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  1. Silver Crane

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Anyone else disturbed Toshimoko doesn't have the Kenshinzen trait?
  2. Silver Crane

    Happy Friday - What is your 150.00 list?

    5 RZ-2 A-wings and a Resistance Conversion Kit
  3. I;m putting the idea of an Ide Duelist out there.
  4. Silver Crane

    L5R Deck Box

    Cards yes, but tokens, not a chance.
  5. Silver Crane

    Keeper/Seeker only. Mistep?

    I think it's too early to classify this as a misstep or not. If I have to make a point beyond that, I would say this will only affect the the tourney scene, which is not the be all, end all.
  6. Silver Crane

    Countering the Tie Swarm with a Rebel Swarm

    I prefer A-Wing Swarms powered by flight controllers. Counter can do some work.
  7. Silver Crane


    Pretty much this.
  8. Silver Crane

    Coming in Fresh - a Veteran

    You are spot on though.
  9. Silver Crane

    Coming in Fresh - a Veteran

    Force Techniques come in two flavors really. Some are baked in t the different force based classes, but for the most part those are minor, passive things. Full on powers like sense, push, heal/harm and enhance arre their own talent trees that you purchase separately and can improve upon
  10. Silver Crane

    The problem with e-wings

    Really? You've never been in a position where you'd rather snipe Jan than have to rush headlong into Biggs and his supporting escorts? You've also never wanted to snipe Soontir or Shara to avoid their counter attacks?
  11. Silver Crane

    Jamming Field ftw!!!

    Well , for what it's worth I did ask when I was at the Store Championship at the FFG Event Center today and asked about this it was confirmed that the Jamming Field being omitted was an error and not deliberate. Take that for what you will.
  12. Silver Crane

    Jamming Field ftw!!!

    I'll definitely be bringing this up Saturday at the FFG Event Center Store Championship.
  13. I doubt it will be that grandiose. Generally FFG reserves card creation for the world champ. My guess is that there be a very defined prize. As to what that will be, I don't know. I think it likely will be picking n Emerald Champion.
  14. Well considering that's not even remotely canon, it doesn't really matter. One player's stupidity does not prove that the tactic was honorable.
  15. I disagree. He agreed to fight his foe, not his foe and crew of lackeys.