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  1. I would lean to toward saying Crane. But lets take a look at the cards head to head that have duel effects printed or the duelist keyword. Strongholds: Kyuden Kakita vs Mountains Anvil Castle I think this is a wash. Kyuden Kakita profits from any duel win or lose and potentially helps you win future duels wheras MAC gives a more immediate and wide reaching benefit in addition to helping win duels with the stat boost Dynasty characters: Crane: Courtly Challenger Kakita Favorite Kakita Kaezin Kakita Toshimoko Kakita Yuri Tengu Sensei Doji Challenger Dragon: Kitsuki Shomon Mirumoto Hitomi Mirumoto Raitsugu Prudent Challenger Mirumoto Prodigy So this is an interesting comparison. Crane have more duelists (7 to 5) and more printed duels (4 to 3), whereas Dragon really has two of the 3 most potent duels, imho, in the game, with Toshimoko being the most potent for Crane. Crane also has some versatility to their printed duels in terms of effects and duel types (Pol and Mil). I'm going to give the slight edge to Crane here. Holdings Crane: Kakita Dojo Distinguished Dojo Dragon: Mirumoto Dojo Crane does have two dueling focused holdings, but Distinguished Dojo doesn't see play. This comes down to the Mirumoto vs Kakita Dojos. Both have printed military duels and both are enhanced by duelists. Turning off an ability with the possibility of also bowing if the winner is a duelist is very powerful where as moving a fate from a character to the pool or discarding the fate if the winner is duelist can also be powerful. I give the edge here to Crane as Kakita Dojo has more utility than Mirumoto Dojo. Attachments Crane: Kakita Blade Duelist Training Seal of the Crane Iaijutsu Master Dragon: Mirumoto Daisho Justicar's Approach Again, Crane have more cards focused on duels and have fun things not directly related to dueling (Formal Invitation) that can empower their duelists, I think I give this category to Dragon. Mirumoto Daisho and Justicar's approach and Dragon's general attachment support give them the edge here. Events: Crane Civil Discourse Courteous Scheming Duel to the Death Game of Sadane Insult to Injury Kakita's Final Stance Storied Defeat Dragon Magnificent Triumph Rising Stars Kata I think this is in Crane's Favor pretty solidly due to number of duels and better duel support, though Way of the Dragon deserve mention despite not strictly being duel related... Conflict Characters Crane Arbiter of Authority Dragon Niten Pupil Crane win this category too. Niten Pupil isn't currently legal for Dragon as they don't have a Water Role.... So just going by dueling related cards, I think Crane comes out ahead. Where it becomes tough is Dragon can splash Crane and vice versa. Properly tooled up, Raitsugu is a menace as he can straight up kill guys and might be doing it multiple times per turn thanks to Way of the Dragon. If we are solely looking at the cards, Crane has more dueling cards and more flexible options whereas Dragon has a few, powerful dueling cards.
  2. Sure you aren't gonna play it if the result is in question. But the fact the result can be in question means that it can't just kill anything, which was the point I was making. It has issues taking on hard targets, which goes to my point. I know you did not mention Crane, however DttD IS a Crane card, so you'll see it in Crane more often than in other decks. Stating Crane can't run Defend Your Honor is a valid observation.
  3. To be fair, with the roles available, Crane can't run Defend Your Honor since it's Keeper only. Also, take things like Challenge on the Plains exist where losing can be as good a winning. Also, it's misleading to say a kill duel can get anything. Have fun trying to Duel to the Death an honored Mitsu that has a myraid of attachments....
  4. Wow... like 2 years late to the party on that response....
  5. That's fair. My opinion is that Magnificent Triumph is a win more card. It's often better to just something that actually helps you win.
  6. I'm not sure Magnificent Triumph is more useful than Let Go....
  7. To be fair, multiplayer is a casual format, so I'm fairly certain it was not considered at all when it came to the Restricted List.
  8. Let's not also forget you can't trigger the reaction after using Charge on it either since it triggers on being played, not put into play.
  9. Anyone else disturbed Toshimoko doesn't have the Kenshinzen trait?
  10. 5 RZ-2 A-wings and a Resistance Conversion Kit
  11. I think it's too early to classify this as a misstep or not. If I have to make a point beyond that, I would say this will only affect the the tourney scene, which is not the be all, end all.
  12. I prefer A-Wing Swarms powered by flight controllers. Counter can do some work.
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