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  1. <sigh> Joy of joys. Anybody know where the permission info is for us to print these cards? Wal-mart is having fits over printing these things, Considering that they have dust logos and such on them. And no, the fact it's "obvious" that it's for personal use does not matter. I need actual permission to print for personal use. Heck, even the unit sheets they provide on the support page doesn't say they can be printed. Kinda awkward.
  2. https://plus.google.com/u/0/103439257730706619609/posts/F73BbFmgGug And after a month of gathering materials and kits, we have a complete battlefield for Dust Warfare. Two building kits from Dust Tactics, some floral foam rocks, A ton of barbwire, stone walls, and sandbags. Not to mention the two mats allowing a 5+ x 4 foot playing area. Then add in a custom german panzer (with Lazors!), an american transport halftrack, two custom heros, a pilot hero for the halftrack, and a "heroic team" making a custom command squad, and you have something unique enough to call it my own. Oy, not sure why, but the house is a furnace today. The temp shot up outside for no reason whatsoever! Unseasonably warm for kentucky.
  3. Yup, I know. Lotus was thinking tactics, and I was playing warfare. Happens alot, I hear. @Lotus: Dust Warfare uses a mini from the unit to bethe unit leader. This leader is used as a rule to keep the unit from spreading out too far. Every other figure in the uni must stay within 6 inches of the unit leader. If the leader dies, they must nominate a new leader next time they activate. Generally, it keeps the players from spreading thier individual units to far apart and making hard to tell who is who.
  4. As someone who just spent a truckload of money on Battletech, I'm really sensitive about easy of entry for new players. I mean really. I love Battletech. Always have. Always will. Can't get a &*@^#^& player to save my life. Wife plays it with me about once a blue moon just to be nice. She never seemed to have much fun, though. Dust? Much easier to get into. She found it fun, if a bit high on the setup costs (in time, not money). After getting the battletech set, cost me about $60 for the boxed set, about average of $45 for each of the books I grabbed, and about $20 for two packs of minis for giant stompy robots. That comes out to about… $300 after all is said and done. The cost of entry? Just explaining the sheet for each robot is enough to make people cry and curl up in a fetal position. It's not pretty.
  5. Eh, I don't know about new rules, just that the placement rules for a unit dictate that ALL units have a leader, and all other units have to be within 6". On the other hand, I never saw any rules saying that aps and zombies are exempt from needing a unit leader. In fact, the book shows them with a unit leader icon showing who is the default unit leader, so I'd have to say it's the default ruling.
  6. Lotus said: Nice work. I don't believe Apes and Zombies have squad commanders, but each has a hero. I think they have to, due to the 6" rule?
  7. Yeah, the codex costs are what caused me to back away from GW when I was looking for a wargame. I don't mind them making money, but I want to play it at hame with my wife, so that means two armies, codexs, a rulebook, and easilly $500 plus inital cost… not counting terrain… Dust? Really, not that bad a cost.
  8. And here we have my new set of Zombie and Ape shock-troopers. Can you tell which is the squad commander? Apes are a brown base, washed in nuin oil and then drybrushed white or red on the shoulders. Face got some detail work with a cut-down brush. Arms are using a combo of red, yellow, and silver metal paint to make a nice old-copper tone. Zombies got silver on the hands, some detail work on the faces, and a frosting of white after an oil bath. Faces are green base, oil, and then yellow drybush.
  9. Have you seen the new Star Wars RPG and tacticle game? Looks like they're already experimenting with the idea of cross-genre gaming. I think we could easilly see an RPG based on dust in the next year, if interest picks up for the tactics/warfare game.
