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  1. Unless you want to do a lot of stuff long term, I'd suggest simplifying. Quit counting barrels and just apply the numbers that work. Just make it forward linked 1 lasers and forward linked 1 blasters, and a linked 1 blaster in back. If you need a technical explanation, just say the weapons are arrays, and each pair of weapons is configured to work together for a final result and they can't fire independent, and count as a single gun for HP reasons. The lambda is problematic with all those barrels in front, but not being listed as any real reason for having them...
  2. You don't, each gun pair fires separately. Yes, it is very strange. No, I don't know why it's configured like that. Probably because of an issue with giving it linked 3.
  3. Ghostofman

    Leadership skill

    Oh yeah, squad rules are super handy. While they don't make you super-powered, they do allow for larger battle participation, as the squad can take far worse hits than a loan PC. Also with a high leadership skill you can do some really fancy moves. GM: You come to a sealed door. Normal PC: Oh... ummm my Cunning is terrible and I have no ranks in Skullduggery. I may need to find another way in. Leader with a Squad: "Hudson, run a bypass!" I use the Mission Specialist formation to allow a Skullduggery Check using my Leadership.
  4. Ghostofman

    Using old high XP characters in a new campaign

    Why not both? Have the players make fresh characters. Run the campaign. An adventure or two in the players meet their former characters as NPCs, and are tasked with trying to "get the band back together." A very "Help me Obi-wan, your my only hope" kinda thing. Each character has his motivations for not doing it, and don't totally come around except one, the last one on the list and the "leader" of the old group. Next Adventure is a hardcore Empire Strikes Back. Leave the players battered, broken, and in the worst location possible. Next session the players arrive and you tell them to break out the old guys. Open with leader having convinced the others to go out for one last ride to save the new player characters from a fate worse then death. The old guys go out, kick donkey, take names, save the whipper-snappers, and heroically sacrifice themselves for the good of all while passing the torch to the new player characters. eh?
  5. Ghostofman

    Leadership skill

    Getting people to join your cause CAN be leadership, but you're right in that generally speaking, it'll be things like Charm and Negotiate, or even Deception and Coercion depending on your approach. So for a "Charismatic ex-officer" that leads from the front and convinces other to join the cause you're probably going to want to multi-spec into something like Politico. Offhand, considering the Signature abilities down the road, you may want to Start with Colonist:Politico and then add Merc Solider. Progression-wise you'd lean on the left side of the Politico tree, focusing on things like Kill with Kindness, Inspiring Rhetoric, and so on. When you snag Steely Nerves and Dedication you'll be able to then crack open a Sig ability, which you'd probably want something like "Unmatched Expertise" which would allow you to occasionally dramatically reduce the difficulty of checks with Career Skills. When paired with the additional leadership and combat skills and talents of the Merc Soldier you should have that "Respected Colonel that can get things done in the field or in the garrison" vibe you seem to be targeting. Also track down the AoR GM Kit, in the back of the booklet is rules for Squad Command. A Politico/MercSoldier would excel in the role of a squad commander able to really leverage the benefits of the squad to do some really cool stuff.
  6. Ghostofman

    Lightsaber Crafting 'Failure'

    There's also yet another variation in the GM kit. Personally my interpretation is the CRB method is to explain why someone could "buy" a lightsaber on the open market while simultaneously ensuring that even a technically inept Jedi could still get access to their own lightsaber once they got their hands on the crystal.
  7. Ghostofman


    That or they either go by a different common name, or are a background in one of the new films...
  8. Ghostofman

