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  1. Hydraulic Control Circuits

    Pretty sure by "Fighter" they mean starfighter, not any ship capable of fighting, as at that point a freighter turned gunship would no longer be eligible...
  2. Seppie droids

    I used to be of the opinion they were Rivals, though lately I'm more of the opinion they are Minions with a really high soak. Part of the issue is representation. In Republic Commando they are actually pretty tough customers. In the Clone war series they are cut down like regular battle droids. Giving them really high soak would meet both requirements as Clones would need to hammer them or use heavier weapons, but a Saber's Breach would make them easy to chop up. I also have a different opinion of weapons. They aren't that big, and aren't really shown as being of high power. Blaster rifles is always the go-to for most people but I'd actually go with stats more like the ACP Repeater or the DH-17 carbine (leaning toward the DH-17 atm). B2's aren't marksmen, they are close-in assault units. The B1's already carry E-5 during the war, those are Medium range carbines. This actually suggests that, for the most part, Separatist doctrine leans towards pushing infantry to relatively close range engagements over long range exchanges. Event the heavy support variants tend to carry light rocket launchers more comparable to real-world grenade launchers or simple RPGs over long range man portable guided missile systems.
  3. Has Anyone Run An Imperial Campaign?

    Just because the players are Imperial, doesn't mean they start as Grand Admiral. You do have to change the story a bit, but the story still exists. To assume the players have the authority or resources to Base Delta Zero every problem is pretty silly. I think part of your problem is you're thinking like the empire, whenin an Imperial Campaign the gm needs to think like the Rebellion. Check this out: The Rebels are going to blockade a planet. They don't have the resources. So you take the concept and change the narrative. Numerous attacks in your sector indicate the Rebellion has some kind of light carrier moving around covertly. Find it and destroy it. You have your single Neb-B and a reduced TIE Squadron. All other sector resources are devoted to protecting Critical facilities, but that still leaves a lot of targets unprotected. See? Different, but not unlimited power. You can't just call up a pair of Star destroyers because they are busy. Even if you do finegal your way into getting one, the second you do the Rebellion hits a key target and you get a spanking from the Moff for leaving a target that important unprotected. Again, the Rebs can't set up a permanent position like that or you'd be exactly right. TIE bomber swoop in and kill you. So again you have to change it from how the Empire operates to the Rebellion. The Rebellion has set up a pirate comm station on Planet X to broadcast propaganda. The thing is it's not a static facility, it's a combination of simple repeaters, prerecorded programs on "expendable" broadcast packages they can just turn on and dump, and mobile broadcast kits mounted in speeder, hidden in garages, and who knows what else. So you can't bomb it because even when you do, another on pops up. So you'll have to find and interrogate your way through several cells to track down the people actually running the show. Even with an entire Garrison at your disposal that could take several sessions to even get a useful lead...
  4. 28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    I should mention, not my photo. Comes from one of the ladies over on BoLS. So I can't be responsible for the paint job. That said.... It took me a long time to learn that before doing a wash, you need to apply a gloss coats or you end up with that "dirty" look. So my Red Scorpions need a bath too... Moral of the story: When painting your minis before applying your wash, give them a glosscoat. It makes the wash collect better in the nooks and crannies and less likely to stain the larger open surfaces. It actually even allows you to go in with a q-tip or something and clean up any surfaces it does collect on. Once done give it a matte coat to seal an hide the gloss.
  5. 28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    1) 40k models are not to exact scale, in general or with each other. So they are a weak reference beyond "How big is it compared to a 40k model?" After all, Guardsmen aren't significantly shorter than Marines, even though they technically should be. And don't even try and fit a full tactical squad in a Rhino... 2) Here's some Stormtroopers next to some "normal" marines. You may wish to look for cheaper sources, but scale-wise 28mm terrain will look just fine next to Legion minis 99% of the time. Not only is scale not that exact with these things, but "28mm heroic" is the scale for Warhammer/40k. The "heroic" part means most infantry and character models are oversized a bit and proportionally incorrect to add more bulk (and by extension detail.) What this means is, since 40k is one of the more popular "28mm" games a lot of "28mm" wargame terrain is scaled to match. As you can see from the image, since Legion is only a smidge bigger, there's not much difference. So most of that commercially available terrain, scaled for 40k's tall bloated models, will look just fine in Legion.
  6. Seppie droids