  10. I go from dust tactics, and extrapolate: If a figure is inside the building base it has soft cover. If the building is missing walls, then draw a line between the ends of the walls still standing, and consider that the building area. This counts even when two opposing units are in the same building, and represents interior walls and furnishing being used as cover. (Obscured) If a figure is partially inside the building, such as at the corner of the building looking around a wall, they get soft cover. (Obscured) If a figure INSIDE the building has a wall with an opening (window or door) between them and someone attacking them, then they get hard cover. (Obscured) If a figure has a solid wall between them and an attacker, then they are Blocked from LOS and have hard cover. (Blocked) In order to clear LOS on a unit outside the building, an attacking unit must be directly in front of a doorway, window, or open wall. If inside the building, but further than 2" from the opening, then anyone they have LOS on outside the building gets soft cover (all those pesky interior walls work both ways, ya'know?) You cannot see THROUGH a building. You cannot have LOS though a window of a building, and out the open back wall to see a unit 15 more inches away. (did I mention all those silly walls you tend to have inside buildings?) EXAMPLES: A squad on the inside doorway of a building would get hard cover, and has clear LOS on all targets outside that doorway. Normally, there is only enough room for a single squad around any single window or door. Two opposing squads in a building shooting at each other would both get soft cover. Two figures with a building between them, and neither inside the building. They do not have LOS on each other, and are blocked. A sniper in the middle of a building shoots through a window more than 2" away. Due to the sniper's special ability, the defending unit does not get cover. A normal unit in the middle of a building shoots through a window more than 2" away. The defender gets soft cover. Maybe it's too complex, but we like it. Does lead to snipers getting grenades lobbed in the window they're shooting out of, though…
  11. SeismicShock said: one option is to attach your hero command section to another section within the unit, turns that section into a command squad She was. Heavy Laser Grenaders. Helped against the inital barrage. And the second. By the time the air strike was called in, and the 3rd and 4th units from the allies homed in on her, there was a smoking crater, and the rest of her platoon asking what that loud noise was…
  12. I've been looking, but it would be nice if I could get a bit more meat on the setting than is in the few sourcebooks I've seen. Just curious if they have some story fluff hidden somewhere?
  13. Okay, after building some terrain, a 3x5 terrain mat, wall set from dust, extra dice, and a bunch of colored tokens for things like damage/reaction/supression/reload… We had gameboard. Then I semi-blindly upgraded both armies to about 220 points, and added some upgrades to round them out to 250. Final verdict, we now have the following two armies: Faction: Axis ( 250 / 250 ) --- "Ersten Beobachter" Blutkreuz Platoon (131) Upgrade: Implacable (15) Command Section: Sturmpioniere (25) 1st Section: Laser Grenadiers (21) 2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) 3rd Section: Axis Zombies (19) + Grenades (1) Support: LPW I-C "Hans" (25) Support: Beobachter Team (8) --- "Uhrwerk Zuschlags" Schwer Platoon (119) Upgrade: Implacable (15) Command Section: Lara (29, Hero) 1st Section: Heavy Laser Grenadiers (35) + High Visibility Lasers (2) 2nd Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26) Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12) Faction: Allies ( 250 / 250 ) --- Heroes Rhino (22) --- "White Tiger 309s" Assault Platoon (137) Upgrade: Aeronca GB-9 Strike (30) Command Section: "Hell Boys" Ranger Attack Squad (25) 1st Section: "The Hammers" Heavy Ranger Assault Squad (28) 2nd Section: "BBQ Squad" Assault Ranger Squad (21) Support: LAW M1-B "Blackhawk" (25) Support: "13 Foxtrot" Observer Team (8) --- "Black Cougar Company" Combat Platoon (91) Command Section: "The Boss" Ranger Command Squad (25) 1st Section: "The Gunners" Combat Ranger Squad (17) + M9-D Bazookas (1) 2nd Section: "Recon Boys" Recon Ranger Squad (16) 3rd Section: "Death Dealers" Ranger Weapon Squad (20) Support: "Crack Shots" Sniper Team (12) So, what did we learn quickly from the first engagment? We need another pack of walls… More blocking terrain is good. Artillery is nasty. And evil. And VERY effective. Zombies make good distractions. Allies will do anything not to have them get within claw's reach… Snipers first target tends to be the opposing sniper. After that, sombody gets to seriously annoy the other player with it the rest of the battle. Hero's as commanders may NOT be the best idea… They tend to need to turtle-down (since command squads get hammered early and often), and you lose a great spearhead unit. It's hard to keep track of all units special abilities. We forgot that the hammers don't attract reactions baseed on their movement. Buggers nearly died. Axis ability to regen units with zombies is a great WTF moment for new players. Wife's comment, "Okay, THAT is going to get annoying…" Reread all your unit abilities alot. I missed the Hans can sit behind a wall and drop bombs on you as long as the radio spotters don't die. Reaction mechanics give a reason not to push all your troops. If you have inititive, you may want to leave that squad behind cover watching the flank, to discourage the enemy from trying to move in on you. As to how it played? For a pair of new players (Becky and Myself), it took around 3 hours to play about 3 full turns of the game. There was a LOT of reading, REreading, catching errors we made, and trying to undo them before they got too far. By the 3rd round, we were taking nearly 1/10 the time to take our turns than in the beginning. Almost everything uses the same mechanic, and really, you can run ten units in the unit phase pretty fast, even with reactions. Someone mentioned that reactions slow things down. I disagree: Once they react, or are given an action in the command phase, they don't get to do much more. They're just taking the turn they would have later a little ahead of time (or late). Not a bad mechanic. Simple design with complex possible uses. Does need a lot of tokens, though.