    Landspeeder terrain troubles

    May take: Terrain is terrain, you don't get a free pass just because you float, if it's not a parking lot, you still gotta make a check because there's always that one feature you might misjudge. The thing about speeders though is that some terrains can be entered and other can't (or are so hard to enter it can't really be done in combat). 1)A speeder's max altitude is the determining factor. This allows certain speeders to be more useful in certain locations than others. The Aratech 74-Z, as a military speederbike has a nice high altitude of 25 meters (just don't fall off!) because it's an "all terrain" speeder, able to easily fly over rough terrain large rocks, bushes, ect. A Trast A-A5 with it's 3 Meter altitude is a good middle-ground speeder, able to go "most" places, but still limited to places with obstacles under about 1 story tall. (and still otherwise limited by it's hugeness as well of course.) Typically the A-A5 will only go that high to do things like shuffle around in a tight parking area, or the like. An X-34 with it's pathetic 1 meter altitude is really more of a "city" speeder, though in a "flat" location like Lothal or Tatooine it'll still work ok, as long as you stay out of places with lots of brush, boulders, or other small vertical features exceeding 1 meter in height. 2) Speeders can still "bottom out." The altitude is just a rough number compared to the ground on average. So wildly variable terrain will cause you problems. So like a field of small 2 meter deep craters will count the ground as being 1-2 meters lower than it may appear. Likewise boulders, bushes, trees, and buildings typically don't count as "ground" and are largely ignored. Likewise Ditches, trenches and so on can be "jumped" but not parked over, and larger features like arroyos will require you to go down into them, possible causing further issues if it's an especially steep incline. This is why "all terrain" speeders have such high altitudes, not to cruise at said altitudes as much as to allow sudden changes in the terrain below to be handled more smoothly. I pretty much agree with you about steep inclines. A speeder with a high altitude can work it, but a lower altitude one will "bottom out" before it makes the climb. 3) Water is not quite "the ground." Landspeeders (and bikes) have trouble over water. You can "skip" a landspeeder across a lake or river effectively enough (so like a chase that goes off the bridge can keep going, at least for a few rounds) but trying to maintain altitude for any length of time is futile (so no taking your landspeeder out to sea). Exception is speeders specifically built for traversing water, adapted to do so, and airspeeders/swoops whose repulsors are so powerful it's no nevermind. Extremely muddy terrain may count as water or otherwise affect max altitude, at GMs discretion. (rule of thumb: if you can [more or less] walk on it, it's ground. If you sink waist deep or deeper and have to trudge through, it's probably water) It takes a reasonable amount of water to cause this effect, no crashing cause you drove over a puddle. 4) Why Walkers? Heavy: Typically you'll see walkers have a specific purpose that makes a repulsor problematic. Walkers are usually heavier, or mount heavier equipment or weapons. To carry that weight legs and an engine are more efficient. Precise and steadfast: Walkers don't float or drift any, so getting into tight quarters and operating a drill makes more sense. Armored: Walkers tend to be a lot more likely to have an Armor rating of 3 or better. Not only is this part of the weight point, but having legs means you can armor them, making even the "weak" joints pretty resilient. No intakes: Speeders tend to be powered by jet turbines of one type or another. While mounting these on the top of the speeder helps prevent you from accidently taking rocks and debris inside, it's not a sure thing. Walkers don't have this issue, and so can navigate dense brush and rocky terrain without worry that a stray branch or pebble will blow an engine. Bushes and wires are for chumps: A Speeder gets into a bushy area. It has to slow down as it plows through them. A walker, being bigger and heavier is more likely to just be able to just brute force it's way through. Likewise heavy wires (be it features like a power line, or an obstacle intentionally placed on a battle field) can be pretty devastating to fast moving speeder. While walkers aren't immune to tripping, foot mounted wire cutters help a lot.
  9. Ghostofman

    Starting a new smuggler campaing

    OK, it's later... Ok, so lets set the stage a bit. It's the best of times, and the worst of times War is the best and worst time to be a smuggler. In war, each side is doing everything (within reason, practicality, and policy) to make the other side want to stop fighting more than (whatever policy issue started the war in the first place). Having the biggest army is great, but having that Army means keeping it fed, equipped, and where the fighting is. As a result EVERYTHING is now in short supply. - All but the most basic of foods and goods are being diverted to the war effort. - Factories that normally pump out various consumer goods now pump out war materiel. Yeah that may be a Blastech E-2 Blaster rifle, but check the underside, it's been manufactured by the Taris Parking Meter Company under license. Want a new Datapad? Sorry, that factory now cranks out tactical displays for AR-90 Starfighters. - Luxury Goods are even more scare and valuable. Why turn all that Corellian grain production into whiskey when there's Soldiers and civilians that need food and a government willing to pay hard to make whiskey prices for easy to make loaves of bread? I was running guns before it was cool So for a Smuggler, war is their chance to go semi-legit. If you're moving desperately needed canned bantha meat to the front, you're not going to get much guff if there's also a crate or two of contraband mixed in to "help cover expenses." Likewise maybe your black market contacts are now providing a legit service. No need to run blasters to those Zaneetan Marauders who were just as likely to kill you as pay you. Now the Farp Colony Militia is suddenly a thing and in need of weapons, and they are totally on the up-and-up! The launched torpedoes?!? I miss the days when you'd just get tractored aboard and arrested... Of course the downside is, you're a valid military target. One of the easiest ways to put pressure on the other guy in a war is to go after his shipping. Not just his military hardware (which is technically almost anything) but even civilian merchant ships. It's all fun and games till the next iPhone release gets cancelled because the ship moving them across the pacific was sunk my an enemy torpedo. Oh.. now it just got real. So this means that most freighters are going to be moving under military escort in a convoy. They'll be bigger targets, but at least they've got protection. I've got what you need... Of course a smuggler may not want that. Running a solo run all by your lonesome means no protection, but also that you're a smaller target. No enemy spies making note of when you and your convoy are leaving or where you're headed, but also no cover if you happen to stumble across a wolfpack of mandalorian gunboats. And you'd better hope the Republic Picket ships on the other end believe that you are indeed a cargo vessel and not a mandalorian assault penetrator. It also means the ability to move what you want and deliver items that are essentially "out of season." Hey, look at what I got... a small freighter FULL of stuff like iPhones, Whiskey, Sugar, and other things you want and need AND I'm arriving without a convoy of other ships... you don't want to pay triple for these things? Ok.... wait till the next convoy arrives... after Christmas...maybe... Refresh my memory what does little Timmy want from Santa again? An Action Hank figure.... like I happen to have? But it's ok, I'm sure Timmy will understand that Santa got shot down over the Canary Islands this year... Spy games Furthermore Cargo isn't the only valuable thing. If any of the PCs have a military background or are otherwise in good standing or proven capability maybe they get approached from an intelligence service to run an op. Maybe as simple as counting the number of ships the mando's have in orbit around Tesinki's Moon.... Maybe they just need to *ahem* pick up a passenger on Venihim and bring him back to Coruscant... Or maybe something far more dangerous. "Crime Syndicate"!?! I'm sorry, I think you mean "Legitimate business ensuring the safety and security of the Republic." While the usual runs and rackets may stick around, they may also get less pressure from authorities in exchange for certain services. A classic story from WWII is how the US government released Mobsters from prison and allowed them to essentially take control of the docks. Why? because no self respecting red-blooded American wise-guy would let some Nazi saboteur or spy get in on his racket. So in Star Wars you may see a similar situation. Black Sun controlling a major spice trade? Hey, if they are meeting the quota needed by the Medical Corps who cares if a few metric tons go missing here and there? More later...
  10. Ghostofman

