system in an encounter.
    Pg 225 states in no uncertain terms that the GM can set the encounter up at person scale if they wish, and is further supported in areas like the chase mechanic (which calls out the engaged range band), or vehicles that mount personal scale weapons with personal range limitations (worthless if you're stuck at planetary scale). But this also brings up the issue of how to translate speed down to personal scale. It can't go 1:1 because then you end up with weird things like a Speed 1 vehicle moving slower then a walking human.
    EotE Pg 202 has a breakout box explaining flight. There it says that creatures with the Hover ability can move vertically and ignore difficult terrain. Combine with the Black Sun adventure this suggests that in many personal scale encounters a jetpack simply  grants the Hover ability... easy peasy. Moving on it says that creatures that are actually in flight, and need to move to stay aloft, must spend a single maneuver every turn just keeping in motion. They don't have to change range bands they just gotta blow the maneuver. Again, no big whoop. Next however it seems we have the solution. Flying creatures can also move from long range to short in a single maneuver (which can also be your "staying in motion" maneuver). Sweet...
    Now we get into my latest interpretation, where I think I may have finally cracked this nut!
    So for the Jetpack this gives us a nice pair of options to a user. Option 1 is hover mode. You just kick it in and move normally, this would cover a lot of the basic jetpack use we see in the films. Cool. Option 2) You actually kick on the thrusters and fly. This requires the usual vehicular operation maneuvers (accelerate, fly/drive) and kicks in a  maneuver spent every turn just keeping you in motion. But now you can really haul. So it has it's purpose. Using a maneuver to switch between hover and fly seems reasonable and this would allow the player to do things like swoop in fast and kick on hover to get in close like we see in the assault on Jabbas palace in the Clone Wars.
    So... taking something like a speederbike or landspeeder we get going in roughly the same direction. Treat the moving speeder like a flying creature and require a maneuver each turn (fly/drive terrain check when changing bands, but a simple maneuver when circling) then that covers the speed of the vehicle, allowing it to quickly zip from Long to Short and back again, or just hold at a specific distance. The speed to do this has to be at least 1, but some vehicles will want to go up higher for special maneuvers. Fine, no need to further effect this scale of movement though.
    Vehicles can also slow down to a crawl, and move at the same pace as a person, similar to Hover. Probably won't want to do this too often, but that'll cover the occasional situation where you want a vehicle escorting dismounted personnel, or something like the AT-STs picking their way through Endor.
    As an added bonus, we get hover. So if you've got a situation like a LAAT... that bad boy can also just go into Hover mode like our jetpacker, sacrificing speed for the ability to make close in maneuvers.
    What do you think? I'm looking for holes, but so far all I've got is this creates an odd Speed of .5, something that's slower then 1, but faster then 0. It's still covered by maneuver usage though, and for the purposes of vehicle on vehicle action, it's probably fine to assume speed .5 is close enough to speed 0, so maybe it's not an issue...
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from miridor in The Nebulon B: 24 frickin' fighters!?   
    Deckplan is located in the old WEG supplement The Far Orbit Project. Check the d6 holocron for more info. In there it shows the hanger on the forward starboard side, just like in the x-wing games and such, and it is sized such that it can cram 24 TIE fighters in on racks, 25 if you count the repair rack. Takes up most of forward deck 5.
    That said
    You are correct in that observation, if you use the closing shot in Empire, you can use the window to get a good estimate of the ships size, and (like many things star wars) the measurements that were originally recorded were in feet, but some editor changed it to meters without running the math, essentially tripling the ships size, and making the room.
    Its a common problem with star wars, it was made for entertainment, not accuracy. Even the falcons interior set was made larger then the exterior. And the inability of editors to change feet to meters didn't help.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from P-47 Thunderbolt in Mechanics for Scavenging/Salvaging   
    Well remember it's a narrative-heavy tabletop system, not an open-world MMO. So a hard system of that nature would have to be developed at length to ensure it didn't get out of hand. And even then there's be whining that  it was "underpowered" in the same people fuss that the crafting system doesn't have a hard encoded method to make better stuff than you can buy off the shelf every time.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from P-47 Thunderbolt in Space battle - would you use squadron or mass combat?   
    Though the rules are slightly different from the GM Kit. Which one to use will depend on what you're doing an how the differences will affect that.
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    Ghostofman reacted to whafrog in Range band sizes   
    Could be wrong, but it sounds like the OP is asking how to map 1" style terrain to each range band?  If so, there's nothing official obviously, but one list I thought was reasonable was something like:
    Engaged:  1" Short:  5" Medium:  10" Long:  20" (it's two moves from Medium to Long) Extreme:  30" (two moves from Long to Extreme) The only thing with creating terrain for this game is that no map is large enough to contain any action.  Detailed maps often make players go "wow", but if there's a speeder or a catwalk or an elevator involved, you're off the map in a turn or two.
    My solution for this has been to dispense with fixed maps, and instead use static shots and images pulled from the web to describe the scene (giving that wow factor), then I use hand drawn maps on 11x17 graph paper with a 1/4" grid, using pencil to erase and adjust positions.  Even then I often run out of room or the players have split up so I'm on 2 or 3 sheets.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from StriderZessei in The Rise of Skywalker (Spoiler thread)   
    I'm finding the answer to many odd issues with this film are "Well, in the visual dictionary..." Which is not good. 
    Not getting confused with a movie shouldn't rely on you reading the reference book first.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from Sarone in Speaks Binary Question   
    I'd say no, as it applies to you commanding the droids to shoot something, not the droids ability to interpret that command; though you could apply Advantage/Triumphs generated by the Leadership check you made (which Speaks Binary would apply to) to boost/upgrade the combat check made by said droids.