    The only issue I've seen with B-2s is figuring out if they are rivals or minions or really nasty minions.
  7. Has Anyone Run An Imperial Campaign?

    Because Imperial campaigns are so awesome you gotta ask twice. I ran one a long time ago. Players commanded a small cruiser. Went well, but mostly because the players were down with it and made an effort. I've heard some horror stories from others where the players spent more time trying to murder each other than the Rebellion...
  8. Clone Wars era (and older) tech

    If you dig through what's been published you'll find quite a bit. Battledroids, V-19 Torrents, Destroyer droids, AT-TEs, LAATs... In other cases you don't need to rewrite the book. A blaster rifle is a blaster rifle, laminate Armor is laminate Armor... In the end there's probably not a heck of a lot that needs to be done...
  9. Don't recall about books, but I am pretty sure that was an answer given on the O66 podcast
  10. TX 130 Fighter Tank

    The old Wizards of the Coast one from their skirmish game. If you want some you may want to look around. I've seen on Facebook some people are selling off their collections to fund starting Legion. Half tempted to do so myself. They aren't really high quality, and the plastic they are made of is really soft. So they stink if you want to plop them down next your buddy's 40k army. But they are nice for casual use as they can survive a lot of abuse, so if someone steps on it, at worst a little hot water and you can bend them back into shape.
  11. TX 130 Fighter Tank

    That's what she said! ....about the Heavy Tracker.... TX-130 is quite viable though...
  12. HD New Trooper from Solo

    These boots are made for....something? Also you like my coat? I got it from Vin Diesel, it's the one he wore in XXX.
  13. Will there ever be any books for...

    We've talked about this a bit before. The big thing that makes doing Darkside campaigns so hard is it requires the players actually be willing to play with each others. Ask around and you'll find that among those who have run "Evil" campaigns in various RPGs you'll see a lot of stories about Players F---ing each other over at the drop of a hat. The second Steve gets to close to the catwalk in the main base, another player tries to shove him over the side. That's the trouble. In various fiction, we've made villains so evil and unrelatable that most people think they are totally inhuman and more than happy to murder each other given the first opportunity. So that's how most players try and run them. If a Darkside Sourcebook were to be made, it would probably have to spend a lot of time talking about how to get teh players to play the part of the villain in such a way that relatabale. You have to make them see why individuals like Thrawn, Pryce, Krennic, Tarkin, the Inquisitors, and Darth Vader do what they do, and work together to do it. This poses 2 core issues. 1) A lot of people just plain can't. Seeing how someone willing to kill thousands of innocent people in one day, and then sit down for dinner with their family afterward thinks is difficult and not something people are willing to do. It's dangerous territory. It requires you play a character that is the kind of people we're taught not to be like. 2) It can lead to nasty misunderstandings. It's all fun and games when you talk about at home, it's another when you do it at a restaurant, or at work, or a classroom. RPGs already went through this in the 80's we don't need to do it again.
  14. Color Match Assistance - Rebel Troopers

    Handy Chart! The image on GWs site makes it look brighter, but GW photogs have a history of botching color correction. That should do it. Basecoat in Khorne and use something a shade lighter like Wazdakka for highlighting... that should do...
  15. Color Match Assistance - Rebel Troopers

    If talking Citadel then yeah, you probably want something like the old Scab Red, which they of course don't sell anymore... Without going to the store... maybe Mephiston or Wazdakka red? It seems you may have to look at other lines or or considering mixing your own.