  14. Dust Tactics: Warzone Tenement Okay, just got this, and I should point out the bad before getting to the good: First, this is a VERY nice terrain expansion for Dust, either warfare or tactics. The buildings look good from the outside, and there is a lot of walls and connectors to build several layouts. The inside is utterly undecorated, and often hollow. It does come with some cardstock floors, but those are for the 2nd and 3rd floors. The set does not have any base or sidewalks. They are not primered, unlike the figures that come in the basic starter box. You may need to glue them a bit on the parts that have both front and back pieces that are popped together. They sometimes pop right back apart. It should be noted that even through the tiles are "modular", they don't exactly connect universally. There are several lengths. and They don't all allow the set to square up. Overall, for $30.00 usd, this is an excellent buy. For that price, they're actually worth using to make ruined buildings by damaging some of the tiles. Keep in mind the inside walls will need some additional work. Final Verdict: Grab one. It's worth it for having one or two buildings on the battlefield. Get more if you like it!
  15. <shrugs> We have what they give us. And I'm not blowing days of my life doing mass vs volume calculations when none of it seems to align. That's a younger man's game. I come from a RPG background myself, so I did all that for decades. And for the record? The creators are the ones that are using alien tech as a macguffin/duesexmachina. It's pretty obvious that the light walkers have less armor and engine room than the average VW bug. It's either boosted with "magic", or we're changing a lot of stats. Either way, found some neat rules in the 3rd issue of dust chronicles. Not only an RPG ruleset, but a neat vehicle design set as well. Just finished rebuilding a panzer to include a VK engine attached with dual laser cannons on the turret. After a shot of primer, is looking pretty good. I'm figuring 3/3 with a speed of 6, and the damage for a single laser kannon with a machinegun backup. Maybe give it self repair as an experiment. I think it was about 23 point added up. I mean, really? Can you see the walker taking even a single hit? Hoses on the outside? Chicken legs? Magic! Shiny shiny magic! Aside from that, it does seem fun to kitbash old tanks into having lasers and wierd attachments. And I do like the walkers for how they look. Maybe I'll dig up some old robot toys I have, a tank model, and build something monsterous. And ugly.
  16. Normally, I would agree with you, but something to keep in mind: It's alien tech. And it seems the aliens had walkers… So, I'm thinking the premise is that they can't figure out how to do anything but mimic the alien walkers, and so they get to be VERY advanced with almost magical powrs, while other vehicles only get a minor upgrade using the same tech because they just don't know how to make it work better. Anyway, the walkers are majorly smaller than an equivilant tank. It means the tech MUST have something that makes sheetmetal act like armor plate. As to walkers being faster, by the time you throw the rest of that into your head, the walker running faster than a wwii tracked vehicle ain't a far enough toss to make me blink. <shrugs> Your mileage may vary.
  17. Well, just spent a few hours painting the troops. https://plus.google.com/photos/103439257730706619609/albums/5824523038991371905 Decided to go with easilly noted colors for weapons to keep track of who has what, and marked the shoulders of commanders with either red or blue. Also marked command unit's bases so you can tell a command unit at a glance. And some nice metallic paints for goggles. Silver for the allies, and axis gets a rich gold. Also painted the Heavy Laser Grenadiers power packs silver, with the grills on them filled with a deep red. Makes them look like they're glowing. Still have more detail work to do, but I'm going to leave as much of the base grey/green color as possible. Add too much detail, and you lose the ability to ID each side easilly.
