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  1. We find it pretty much impossible. I understand action economy, but the pacing of the game is frantic and forces you to skip stuff. Not really worth playing but the miniatures are good. Just to be clear, we never re-roll..redraw or use do overs. We have failed events/checks 3-4-5 even 6 times in a row. Taken 5-6 damage in one single shot or have 3 enemies in the first scenario with 3 armor? I find with 4 characters they just start layering on armor on enemies and its such a grind and you receive nothing if you kill 7 stacks of enemies or 1...well nothing but wounds. Sometimes the enemy placement is 1 stack we have had as many as 5 stacks with almost every single unit used...sometimes there is nothing on the board but you have to walk like 14 spaces which is boring and pointless because its random. The game looks great and I love the concept and I would purchase again(for miniatures), but we'll never play it again as is.
  2. Beorn in bear form...but would love a human form as well. Eomer mounted on Firefoot and probably Gildor.
  3. We just fail those 3 success challenges over and over and time runs out. (When your looking for the tracks)
  4. Yeah we are getting crushed...just a few missed skill tests (rope or mud or tree house) and its over. You get 5-6 maybe 7 total turns with 4 people on the first scenario, which always leave us short of exploring the map or failing multiple challenges. I dont think we've passed one of the tracks challenges on the first go...I mean it depends on who finds it. I believe you need 3 successes which makes it almost impossible..unless we are playing it wrong.
  5. So in an encounter where you suffer like 6 wounds and already have say 4...some are up and some are down....Do you just last stand again...because sometimes we died with enough wounds to die again because all of the wounds are not removed
  6. Yeah you didn't suffer facedown damage...you suffered face up..at least that's how we played it. Not that it mattered..we were slaughtered over and over. Last stand is a cruel joke.
  7. They can the monsters traits as well in the app and that can change the encounter difficulty.
  8. So the threat build up is insane with four players. We used Legolas, Aragorn, Elena and Gimli....there were a few difficult challenges that just bogged the whole thing down and the board was quickly overrun with almost every monster in the box? We were all about to die....many had last stands and I guess the threat dial saved us? So the dungeon part starts....and we carry all wounds over into the place? I replayed solo and it was a lot worse....whats the secret to managing threat? I think we gained up to +14...it was over in 4-5 turns but the wounds from double warg or the 3 armor goblins was just too much. It seems like just one failed search and its over.
  9. Is there an effect for emboldened? Or is there a card..Thanks edit:The app just says your emboldened..so I wen to the index and its not listed.
  10. Miniatures are worth the cost of the game(IMHO) and the reviews spoil quite a bit.
  11. The review is absolutely terrible...they almost look homeless. Or is that a part of their business plan, I mean its a business, right? Edit** I assume it was put on here for feedback.
  12. They want the game to grow and then give an incentive to NOT order at the local store. It should be the opposite...
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