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  1. In our first Arbitrators game we where going through Edge of Darkness, any way we lost the Scum to the Constructs out on the street, but where able to take down some of the Mercs posing as cops and get in their uniforms, this allows us to get the drop on the Henchmen at the villains base where we pull out the "Mono" side stick action putting the henchmen down quick and quite. last room and the Boss Fight the two Arbitrators pull out the PA Shotguns, the Adept pulls her Pistol, despite bean given an Autogun (that she had the Talent for), we miss our awareness rolls and don't see the Pet, but the Adept sees it, we are cutting loose on the Boss max RoF with our Shotguns when there is an all mighty Ka-boom (the Pistol is a Hand Canon), just hits then gets a Rigitous Fury doing 50+ points of damage and FUBARing the thing, dispute our many 0's we scored not a one, but we'ed done enough damage to disable her on round one and kill her dead dead at the end of round two. Tiny Girl + BFG + Favor of the Dice Gods = don't mess with her!
  2. My Assassin for my Solo game, her first in game kill. down in to an alley from on top of a three story building, she activates her Stummer and jumps, with her Agility, Acrobatics Climbing Kit & Clip Harness she doesn't need to roll for Falling Damage, with a DFA surprise attack I saw the guy go for his gun (he had Quick Draw so he would have bean able to shoot in the first regular round) I roll 22 on a called shot to his Gun Hand pining it to his leg and he drops his gun. First regular round I All Out attack and Called Shot the Head, I roll 24 and score 13 points of damage removing his head from his shoulders and sending it sailing to land on a near buy dust bin. I squat down and retrieve my knife then adjust the head (to look down on the body) and plaster a Kill marker on the forehead using his own blood. I leave by rolling a 3 for my acrobatics skill and Packor back up the side of the building and off in to the night. I'd bean stealthing around running Recon on the targets regular haunts checking security and scoping out what cloths I'd need to blend, when I saw him stumble out half drunk from the bar I was staking out. I follow him hoping to be lead back to his secret lodgings when he separates from his companions to duck down an alley for a Pee. that's when I struck and he ended up headless with a hand on his Boy Bits and a stab wound in the other. a week of game time and about four hours real time and a combo of good planing, Dumb Players Luck and Good Dice Luck reduced that to about 12 hours Game time and a Hour Real Time.
  3. Ye Oldie GW associates (play testers, folks on the DTF Mailing list and staff at their affiliate companies like Citadel) used to drop rather blunt hints at Cons. they put the kibosh on it not long after 40K 2nd ed came out as they where putting together the Dark Melinmum boxed set.
  4. FAB, I'm almost temped to just dig out our Home Brew "Mordhime RPG" from the early Naughties, a Fantasy version of our "Necromunda RPG" from the 90's that in turn was based off our 40K RPG cica 1990. But I'm not going to be running this show nor paying for it, but the guy who will has more of a life (S.O., Kids and longer hours at work), so I'm the Research Monkey as I'm on a extended Admin Leave since head office botched my Security Re-Cirt.
  5. My group may be extending our gaming rotation to fit in a Mordhime based Fantasy game. we nolonger have access to the books but we played 1st ed WFRP many (many) years ago. we too are unimpressed with 3rd with it's custom dice and cards. we are wondering if we should round up some 1st ed books from regional game stores 2nd hand sections or get PDF's of 2nd ed?
  6. Ok my gaming group has dug out Mordhime, we may give up one of our 40K RPG's or extend out the rotation to slot in a Mordhime based Warhammer Fantasy game. many years ago some of us played 1st with a GM who has since long departed our gaming circle, so out access to 1st ed books is in the 2nd hand sections of regional game stores. If we go 2nd ed we will likely buy all the non adventure books we fell we need in PDF format. we are not fans of Cards & Custom Dice (for RPG's) and those who have seen 3rd in play are less than impressed, but if folks are willing to make a case for 3rd we are willing to listen. so what do folks recommend?
  7. A fate worse than Exterminis, hell even Noise Marines lay off the Pipes. though an Aussie my Scots roots run deap, I have not to distant relatives that all but lived on Porridge & Haggis and had to speak Scots-Gaelic at home when they where kids and still do when they gather as a family or visit their parents.
  8. It's in the trophy case, took it from one of the best knife-men that's come against me, don't want to disrespect the blade by modifying it, if they'd bean less skilled it would have gone in to the weapons locker and not bean an issue on modifying it, but it's in a shrine with tokens of my most challenging kills.
  9. Opps, I meant Devils Kiss: Melee - D5 3 Fast,Primitive .3kg
  10. ATM I'm pumping XP in to Two Weapon & Swift Attack, and have missed two acquisition rolls on getting a Best Quality Mono-Combat Knife. I may have to raid the Trophy case for my 2nd blade, I've got a Bolo Knife and a Death Kiss in there, neither are Mono, the Bolo doesn't suit my characters Image (although 2D5R Pen 2 is darn cool) and the Death Kiss has the "Primitive" quality.
  11. In the middle of Oblivion's Edge, our newly added Devastator has opted for a Missie Launcher, Fights that I recall being tough with the Quick Start characters tend to end quickly with Bolter Fire & Frag Missiles chewing up the Mobs and a Krak Missie to the Boss Creatures. I'm worried that with one of the books on my buying list the players will find an Antares Auto-Canon.
  12. Ok DW hasn't taken off as expected, but it is moving on, the last player has gone Devastator, problem is the Tech Marine keeps losing bits, he lost an arm in the first adventure, half way through the 2nd it's the other hand and half a leg. since the adventures have backed up on to each other he hasn't bean able to get replacements, so until he lost the new round of bits he was holding his gun with his Servo-Arm wile reloading it with his shooting hand.
  13. How about this, a Lathe Blade Combat Knife Dam D5+5 Pen 3 +10WS then top that off with a Street Fighting & Crushing Blow Combo for an other +4 Dam. pair that with a Lathe Sword to do Parries and the occasional Dual Strike. That's my end game weapon combo. Who needs Power Swords? Ok I can see their uses but you haven't planed you fight right if you need them, if their bean used as a Tool you are losing style points for speed & showmanship.
  14. actually I'm avoiding heavy combat options if I can, that's why I'm going to avoid the PA if I can, but If I'm going to go traipsing around a Space Hulk I want something with more suit integrity than a Skin Suit and wont encumber me like most of the protected suits. last time I did a Heavy Combat Opp I spent the whole time dodging and made a total of three kills, I was about as useful as Marries on a Male Bovine, the Adept was more useful and had a bigger kill count. She's not Anti-Tech, heck she was carrying more Tech than the Tech Priest she hooked up for a wile, but most of it is Stealth, Surveillance and Ctr-Security in nature, heck Ishe's not Anti-Gun, she uses them all the time, just not for her Killing. the top of her wish list is a 2nd Best Quality Mono Blade, a Best Quality Carapace Helmet & Best Quality Xenos Mesh W/Camiloine & Heat Mask, approximate combined cost 6-7K, ATM I've got 5K & change and a pay day coming.
  15. PA is a Long way off (rank 5-6) unless I need a Void Suit, If I get it I'm going to have to be very careful to keep it out of play once I do get it. I really want my Best Quality Stealthed Xeno-Mesh & 2nd Sword. ATM I've got two firearms in play, a compact revolver, and a compact hunting rifle, both are used to place trackers at range, not to actually kill. I'm running around half a dozen firm Identities ATM, my birth identity, a 2nd Noble, a Mid-Hab lower level manager, a Merc/Bounty Hunter/Troubleshooter, a low lever Adept and a Cleric. I'd only carry the Bolt Pistol when poising as my birth identity.
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