  18. Actually, no. That may be right for this mech… A Light Panzer weighs in at almost ten tons, and is at least 2-4 time the volume of a light walker. Looks like the (light) walkers have room for a single pilot. While the light tanks normally had a crew of at least two (gunner/pilot). So we can assume with these lighter chassies that the boost from alien tech includes enhanced armor, something to deal with kinetic issues of firing cannons from lightweight vehicles, and other basic things like keeping the legs from collapsing under the weight and stress. They also say the walkers are noticably faster and more manuverable than a normal tracked vehicle. I guess that means we can deal with the fact that a light tank DOES match up in armor with a walker, mostly by being 2-4 times heavier. This also has the effect of meaning the tank will tend to have lighter weapons than the walker as well. Just checked the length of the walker you listed vs a light tank's length. Light tank 4.81 meters Light Walker: 2.8 meters Consider the chicken legs not taking a lot of that mass, and you have something missing most of the engine, armor, and extra crew space of the tank. Alien tech must have veeeery tiny power systems. Oh… Just relized the above is a frigging MEDIUM walker. After looking at how wide it is, seems to be duble the mass of a Hans LW… So, overall all the above still seems to apply, but the tonnage for the medium would be… double what they listed? All right. I'll just make assumptions by ear then. Seems like they may not be dealing with any math in the mech design, and just making them look cool. <wanders off to stat out an American Halftrack and German Light Panzer Kampfwagon>
  19. How many tons are the walkers? They seem pretty small for tanks, so was wondering. A 10 ton light tank seems to be a lot larger… Something to do with the super tech built into them that makes them tougher?
  20. Yeah, already been to http://dust-warfare.net/ And found the pdf mag. And also http://www.dustgame.com/ (that's where I ordered my extra dice, now we have 21! Woot!) Finally got enough terrain done, when added to some other things we had. The cover cards from tactics, a nice foxhole from D&D4e, and a $4 building from a craft store made of hard cardboard. All of this is basic craft sticks, shoepolish, and glue. Very little paint, except for highlighting and tiny touchup areas. https://plus.google.com/photos/103439257730706619609/albums/5824523038991371905 Amazing how much you can get done in a few days when you're motivated.
  21. Hullo all! While most people call me Foolish, I used to be called TheFool1972 over on EN world. Actually, over there, I still am… First, I would like to offer some comments on why I chose dust over the current 300lb gorrilla in the room, better known as warhammer. Reason number one is price. After looking at the $99 starter set for Warhammer 20k, then the prices for every set of units and vehicles, AND combining this with the cost of codex books for each army, I figured the entry cost for two armies to be at least $300. After thatm it starts to get expensive. Dust has a reasonable entry cost of $79 for the box, plus $40 for hte book, and… That's it. It has expansions, but those cost around $20-$30 each, either for the books or units. Some tanks cost a bit more, but like I said, average. Lower cost is a REALLY favorable selling point. Nazi zombies. Seriously. What else needs to be said? After having two people tell me why I would be a fool to play anything other than warhammer 20k, and that if I didn't play their factions, I was an even bigger fool, and then watching it devolve into a fight… Yeah. Nuff said. The local dust players, on the other hand, said "It's cool. Easy rules, you can learn it in a day. Cheap too. Want to play?" <raises an eyebrow> Pretty much sold me right there. Nazi Apemen. C'mon. Say it with me. "Zombie APEMEN!" A Wierd World War II setting is much easier to mentally capture for new players. Compare to trying to explain the nuances of the half dozen factions of Warhammer 20k… Terrain fixtures are easier to get due to the above mentioned reason… You know, WWII? Tons of refs? Easy to build from scratch? Anyway… I just got the hardback about a week ago, and grabbed the basic set as well. I thought I would give some of my starting opinions I've run into while getting ready for play. Hardback should mention that the Dust Tactics starting set armies are NOT balanced for Dust Warfare play. Axis has 20 more army points than the allies. While you can just give advantages to the allies, still not optimal. I bought another unit of recon boys to fill out the allies (all the store had, really, at the time). Takes a bit of work to realize that you have to build your sides based on some very arbitrary rules on command structure, and not just point scales. Was new to me. I thought I would just buy tanks and troops until the point scale was ready ansd run with it. Nope. Gotta use the unity sets they advise for hte first few sets. Command and first support unit. No biggie, I guess. I needed terrain fixtures, and cardboard squares really seemed kinda… Sad… Okay, I have armies, so i went out and grabbed some things. Green terrain mat. the kind with the rough green surface. 3'x5'. Looks nice for a start. No hills yet, though. Tone of craft wood. You know the stuff, tongue depressers, pop sticks, dowel rods, things like that. Sculpty clay. Nice stuff. Hotglue gun, rubber cement, and white cloth glue. The white glue works just like elmers, but is water-resistant after it dries. Love that stuff. Dremel I already had. Was VERY useful. Small rocks, sand, tiny gravel, and green flocking (or fake grass) Thin wire. And a half ton of other small items… Over the last few days, I've been building barb wire fences, wood fences, barracades, telephone/electric poles, tokens for vehicle damage, and sandbag walls. Tons of them. Seems when motivated, you can build a lot of terrain in a short time. Maybe some time soon, I'll actually play a round of the game… <rolls eyes>
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