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  1. finished an other two prater last night, want to pull together my notes before I post.
  2. Only small groups over Video Chat, we log on to the dice roller on the GM's server, but the link crashes way too many times a night if we have more than the GM & two players on at a time. Rough story on the Guard guy was fresh out of the Schola his unit (a reinforced Company of "Elite" White Shields Mech Infantry with organic Arty) was sent to Trench, a bit over a month in a bunch of the Boots and Butter-bars lost their Shiz when they where victim of an other False Flag Raid, they turned on a neighboring Regiment (that the Muties had stolen uniforms and gear from) and took a fair chunk out of, end of day the Officers and Commissars where shot the NCO's that had kept their heads where busted and sent to the penal legions as where all the Boots that had kept their heads or where reigned in intime by the NCO's where sent to the Penal Legions as well. they spent an other year on Trench till they where deemed suitably penitent and paroled off to the Big I (like the character) or normal "Discipline" battalions.
  3. Ok first adventure was last weekend and you know how that went, mid week we spent our XP and technically went to rank 2, not that you can tell by the way we spent our advances, an other player subbed in playing a War World Assassin/Sniper and started the 2nd adventure that we finished last night. Port Suffering, the Cold Trade had all but dried up, replaced with people running Guns and Drugs for under the table sale to the warlords in exchange for Ghoastfire Pollen, now our Inquisitor normally doesn't give a rats *** about Guns & Drugs unless there is a Xenos involved, but the slow down in Cold Trade was putting a crimp in his(?) acolytes doing contact tracing of those working the Xenos black market, so we where sent in to map the black market and to find out where the Guns & Dope was crowding out the Cold Trade, if possible find out who was behind it and disrupt things so things could get back to normal. on the way in I picked up a 2nd power cell for my Eldar Las Pistol, I was looking for Overcharge Cells but you take what you can get. The Assassin and I where given jobs as dock workers and the Adept as an Adept at the port, we spent out time scoping out the seeder side of Port Suffering, who was in the black Market, who was in the Grey Market, Who could be brought or bribed, lots of time in Dive Bars and less savory places, over the weeks of game time we got in to bar fights, street brawls and shootouts, got arrested a few times. we got part one of our assignment done after about a month, we "Proved" someone was behind the shift in black market activity but couldn't find out who and we where able to put together a hit-list of folks who if taken out would brake the Gun & Dope rings. after about a week of dropping Penney-Thrones on some bad guys and us doing hits on others we where recalled, turns out a rival inquisitor was trying to thin the heard of warlords and was flooding the planet with off-world guns so they would take each other out leaving a smaller number of stronger warlords beholden to that Inquisitor, so although we did our job quicker than expected we got our boss in to a beef with someone else in the Ordo, so no cookie for us this time. My character had a side job she was meant to stir up the cold trade again, I brought a bunch of black market Xeno Tech and curios using Ordo funds, I had to hand in the non sanctioned stuff, I sold a bunch of junk I puled off the crashed ship last adventure to raise money for me to by some sanctioned Xeno gear from my shopping list (Sword, Helmet, Charge Packs, Photo Visor, Gas-mask &/or Re-breather, Chamalone ect.) all I was able to find was a Overcharge pack for my pistol and a bolt of Shimmer Silk (a cheaper and less messed up version of Nightweave silk). Adventure took us about six weeks game time and about 20 hours IRL
  4. More Info on out first adventure, we where sent in to recon a crashed ship, the Big I was worried because it was giving off both Human and Xeno energy readings, was it part of an unknown Space Hulk, was it Xeno Raiders trying to hide their approach or was it Tech Heretics? or something else? We where put down outside of the range of the still active point defense grid, we had to hump about a week overland across broken terrain following the scar left from it's crash approach, we where given one days worth of proper rations and three more days worth of substance rations and told the trip would be two days three at the outside, if we didn't dadule or get lost, the person who estimated out trip got it wrong, it took us five days, the priest just ate up going through all his food in three days, by taking his discards I was able to stretch my food, the adept lasted till day five but was taped out before we made the crash sight, I had an extra half days food in reserve. along the way we found bits of Wraithbone and human hull plating and got in to scraps with local wildlife We made it to the crash sight the Preist was fatigued from lack of food and the rough travel as well as ill from drinking bad water, the Adept was not far behind, I was hungry but not having any other ill effects, there was some kind of jamming field up, so we pulled back a bit and Voxed out a report that it was an Eldar ship that had some Imperial hull modulus bolted on, we then went back and climbed in, wile exploring we came across some wildlife that had taken shelter and started to eat the dead human crew, we dispatched them with las pistols and melee weapons, in an offices state room I came across my Eldar Knife and Las pistol, when we found one of the crew barracks a large Beastie was there and it attacked us, the preist hosed it down with his Autogun, I went over to Shotgun given that we had just made way too much noise to not let anyone