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  1. Doing my Rebels in a forest/Endor style and thought I'd share for anyone interested. I'm particularly happy with my first airspeeder which I just finished. Please post thoughts and ideas!
  2. Got in two games with the Airspeeder today. I won both of them and had the Airspeeder still alive at the end of both (1hp and 4hp). It won me the last game by moving in, damaging and suppressing some Storm Troopers, and body blocking them from reaching an objective. Some people have talked about having turns where the Airspeeder doesn’t shoot because of its mobility and I just don’t get that. It can and should be lining up a shot every single turn because it can more or less go anywhere it wants. Sure, it’s difficult to stay and focus down a single unit for multiple turns, but just let it spread the pain across their army in conjunction with your other units. The only thing I don’t really want to attack is an AT-ST. The double activation (last on a turn then first on the next) is pretty key to taking out medium toughness units like AT-RTs. Just make sure you have other threats lined up in case you don’t get initiative, force them to make tough choices. Maybe those are obvious, but just my thoughts as someone who was drawn to the game by the Airspeeder and had some success with it. Also the 20pt back facing gun is way overcosted and a trap. I think even the harpoon is probably not worth the points. Now to try a double Airspeeder list next weekend...
  3. I think it's a very fun figure. Just played a list with the RGC for the first time last week and turn 2 he jumped in and 1 shot Leia and Diala, making up his points in a single activation. Pretty devastating to my opponent who then had to spend the rest of his attacks taking the RGC down while the rest of my troops cleaned up objective points. Of course we're both pretty new to the game, so you probably won't always get that juicy of an opening...
  4. I am looking for suggestions for a good scenario to introduce non-gamers/less-serious-gamers to Imperial Assault, especially as a just 1v1 setting. I've run the first intro scenario from the Core Set before and I was personally underwhelmed. I'm curious if people have any favorite scenarios from any of the campaigns that are very fun, can work as a standalone, and doesn't have too many crazy rules to keep track of. Maybe a side mission? Or if there's a particularly fun skirmish map/scenario that I could build balanced forces for as a demo? Though I worry a someone newer to games could get overwhelmed tracking a hand of command cards and all that's happening on the board... My hope is to have a fun one-shot scenario that doesn't overwhelm, but doesn't feel like a dinky tutorial. Any suggestions?
  5. I really don't understand this point of view. It's a two player game. In a two player game, factions take away options, they don't give more options. They impose limits, they don't remove them, by restricting your selection to a more limited pool of figures/armies/whatever. The ideal is one faction, where everyone can draft from a common pool. That enables much greater variability. Thematically I admit it's less interesting for this kind of game, so I'd concede the need for two factions. But why go beyond this? 4 factions with 4 sku's each enables fewer options than 2 factions with 8 skus each. For me, the key is that miniatures games are a much bigger time (and money) investment than other sorts of games. The point of multiple factions is mainly about identity. In something like a card game where it's just a few minutes (or even just a few hours) to throw a deck together, players often identify as what type of deck they like to play ("aggro" or "control"), but will use whatever faction(s) work best for that. With a miniatures game it takes days and weeks and months (and sometimes years) to purchase, construct, model, and paint a full army. At the end of that, you want your army to have a unique point of view, strategy, and aesthetic. To that end, multiple factions make this easier and you get fans who ardently support their chosen faction ("I'm an Eldar player" or "I'm a Haqqislam player") and the lore behind it. Furthermore, miniatures games are pretty heavily dependent on the aesthetics over the mechanics of the game. If you purely want a mechanically good game, why bother spending all the time and money on these awesome looking figures? But if there's only one (or two) factions in a game, then every army I play against looks the same as mine, even if it plays differently. That would bum me out and probably look less exciting to potential new players walking by. It's also often the case that a faction will get "solved" and there will be an agreed upon best build for that particular faction. When that is the case, having many factions increases the overall diversity of the opponents' armies on a given day. If I was going to a tournament and knew I'd be facing the exact same one or two armies (which are probably the same as what I'm playing), I'd find that very frustrating and boring. TL;DR While having many factions might limit an individual player's selection once they've bought into the game, it greatly increases the diversity of aesthetics and competition while promoting stronger faction identity, all aspects that are much more important in miniatures games due to the large monetary and time investment.