    Not quite the same, but probably close enough to keep the player happy.
    Additionally, if you're talking Droid soldiers I'd look at the squads and squadrons rules in the AoR GM kit. Something like the Mission Specialist option might benefit from Speaks Binary when talking about droid troops...
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from Sarone in Speaks Binary Question   
    It requires a Leadership check, so yeah, typically an action.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from StriderZessei in Rise of the Separatists Era Book   
    1) jerk ?
    2) Logic dictates they would have signature abilities, though I suppose FFG could be equally jerkfaced and put them in another book...
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from DurosSpacer in How much XP for one-shot characters?   
    20-50XP is a good window for system newbies as it will give them some toys to play with, but not so much they have trouble keeping track.
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    Ghostofman reacted to MB -Fr- in Ahsoka Tano cast in Mandalorian Season 2   
    Not to nitpick but...
    "We reached out to Lucasfilm to request a statement from the company or Dave Filoni, but received no response. We have been chasing this scoop for a month now and have reached out to Rosario’s reps, who also didn’t respond."
    So, where exactly is their confirmation? All I read in the article is "here's what we think, we asked and got no answer"
    Not that I don't want live ahsoka but all I read is another rumor
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    Ghostofman reacted to P-47 Thunderbolt in Ahsoka Tano cast in Mandalorian Season 2   
    I wasn't saying Eckstein should play Ahsoka, I was just saying I'm not sure anyone else should.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from jalrin in Vehicles vs PCs   
    You can explain that with a "Poe rolled a Despair" while trying to take off. Same goes for Ezra and his A-wing vs. the Tuskens.
    It's not the most crunchtastic solution, but it's a solution. Just be wiling to have it roll both ways "The Inquisitor rolled a Despair while trying to escape."
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    Ghostofman reacted to Nytwyng in This is the worse possible news for the game :(   
    Translation and distribution is an entirely different ball of wax than development.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from Vader is Love in Vehicles vs PCs   
    You can explain that with a "Poe rolled a Despair" while trying to take off. Same goes for Ezra and his A-wing vs. the Tuskens.
    It's not the most crunchtastic solution, but it's a solution. Just be wiling to have it roll both ways "The Inquisitor rolled a Despair while trying to escape."
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    Ghostofman reacted to P-47 Thunderbolt in Vehicles vs PCs   
    You don't actually need to deal HT to trigger a crit, you just need to beat armor. Even .1 planetary scale damage would be eligible to trigger a crit.
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    Ghostofman reacted to P-47 Thunderbolt in Silhouette 2 and larger creatures   
    Actually, Knockdown can be triggered against them, it just costs additional Advantage for additional size.
    I'm can't remember the specific incident you are referring to, but Knockdown (4 Advantage/Triumph against Sil 3) might be sufficient to account for what we see onscreen.
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    Ghostofman reacted to Talkie Toaster in DoR Death Star 1 Tractor Beams   
    Realistically, the DS1's stats are irrelevant as it's unplayably complicated to use. I doubt they put that much thought into them.
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    Ghostofman reacted to Daeglan in DoR Death Star 1 Tractor Beams   
    Short range planetary skale.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from StriderZessei in This is the worse possible news for the game :(   
    I used to work a small local weekly newspaper. Like 3 full-time employees (two writers and an editor/layout) + several feed stories from higher up for fill out a few more pages.
    So you can totally handle an RPG supp with just a handful of people and a pile of freelancers supporting... Quality may or may not suffer depending how on top of things the full timers are.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from RLogue177 in What is Mos Shuuta?   
    Never lived in a rural community eh chummer?
    If it helps, think of Mos Shuuta as a rural town.... with a WALMART!!!!!!
    See being small and remote doesn't matter if you're still the biggest fish in a small pond. While the town itself seems rather tiny and unremarkable, hundreds of even smaller operations could easily surround it, making it the nearest spaceport. If ole Jimbo Moisture Farmer wants a new whoositz for his vaporator he can either buy one off a Jawa (which will probably be the same broken one he sold the Jawa 6 months ago, just with a new coat of paint and a stench of Jawa B.O.), he can drive half a day to Mos Bigger and get one, blowing both an entire day and plenty of fuel, or he can go an hour away to Mos Shuuta, pay a little extra but spend less time and fuel to get the same thing.
    Furthermore, for every Mos Shuuta, there's probably three more Mos Oneblocks within a couple hours.
    I've spent plenty of time in rural communities over the years, and places like Mos Shuuta exist. They aren't bustling cities, but they serve a vital purpose, have a healthy economy, are the place for culture and trade for the area (limited, but when you don't got other options you take what you can get) and can have some real color, if you are willing to look for it.
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    Ghostofman reacted to KalEl814 in Vehicles vs PCs   
    Or is it?
    Those are fresh off the assembly line Star Destroyers and the Falcon was weighed down with the credits that Obi-Wan gave Han... Luke insisted on paying Han in pennies in protest for his ridiculous rate for transit to Alderaan, creating significant drag.
    The Falcon just got an oil change and the targeting computer downloaded more RAM.
    Han was... pent up and not flying his best, could happen to anyone.
    The empire not only nerfed the hyperdrive, they poured blue milk into the gas tank.
    Lando's back inside his ship and knows how to make that thing work, baby. 90% of time Lando can outfly an Interceptor 100% of the time.
    Look I only have so much energy for this, there was a wizard involved.
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    Ghostofman got a reaction from Donovan Morningfire in Vehicles vs PCs   
    Some, but not all. Eventually, it'll always break down.
    And that's my point. If you want a solid crunchy world that always obeys the rules, Star Wars isn't it.
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