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  1. Christman will be disappointed on Christmas. Still Q1 was the window given in the product announcement.
  2. In the GoMs Modeling and Terrain thread.
  3. It's pretty cool. Since the impact makes the plate unreliable and no longer fit for use, they used to allow the soldier to keep it. I did a bit on it once for work.
  4. The crates are made from Hirts Art molds. I got some recently, they work well with practice and smell minty fresh!
  5. Eh probably not. Between sports bras, physical training, and height/weight restrictions I suspect the number of busty troopers is pretty small. And as I mentioned, making body armor that fit women doesn't look hugely different since it more about fit and weight than... Ahem...chest plates. Female soldier wearing female Armor. Male Soldier in body armor. See, hers fits her smaller frame better, but otherwise not really different. Stormtrooper armor isn't all that bulky by comparison, so again, unlikely the changes, if any, would be all that visible. Generally speaking, true. Though as the Legion team has discovered certain mediums, like miniatures, need exaggerated proportions or else it becomes difficult to tell the difference. Of course technically the exaggerated proportions are needed for everything miniature wise if you want to keep the detail at a level that can be injection moulded.
  6. Pretty sure that is going to happen.
  7. Look at how it alters damage modeling. In a squadron it's resolved by hit, not by damage. A minion group gets hit by a damage 50 turbolaser and is obliterated. A Squadron gets hit by a Damage 50 turbolaser, one minion dies and the rest are good to go. So there is a valid trade off. They didn't miss something, you did. Normally the closest a vehicle can get to another at this scale is Close. Blast only triggers at Engaged, making it worthless against normal minion Starfighter groups. However, a Squadron DOES count as Engaged per the Squadron assembly rules. So a blast weapon like a torpedo or flak cannon can hit the entire Squadron in one activation. Per the Damage modeling adjustment mentioned previously, this means one blast hit can totally wipe the Squadron. Which also explains why flak cannons exist. Against Autofire it is less valuable when talking auto blasters, which are somewhat rare weapons largely offset by linked, but against small arms it may be worth discussing. Again, it's about hits, not Damage, so low Armor rating vehicles could be wiped by a repeating blater that can successfully land hits even it those hits are only strong enough to exceed the Armor rating but not enough to inflict hull trauma. Since linked is super-rare in small arms this is more of a thing. See Critting vehicles for more information.
  8. Real world there is female body armor, but the difference is more about fit and weight dispersal than visual gender identification. So put a male and female soldier of the same rough height and weight next to each other and you won't see much difference unless you are really looking for it. Suspect Stormtrooper armor is similar. The helmet and plates aren't hugely different, if at all. The difference is in the body glove, boots, undergarments, and field hygiene kit. In other words, the stuff you can't see unless you are another know, like their ranks....
  9. Yeah, 40k had a similar tactic where you would have two Armored vehicles drive around sideways butt to butt. Since vehicles in that game could end their turn facing any direction, doing this allowed you to never have to expose the weaker rear armor. Do this with a pair of APCs and you had a movable wall your infantry could advance behind. Don't get me wrong, infantry advancing behind armor is totally a thing that I'm cool with, but the butt to butt thing was silly rules manipulating.
  10. A blaster bolt screams out of nowhere narrowly missing you. The distinctive 'wizz-pop' makes clear the shooter is hundreds of meters away. Roll Vigilance. Roll Vigilance against 3 purple. Failure with a Triumph! That's your initiative and you upgrade your defenses for the first round (unless you've got something else you'd rather have happen). You see a brief glimmer of reflected light on a rooftop down the block before (roll roll) a blaster bolt hits the speederbike next to you causing the power cell to explode knocking you to the ground. The Stormtrooper with the large antenna coming out of his backpack bends over slightly holding a hand to the side of his head. A moment later you see a skiff pop over a hill on the horizon loaded with Stormtroopers, who open fire!
  11. We know there's going to be a smattering of infantry of course. AT-RT, Speederbikes, and dudes with lightsabers are in the box. AT-ST and airspeeder has been hinted, but not confirmed. What more we get will be influenced by how big ffg wants to go.
  12. Exactly, we don't know the full rulebook. So making assumptions, like fleeing battle providing an advantage of some kind, is premature.
  13. I'm pretty sure he meant that the bikes can swing in, fire, and then move out of range/LOS before the opponent can really bring heavy fire to bear on them. Bikes, with the "speeder 1" Special rule can ignore height 1 terrain when moving, so they can pop over walls, buildings, and the like and block LOS. Typically in games like this a unit that moves off the board is, for all intents and purposes, considered a casualty. Though some games would allow certain vehicles to leave the table and re-enter later. Anyway, while it remains to be seen, I wouldn't bet on having a unit voluntary leaving the battle space being a way to prevent the opposing player from scoring points or something.
  14. I love a good Mystery...
  15. interesting proposal... Its totally doable, but keeping it affordable would be the trick....