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  1. Ghostofman

    Improving a ship's handling

    EotE core, pg 254, right at the bottom. No price/rarity listed, but it's an option that could be easily house ruled in. Looks kinda cool too...
  2. Ghostofman

    Chirrut Imwe Rogue One

    While researching this topic, I found a series of posts by Pablo Hidalgo explaining their perspective on Chirrut's force usage. Short version: Chirrut is just so super awesome that even though he's not trained in the force, or even "force sensitive" in the traditional sense, he can still do force-like things. He then compared it to the RPG Force Point/Destiny Point usage, and to people like Bruce Lee. Which get's back to my perspective. The real answer to "Is he force sensitive?" should have been: "That's a good question..." But we live in a time when the fandom wants answers to questions that don't need answering, and the IP holders think they need to give a response. Questions that don't matter are accused of being "plot holes," and there's demand for backstory movies that sound cool off the cuff, but have trouble actually working out because it's not an actual movie we want. We really just want a series of 5-10 minute videos of cool scenes and ideas covering years and years of a character's life development, and not one specific story in which they are all encapsulated.
  3. Ghostofman

    Where are they now???

    Yeah, they could have done it, but Gary would have had to shown up and been dealt with by Ezra and Kanan before Ahsoka arrived, which wouldn't have worked with the chosen pacing of things unless Gary also replaced the Grand Inquisitor... which again, it would have taken a lot more work for Gary to be as strong in that role.
  4. Ghostofman

    Where are they now???

    Agreed. While I respect what they did with Hondo in Rebels, I never liked it. All the side-comments and offhand remarks in TCW, in addition to his charisma and leadership, suggested even washed-up he'd still be more than some hustler. (The "I take it he's not mine" is still the Hondo line that makes be laugh as hard as I cringe). I absolutely think this option is underplayed. While I get it to a certain extent (Ahsoka having to take on another Padawan she had known AND face Vader would have been a little redundant) I do feel that it was a missed opportunity.
  5. I concur with the good captain. Currently the easiest way to make a "Jedi" is to start with a lightsaber tree, and add some force powers. That's about it. Making a Warrior:Vapaad is the way to cut right to your concept from the start. The way this system works, you'll probably want to play at "Knight Level" which is outlined in the FaD core book; it's an advanced play option that allows you to start with the resources to play as someone with force powers and a lightsaber to start (if it's enough resources to start as a "Jedi" is a matter of personal interpretation of the rules and what a "Jedi" even is). If you are new to the system, I would suggest you try playing a less high-concept character and run through a few adventures as a kind of "shake down" before throwing yourself at a Knight Level Campaign. Force users in this system are kinda tricky, requiring careful XP expenditure and advancement to come out with the kind of ability sets expected of them. This is partly why you'll see a lot of people insisting that with current options you "can't be a Jedi," because, depending on how you look at it, you'll need a LOT of resources to cover the kind of expectations some people have.
  6. Ghostofman

    Crew and the lack of thereof

    Options: The Alliance transferred the crew. The Alliance sends a skeleton crew, players responsible for filling out full crew. The Alliance sends a skeleton crew, takes ship to another fleet. The Alliance sends a shipbreaking team, strips ship of valuable parts. The Alliance sends a technical detail, they strip the ship of perishables and mothball it in some hidden location. The Alliance sends a technical detail, orders the players to set up a hidden boneyard for the team to mothball and stash ships the players and others are capturing.
  7. Ghostofman

    PC intelligence dossier

    Just off the top of my head.... Image Name Aliases Species Gender Age Height Weight Skin color Eye color Hair color Homewold Distinguishing mark, scars, and tattoos Outstanding Active Bounties Special Instructions Background Known languages Known associates/relations/family Known political activity Affiliated organizations Known/registered Vehicles Special Skills and abilities Recent activities Known Medical Conditions, Addictions, and Allergies Retinal scan DNA scan Criminal convictions Alledged crimes and suspected activities Common activities and modis operandi Hobbies Last known location Analyst, supervisor, and officer addendums To help compress it, avoid insanity, and unnecessary real world conflict, you can summarize things. -Alphanumeric codes can cover everything from DNA to skin color. -"See file______ for more information" can be used to keep summary information short. -"Level 3 clearance required, see your security office for access" can also avoid unnecessary information, or to hint the Empire may know more.
  8. I'd probably go with something like 1 or 2. Take the base weapon, add a bonus or additional quality, count the whole wad as a single unified weapon system.
  9. Ghostofman