still aboard know we where hear, besides the creature was really big! when it jumped on the priest (who had done some real damage) he ballsed thing up and let off his Exterminator setting himself on fire, the flames and the creatures bite finished him off the next round, the Adept was firing his pistol as he charged it with his sword almost running in to my shotgun blasts. after this fiasco we looted the priest and kept looking for the bridge so we could shut off the jamming field and point defense guns (we'd found the engineering deck, but none of us where game to turn off the Xeno power-plant using basic skills). along the way because of my Photo Contacts I saw someone hiding in a roof corner, I used a Deceit roll to pretend I didn't notice them then got a surprise attack with my Shotgun, I stunned them and they fell from their hiding spot, the Adept notices them and starts poping off shots with his pistol as he charged them with his sword, I keep shooting hitting about half the time and keeping them stunned, the one round I miss and let the bad guy get in an attack he stabs the adept with his melee attachment, but fails to penetrate his flack vest, next round I fire in to the melee figuring the Adept deserved it if i hit him by accident, but I finish off our attacker that turned out to be a dark eldar. not long after we found the bridge and turn off the point defense and jamming fields, called in then went back outside to wait for pick up.
  5. Well that party went nowhere, I've kept my character for the new lineup that includes An Adept, painfully just above average in every way shape and form an Imp World, he has loaded himself down with Specialty Ammo and Charge Packs for his pistols. and a Schola Cleric to whom everyone is a Heretic and everything is Heresy. you are a Heretic if you don't pray enough, if you pray it's too much since you are using up all the Prayers and bothering the Emperor and not praying properly in the first place, you handle your devotional charms you are committing Heresy because you are rubbing off all the Holiness, if you don't touch them it's Heresy because you are not showing mindful relevance, Maintain your gear and you are committing Tech Heresy for disturbing the machine spirits, don't and you are a Tech Heretic for disrespecting the Machine Spirits. The Daytime is Heretical for being too hot and daring to rival the light of him on Terra, Nighttime is a Heretic for being too cold and dark. We actually did our first adventure over Video Chat and using a dice roller on the GM's Server, the Adept carried all the extra gear and spent the adventure not being attacked, the few times he was attacked only one hit and it failed to do damage, despite the fact he kept running in to "Glorious Melee Combat" often through outgoing friendly fire. the Cleric spent every five seconds screaming "Heresy" and waking folks up at all hours of the night to ask religious questions like "Have you bean Saved by Him on Terra" "Do You Except the Emperor as your one true Lord & Master", after hosing down some of the local wildlife with his Autogun he tried to use his Exterminator cartridge on the under boss level beastie, lacking the required talent he ended up lighting himself on fire instead and was eaten by the beastie. After the adventure the survivors where given favors for a job not completely ballsed up, My character souvenired a Good Quality Wraithbone Mono Knife and a C0mmon quality Eldar Laz Pistol after (fussily) claiming my original las pistol was distorted on mission I was able to get Sanction Permits for both, the Adept was able to swing a Recoil Glove and Hand Canon after failing his acquisition rolls (he still had to pay for the gear) we where also allowed to keep some of the Clerics gear that we looted from his body, we where not allowed to keep his tricked out Autogun.
  6. Bean locked away we have had to delay our new DH game until the GM can finish his own virtual table top but I've bean given the OK to post some of our characters. I've got a Void Born she was brought up on a Rouge Trader, though not a true Cold Trader she has had to sneak sanctioned Xeno Tech past over zealous members of the big E, she is a bit of an Eldar "expert", tall, slender, almost inhuman fluid agility, fair almost alabaster skin, platinum hair, silver eyes ans slightly peaked ears, clad in Xenos Mesh and carrying an Aquila charm carved from Wraithbone she caries a Ironclaw shotgun and a composite mono sword that mimics the appearance of Wraith bone. we also have a fairly bog standard Void Born Tech Priest, don't know much about him There is a Feral World VerminSpeaker Imp (Agri) world Scum who is out Driver & Sniper Hive World (Matalican) Scum Gang Banger, he is a Machine Gunner without a Machine gun We have a Schola Guardsman who is a Penal Legionary and a Trench War Vet and lastly a Imp world Adept Wyrd
  7. In our first Arbitrators game we where going through Edge of Darkness, any way we lost the Scum to the Constructs out on the street, but where able to take down some of the Mercs posing as cops and get in their uniforms, this allows us to get the drop on the Henchmen at the villains base where we pull out the "Mono" side stick action putting the henchmen down quick and quite. last room and the Boss Fight the two Arbitrators pull out the PA Shotguns, the Adept pulls her Pistol, despite bean given an Autogun (that she had the Talent for), we miss our awareness rolls and don't see the Pet, but the Adept sees it, we are cutting loose on the Boss max RoF with our Shotguns when there is an all mighty Ka-boom (the Pistol is a Hand Canon), just hits then gets a Rigitous Fury doing 50+ points of damage and FUBARing the thing, dispute our many 0's we scored not a one, but we'ed done enough damage to disable her on round one and kill her dead dead at the end of round two. Tiny Girl + BFG + Favor of the Dice Gods = don't mess with her!
