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  1. There is no text in Retreat indicating a delayed effect. Retreat is resolved when it is played.
  2. You failed to quote the sentence before it: Each action, and any abilities its resolution triggers, must fully resolve before an additional action is taken. So, the opponent either takes an action or declines and the action phase ends.
  3. Yes, the opponent is taking an action on your turn; Retreat overrides the core rule that you only take an action when its your turn.
  4. Retreat ends the action phase after your opponent's action, so you wouldn't be able to claim as your second.
  5. From the RRG FAQ for Port District (pg 27) if you decrease the cost of a card being played below 3, or play it for free, then it does not gain ambush.
  6. From RRG (pg 8): Blanks and specials have no value printed on the die, and thus have a value of 0. So, they have a value less than 2, so Mislead works with them.
  7. Have only bought Awakenings and Empire at War so far. Once they decided not to use them, it probably took time for the stock with cutouts to to run out.
  8. I have only bought 12 boosters, but none of them had the die in the holder. there is a thread somewhere on here about it but I don't think it answers why they are not put in the cardboard insert. But the insert usually protects the cards.
  9. I would also complain to the retailer. After re-reading the question it appears they did not take care in packing. And if they don't care then I would not use them anymore.
  10. Should add this is their customer support page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/customer-service/
  11. GO here: https://parts.asmodeena.com/partsrequests/
  12. Damage is damage, those icons are just reminders. Unless there is a ruling out there I am not aware of.
  13. The rule you refer to is "A special ability that rerolls its die cannot be resolved a second time during the same action." It seems to me you have to wait for another action to resolve it, unless there is a clarification I missed. Regardless, since Bib is not re-rolling but rolling in I think it would work.
  14. Card is any card, yours or an opponents. I suppose you could move it to a non character card, but that only makes sense for a card that interacts with damage on it in someway, like that battlefield I can't recall the name of at the moment. Moving damage ignores shields according to the rules reference, pg. 21. And the character is not considered to have taken damage, which may be important if some ability triggers upon taking damage.
  15. Sorry my brain is not firing all cylinders today. But what if one card says double and another says reduce by 1. (I am new to Destiny so I don't know of a card that doubles cost of another card.) Do we follow math rules and double then subtract or can we reduce then double?
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