    Starting a new smuggler campaing

    Easy solution is to focus on predicted net profit. Essentially assume the players have two accounts. One that covers food, docking fees, fuel, ect. And then a second account that is thier personal spending money. When you offer a job say something like "he gives you a number. After typical expenses you should have 1,000 credits each left over." You can then modify this as story elements require. "Hey guys, bad news. When I ran the numbers to get here I didn't know the mandos would blow the tanker that keeps this place fueled and drive prices into orbit. So we need another 10,000 unless you want to sell the ship and buy a farm here... I dunno about you but I don't know anything about growing Varplian Soybeans...." Likewise maintenance is the same thing. Basic oil changes and such should be covered and just assumed to happen as needed... Until there's a story need for the poodleplap regulator to blow. Heck, that's the sort of thing Darksiders d-points are made for. In the middle of a galactic war, where opposing side are torpedoing freighters left and right trying to deny each other resources needed to win the war? What resources won't be valuable? Fuel, food, whiskey, grain, medical supplies, butter, sugar, coffee, fresh meats, droid parts, durasteel, chocolate, copper, power cells. The list is nearly infinite. I run 3 kinds of shops: 1) Story shop. This is Watto's. It's got anything it would reasonably have, but only 1 thing that matters: the quest item. 2) Environmental shop. This is the stall at the mining camp. It has a menu limited to what it would be likely to have. Food, stimpacks, tools, coveralls. But not much else. It's not there to provide a shopping experience, it's there to add color to the location and maybe give the opportunity to the players to pickup a mundane item they might need in the near future. 3) Everything else. In town and want a new blaster? Roll Negotiation vs. Rarity of the blaster you want + modifiers. This counts as you checking all the local shops in the area and finding the best deal. One and done, no rerolls. Success means you found it, advantage means you talked the price down a bit. Don't expect a description of the shop or shopkeeper, it doesn't matter. More later.
  11. How I'd do it: In the material we see ships in hyperspace together. Presumably they linked hyperdrives and jumped together. This was intentional, so you need a way to do it without the target knowing. So... You'll need to get aboard while it's on the ground. Install this subnet relay transponder anywhere into the navcomputer, or the hyperdrive itself if they use an astromech or manually plot their course. When the target ship jumps, it'll start feeding you the hyper navigation data, allowing you to catch up and sync with the target. You then execute a kind of Chase, but using Astrogation instead of piloting. When you get close enough board the target while in hyperspace,and catch them unawares! Suggest you capture engine room or the cockpit asap (depending on the ship size and if they even have an engine room) to prevent them from escaping by dropping out of hyperspace.
  12. I'd make them simplier and cheaper. Magboots are probably common gear for spacers with literally millions of various makes and models on the market. So... Probably something as simple as: Cost: 50 Rarity: 2 Enc 1 Effect: May walk normally along metal surfaces in zero G. Remove 1 setback caused by unstable conditions when standing/walking on a metal surface. Cheap, simple, useful, easy to remember and apply, but no bonuses applicable outside of the intended use. It'll help you not fall off a moving train or starship, but it won't allow you to walk up walls or something.
  13. Ghostofman

    Pay grade for a senator?

    Paid by the planet/system/sector they represent. Likely pretty good, I'd toss around 150,00-250,000 per year as a conservative estimate. Bear in mind that is just personal pay. Government provided resources will include everything from a penthouse on Coruscant, to a Corvette sized transport, to a full staff and expense acc If you're looking for in-game money a good suggestion is just to take entrepreneur and load up on those Sound Investment talents. Free 500 credits per session just for being you.
  14. Just for supporting facts: The Father Databank entry These three are force using beings that have taken on the embodiment of their respective aspect, and others can, and presumably will, eventually replace them. That said, it dies reek of back pedaling on George's part. "Oh... Explaining my quasi-mystical power as a bunch of little animals in your blood didn't go over well... Ummm magic family! Yes that'll fix it!"