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  1. Interesting ideas. I've also been pondering ways to use both boards, as I prefer to use all expansions at once. My thought is to tie it to the Harbringer, which makes thematic sense as well. Basically, after a set number of omens (which could be all seven as an alternative to everybody losing as in the Harbringer rules), the main board is replaced with the Cataclysm board. All cards on the board (including those in other regions) are discarded, and characters that were on the main board at the time are placed in the corresponding space on the Cataclysm board. Play then continues as normal. Of course, this can make for some pretty long games, and you may never get to use the Cataclysm board. You could also have additional effects of switching boards, such as making characters discard all followers and all objects (perhaps all but 4 objects), and discontinuing the Harbringer mechanics (particularly if the triggering event was the final Omen). Interested in your thoughts!
  2. I've never printed expansion materials before, any way you could give some step-by-step instructions? I have all the .png files and am happy to print via Drive Thru Cards (or my local Fedex/Kinko's if that's possible) but I'm not sure what you mean by formatting them as per their specs? Like the prior poster I'd like it to end up as close to the Nether Realms/Deep Realms quality as possible, and I'll be printing all 3 at once: Lost Realms, Realms Untravelled, and Realms Collection.
  3. Thanks, I figured it would be in that range. And I completely agree with you on the heirloom status, having played since 2ed (still have my complete 2ed set, though I never got minis for it). I'm contacting Blue Table. And that's a great idea on the color-coded bases!
  4. Just curious, how much did it cost? Did you send them all the figures from all of the expansions? Did you also have to send them the character cards for reference purposes? I'd be worried they would be lost in transit or something. I'd love to have all my figures painted (base game + all expansions), and this seems like a viable option.
  5. I managed to nab it during that window. It arrived today though I won't be able to play for a week or so.
  6. 1. Woodland 2. Firelands 3. Harbringer 4. Reaper 5. Dungeon 6. Sacred Pool 7. Frost March 8. Deep Realm 9. City (too many balance issues) 10. Highland (kind of an unoriginal dungeon clone, just easier) 11. Blood Moon 12. Dragon (if using house rules, bump it up a couple spots) 13. Nether Realm (I actually love this one but because I play random alternate endings it rarely sees any use)
  7. More than that, especially with one or more first-time players and using all of the expansions.
  8. The Firelands is my favorite small-box expansion, and like others I've been disappointed when it doesn't appear at all in our games due to deck dilution (we play with all expansions). I've seen some people mentioning using 2 copies of Firelands to mitigate the dilution. Are there any gameplay or balance issues with this approach? Any cards I should remove from the second set?
  9. Perhaps, but I'm not sure the Harbringer card is a card in that sense because you don't draw it; it's always in play just like the rulebook. The larger cards seem more akin to rulebook text than card text, which I interpret as adventure cards (or others of the same dimensions). The Character cards are "cards", even though you never draw them during the game (except when Transformed). It's quite safe to assume that the Harbinger NPC can be classified just like a Character. The rules chapter "Special Abilities vs. Rules" says that whenever a game component says something different from the Rulebook, the special ability or effect takes priority over standard rules. This is obviously needed to allow "game-breaking" effects to be added, especially on Character cards which have such effects since the base game. For example, Warrior can use 2 Weapons at the same time in battle. Any text written on game components other than the Rulebook takes precedence over the rules. I think sanityismyvanity is right in his deduction. Dragon King scales must be encountered according to the Dragon Rulebook, while Harbinger must be encountered because of the instructions given on his card (AND in the Harbinger Rulesheet). Harbinger has precedence over Dragon King scales. We still need a FAQ for the very rare case of a Lycanthrope Character landing at Night on a space where both the Harbinger and another character are present. The conflicting "musts" are both coming from card effects in this case, and "Simultaneous Effects" additional rule cannot be used here (not simultaneous, but alternative effects). This seems like a reasonable interpretation. I'm going to go with the rule that Harbringer takes precedence.
  10. Perhaps, but I'm not sure the Harbringer card is a card in that sense because you don't draw it; it's always in play just like the rulebook. The larger cards seem more akin to rulebook text than card text, which I interpret as adventure cards (or others of the same dimensions).
  11. I think everyone agrees that Harbringer takes precedence over scales for non-King Dragons because in that case the scale encounter is not a "must." The tough question is when it is the Dragon King scale.
  12. All good points. Perhaps I will just increase the price of the Battle Axe to 6G. Also, regarding the cost of repairing the Flail, keep in mind that unlike the Bow, with my suggested nerf you can't just pay the cost whenever you want. You have to actually travel to either the Village or the Armory, presumably burning turn(s) in the process. Let me know if you still think it should be 10G though (are you using some sort of calculation for these prices?)
  13. That's also a good fix. Weaker than my version, and even weaker for characters that already have that ability. The only problem is that arguably the blood flail (even with its autolose if you roll doubles) may actually be better than that, and it's supposed to be a relatively negative item given that its cursed.
  14. I thought about that, but that replicates the Blood Flail from the Harbringer so I wanted to do something a bit different. I think this is better than the Blood Flail, but still nerfed enough to solve the problem with the Flail being overpowered.
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