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  1. I'm a fan of the show. Wonderful humor and some really clever arc-building. One of the best cartoons currently on, alongside Steven Universe. It'll be sad to see it end, but Weirdmageddon's been a fantastic ending. You mean Gravity Falls? Yeah. And it looks like we won't get to see the series finale till next year judging by the advert that was shown during Rebels last night.
  2. Great episode last night. I got goose bumps when Ahsoka lit up her sabers and then spun them to her reverse grip fighting style.
  3. Put her in the Rebel Aces 2 pack with Hera as a Prototype B-Wing ace.
  4. Remove the plank from your eye. Not until you have your cranial-rectal extraction performed. Oh, and don't bother quoting me. I have you on ignore and don't see the Male Bovine Excrement that you post here.
  5. BLK - is this secondary canon? (Just kidding, no need for a serious response) Don't encourage him to post more drek.
  6. There are exceptions to the rule however. There is a video where an insurgent in Iraq sniped an American soldier. The soldier went down but, thanks to his body armor, got right back up and took cover behind his vehicle. The sniper, wounded and captured, was lucky that the American he shot was unhurt. He was the unit medic and the one who treated his wounds in the field.
  7. My daughter Delenn and I really like Gravity Falls and are sorry to see it ending after only two seasons as well. But at least it gets the story the creator wanted to tell completed. Jim I like the reasoning behind the end of the show. It covered a single summer spent by twins with their Gruncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Summer's over and it's time to go back to their family in California.
  8. One show I will be sad to see go from the Disney XD lineup is Gravity Falls. The creator of the show said that it will be ending after season 2 after they take care of Wierdmageddon. I know most here will probably not like the show but that's cool by me. I enjoy it and that's what matters in the end.
  9. I just got rid of anything GW related in my possession and sent it all to the place any GW related material deserves to be, the local landfill. I look forward to the day when GW is just a memory.
  10. Not to jump on the bandwagon but, wow, talk about overstating your purpose. If you mean fanfiction, oy, but if you believe that you are helping in any way clarify or shape this imaginary world for professional SW writers to be... I really doubt that "possible future writers for SW" will take the advise of a nobody with horrible grammar and spelling.
  11. Oh look, BKL has posted again but, thanks to the wonderful ignore feature, I don't have to see the drivel he's posted. Isn't technology just grand.
  12. BKL hasn't figured out that nobody gives a flying frak about the drek he posts. And I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts on the ignore feature here.
  13. Especially since it's canon that the TAP can dock with the Gozanti as seen in the Season 1 finale of Rebels.
  14. Looks like the producers are using the WEG Star Wars RPG as source material for the show. In the Rebels Recon video for this episode, when they were talking about the Interdictor, the Imperial Sourcebook for that RPG was mentioned as where they got the info for the ship.
  15. Next time our Star Wars RPG group gets together I'm going to have to remember that "I pull, you shoot" trick.
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