  6. Just read that it's confirmed for "sometime next year"... So my hype will have to learn a little patience...
  7. Thats really what I've been waiting for. If that's true, then I might have to buy all the Imperial Assault...
  8. I'm sort of with you on this. The combination of only announcing the single box and only two factions make it feel like a board game with all the fiddling and time-cost of a miniatures game. The only-two-factions thing is probably what bugs me the most. It works fine for something clearly board game-y like Battlelore or something with a small amount of figures like XWing, but it seems to me it would be very limiting for a bigger army game like this. And even with those examples, third factions have been added, so why not have them from the start? But there are some nice looking miniatures and the movement trays seem cool, so maybe I'll come around...
  9. Yesterday I went to an event that had 17 people in Chatsworth, CA (just north of Los Angeles). Really fun time! They announced they were only doing 2 rounds due to time constraints, but it ended up allowing me to make my friend's birthday celebration, so it was all good. I ended up getting 5th after betraying my Rebels and playing Imperials. Won the first game 10-0 against a newer player using Rebels. Second game I lost 3-7 against an almost exact mirror match list. The two key moments that lost me the game: Round 2 when my Vic tried to ram his Glad purely so it wouldn't move into close range of his other ships, but was a few millimeters short of the ram; I could've tried a desperate maneuver at the end of reducing my other Vic to speed 0 to avoid getting into close range and buy another turn to open fire (definitely not a sure thing, but would've been better). Anyway, it was a good time, everyone was very nice. I just wish I had time to play in other events this weekend!
  10. I 100% agree they need to keep in all the win conditions. I think they will, most of the other LCGs have multiple or asymmetrical win conditions. At most maybe they adjust the numbers for honor so that you dishonor at 0 rather than needing to go negative (so they can have a really slick honor counter). That could be a nice change and probably not too hard to implement. Thematically I like the intensity of making the final stand at your only remaining province, but mechanically there's probably a better way.
  11. I've been wondering this for a while, but now that Wave 1 has been out for a bit hopefully there have been enough tournaments to start getting a read on this from the community. With the tournament point system, it's not enough to just go undefeated on the day and pick up the trophy. It depends greatly on how much you win by. How many tournament points have people found the winners to end up with after the 3 rounds of swiss? Getting an idea of the average amount you need to expect to have can really help you decide if you you need to risk more in a game to try and go for the 10-0 sweep or if you can slide by with the 6-4 win. My guess is that people will generally get 22points, but that's pure speculation based on a schedule like 7-3, 7-3, 8-2 seeming reasonable. So what have people found and what do people think? How many points does it take to win a tournament?
  12. Both those squadrons seems very strong. Intel is a very cool keyword and might open up even more fight/bomber based builds!
  13. Same number of ships, but with first player flipped: Opponent moves big VSD. You move your flanking Corvette that's not in danger. Opponent moves other big ship. Now you get to have your other 2 ships fire uninterrupted on their VSDs that just moved into range. Second player with more ships is incredibly powerful as well.
  14. I generally like going 2nd, especially as Rebels vs. Imperials. They're forced to make a really tough choice on objectives that I've so far been able to punish them for. Out activating them is also really great, especially going 2nd. That means I'll at least get the last ship to shoot them after they've moved everything into range and often I will get 2 ship activations in a row if they're running few ships. And even in the setup I love forcing my opponent to deploy first, committing their forces to an area that I can then react to in my placements. All in all, at least for my Rebels thus far, going 2nd feels like a decent advantage.
  15. I've been generally aiming for 7-9 points. I usually win the bid so far.
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