  8. My Assassin for my Solo game, her first in game kill. down in to an alley from on top of a three story building, she activates her Stummer and jumps, with her Agility, Acrobatics Climbing Kit & Clip Harness she doesn't need to roll for Falling Damage, with a DFA surprise attack I saw the guy go for his gun (he had Quick Draw so he would have bean able to shoot in the first regular round) I roll 22 on a called shot to his Gun Hand pining it to his leg and he drops his gun. First regular round I All Out attack and Called Shot the Head, I roll 24 and score 13 points of damage removing his head from his shoulders and sending it sailing to land on a near buy dust bin. I squat down and retrieve my knife then adjust the head (to look down on the body) and plaster a Kill marker on the forehead using his own blood. I leave by rolling a 3 for my acrobatics skill and Packor back up the side of the building and off in to the night. I'd bean stealthing around running Recon on the targets regular haunts checking security and scoping out what cloths I'd need to blend, when I saw him stumble out half drunk from the bar I was staking out. I follow him hoping to be lead back to his secret lodgings when he separates from his companions to duck down an alley for a Pee. that's when I struck and he ended up headless with a hand on his Boy Bits and a stab wound in the other. a week of game time and about four hours real time and a combo of good planing, Dumb Players Luck and Good Dice Luck reduced that to about 12 hours Game time and a Hour Real Time.
  9. Ye Oldie GW associates (play testers, folks on the DTF Mailing list and staff at their affiliate companies like Citadel) used to drop rather blunt hints at Cons. they put the kibosh on it not long after 40K 2nd ed came out as they where putting together the Dark Melinmum boxed set.
  10. FAB, I'm almost temped to just dig out our Home Brew "Mordhime RPG" from the early Naughties, a Fantasy version of our "Necromunda RPG" from the 90's that in turn was based off our 40K RPG cica 1990. But I'm not going to be running this show nor paying for it, but the guy who will has more of a life (S.O., Kids and longer hours at work), so I'm the Research Monkey as I'm on a extended Admin Leave since head office botched my Security Re-Cirt.
  11. My group may be extending our gaming rotation to fit in a Mordhime based Fantasy game. we nolonger have access to the books but we played 1st ed WFRP many (many) years ago. we too are unimpressed with 3rd with it's custom dice and cards. we are wondering if we should round up some 1st ed books from regional game stores 2nd hand sections or get PDF's of 2nd ed?
  12. Ok my gaming group has dug out Mordhime, we may give up one of our 40K RPG's or extend out the rotation to slot in a Mordhime based Warhammer Fantasy game. many years ago some of us played 1st with a GM who has since long departed our gaming circle, so out access to 1st ed books is in the 2nd hand sections of regional game stores. If we go 2nd ed we will likely buy all the non adventure books we fell we need in PDF format. we are not fans of Cards & Custom Dice (for RPG's) and those who have seen 3rd in play are less than impressed, but if folks are willing to make a case for 3rd we are willing to listen. so what do folks recommend?
  13. A fate worse than Exterminis, hell even Noise Marines lay off the Pipes. though an Aussie my Scots roots run deap, I have not to distant relatives that all but lived on Porridge & Haggis and had to speak Scots-Gaelic at home when they where kids and still do when they gather as a family or visit their parents.
  14. It's in the trophy case, took it from one of the best knife-men that's come against me, don't want to disrespect the blade by modifying it, if they'd bean less skilled it would have gone in to the weapons locker and not bean an issue on modifying it, but it's in a shrine with tokens of my most challenging kills.
  15. Opps, I meant Devils Kiss: Melee - D5 3 Fast,Primitive .3kg
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