    Chirrut Imwe Rogue One

    I prefer this version. FORCE!
  10. Ghostofman

    Chirrut Imwe Rogue One

    Martial Artist or Marauder would be my most obvious starting point. Though something like Infiltrator or Steel hand Adept might work if that's how you feel about things. RE: His Forceness: If you really read up the compiled LFL response given is super wishy-washy, in that they essentially say he's really amazing to the point he's "attuned" to the force, though he never picks of a lightsaber or makes anything float. Essentiatlly it goes with George's thing of "yeah, anyone can use the force if they try hard enough." How that translates in game-terms is going to depend on your certain point of view. I suspect it's really just the same issue as not calling Rogue One a Prequel, even though it totally is. While we totally get the concept t of a "force sensitive" character that has few/no force "powers" and is not a Jedi, the unwashed masses probably would have had trouble getting that. Think of how many newbies we get here that refer to all force-users as "Jedi." Same thing. If LFL said he was a "force-sensitive" the same half-muled news outlets that basically called everything in "Solo" an "Easter Egg," even if it wasn't even close, would have been calling Churrit a "Jedi" and misleading the audience. Then people would have thrown a hissy fit that Churrit didn't bust out a saber and fix everything. Same thing with "Stand Alone." We would have understood that it's only a Prequel in that it occurs before the OT. Your neighbor from across the hall would have assumed it was a movie about Jar-jar.
  11. Ghostofman

    Open Attempts vs. Exclusion by Talent

    You may also want to check out Forged in Battle. There's an option there where when you take a Crit you can opt to also get a "Battle Scar" and buy an appropriate talent that matches, even if it's not on your tree. XP cost is based on severity of the injury, and it suggests which injuries might match which talents. So while not quite the same thing, I do think it's kinda cool how todays' "Bleeding out" might translate into tomorrow's "Dodge"
  12. Ghostofman

    Mechanics checks for Mods

    Yeah, but it's rarely perma-lost. On the other hand Han loses his DL-44 in ESB forever, and Luke Loses Anakin's Saber "forever" since we don't see it again until Luke has graduated to NPC status. Which is really what I was getting at... Modding out your gear is great, but I wouldn't blow too much money on it, as gear does get lost reasonably often in the source material, so it's OK to lose it here too.
  13. Ghostofman

    Open Attempts vs. Exclusion by Talent

    For me, typically if you want to do something that calls for a talent, you need the talent. However... Case-by-case I might allow a D-point flip to allow it. This is usually for pretty minor talents that just happen, nothing that requires special circumstances or resources. Occasionally I'd be OK with something that may also require a Despair or something provided you also have that, but don't expect that to happen more than once or twice in a campaign. Narratively there's no restriction on what you can do, it's jus the details of what and how that may be colored by a talent, or lack thereof. So like if you don't have Improved Reflect, but I decide that a Rival/Minion's attack that generated threat will inflict a few points of Strain (which are converted to wounds in this case), I have typically no problems with you saying you reflected some of their shots back at them. Your doing so was more luck than skill, and the mechanical effects don't change, but yay for cool. Someone who has Improved Reflect on the other hand can do that move more effectively and it "works every time."
  14. Ghostofman

    Hilt-masking kit ideas

    ....oh that could end badly....
  15. Ghostofman

    Mechanics checks for Mods

    I'd assume Negotiation as per the usual shopping rules, Your'e shopping for a service instead of an item, but it's still shopping. Success means you found someone to do it, Advantage/Triumph to talk down price or add other details. Though by extension, if you're modding a really shady/illegal weapon, like with black market shopping, Streetwise would be a good option. I suspect showing up at Wumba's Sporting Goods and asking for tweaks to your Disruptor Rifle or Missile Launcher might not go over so well...