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  1. I still think it might be Miles and Spider-Gwen...or wasp and Ant-Man?
  2. Maybe Miles and Spider-Gwen...possibly young cyclops or Nova....or Viv...
  3. Well if you get it at the right time (mid-late game), it can finish the game fast. Hopefully at some point they will allow us to customize the starting 15.
  4. I kinda prefer that art for Captain Marvel rather than the main character card. Looking forward to a Ghost Rider card.
  5. Well let's hope they do some expansions, I like the hero miniatures a lot.
  6. Hey FFG, Let's get some Marvel Living Card game profile photos. I have spoken.
  7. Mandalorian makes me want to play Edge of the empire, 1st episode was so good.
  8. Thor / Donald Blake...Dr Strange could be a hero / hero...I mean why not.
  9. It definitely makes you plan ahead but in theory you have access to both abilities but where you end your turn can have a significant impact on the villain phase.
  10. I see that on Page 10 of the rulebook now. The actual card phrases it a little different and we never thought to check the main rulebook for a printed card.
  11. If Vulture is put into play...but you are in alter ego form. What happens?
  12. I saw that and it looks great.
  13. Agree with all of it, especially the dials and the need for a campaign. Gameplay is fun and some characters have a lot more decisions to make than others.
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