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  1. If stock characters are not something you fancy, there is the possibility of making them from the ground up. I tend to find when I make a character from the ground up that I tend to want to give them a fighting chance and you will have to take a average look at your players stats and create a balance. By balance I personally suggest and this is my opinion that you give the other players a little lower than numeric stat for characteristics. Say your Chaos Space Marine has a 60 in Weapon Skill I would make the stats for the opposition to fall somewhere around a little lower to give them a fighting chance say for example 50 or 45. Even 40 has the desired effect. I mean you don't want minions, hordes or mass combat to be outrageous and I would weigh on the side of giving the character the benefit of being powerful except if you want gritty then I would equal most characteristics that you know you'll use in combat. For example you have a NPC psyker with a high willpower so that his powers have a chance. Also you want to give your characters talents and traits that will compliment the fight. Something like step aside, Swift Attack, Lightning Attack, Lightning Reflexes Daemonic Trait….etc Start with three or four that will make the NPC an adversary and then breath life into them by giving them a background and reason for being in the game.I would give yourself some quiet time to prepare the upcoming encounter for the next day you'll be gaming. Nothing hurts a game like an unprepared GM. Also I think encounters can take awhile but flesh out some NPC's and some other things that you can throw at the players such as investigation, puzzles anything that will evolve the game. I wouldn't be quick to throw out the released npc's in the book as they can be a quick fix to solve a impass or problem finding something at the right time so I hope this helps. In the end I guess finding the time to sit down and investing in cool and innovative ways to have fun is the key.
  2. In my personal opinion, I would focus more on individual craftworlds that were under Eldar jurisdiction many centuries before then using the Omega Vault. It was the birth of Slaneesh that the Eldar carry around with them waystones so that their spirit can be saved from the impending doom of the warp and the intermixed agents of daemons and other baddies. It seems your on the right path when there was a battle over an outpost of the Word Bearers. Now if you know about Eldar is that Khaine their god of war was defeated by Slaneesh long before the Imperium settled most of their tithed planets now. Basically what I'm trying to say is that the Eldar were there first and now the Word Bearers have treaded on the Eldar territory. This much we know. So now I would focus on the Eldar trying to raise an Avatar of Khaine on your craftworld of choice. Throw a few horde battles, some mass combat on an Apocalyptic scale using Tome of Blood Supplement and pick up the Kornous Bestiary if you do not already have it. They give a lot of goodies for fighting Eldar. I don't know how pre horus heresy your talking but if it's right before then you have a little more breathing room. Maybe the Word Bearers fell to the grandiose of Slaneesh and the Eldar found this to be quite disturbing and wanted to fight. Whatever the case, Word Bearers are known for their devious plots no matter the alegience of a dark god, sometimes perhaps their own machinations.
  3. Dramacydle


    Role: Game Master Medium: Play by Post Where: Myth-Weavers.com When: Posting rate varies, looking for a dedicated bunch of players. Who: Newbies and Veterans alike. Looking for players Premise: Blood Angel Squad only sent on urgent mission of great importance into the Lower Vortex. Books Used: Rites of Battle, First Founding, Deathwatch Core, Tome of Blood, Black Crusade, Koronus Bestiary, Type of Game: One Shot How: Register on Myth-Weavers.com and mention in registration that Dramacydle refered you. Why: Love Deathwatch and want to role play the curse of Black Rage and Red Thirst and a hypothesis that Sanguinus gene seed was tainted while protecting the Emperor on Terra and the implications that a dark god was behind the facade. Private Message Me Here Or On Myth Weavers. Friend Me As Well Here or There. Hope to see you soon. Game Does Not Start Till February 22,2013.
  4. Sure I can see where your coming from. As a GM maybe throwing a chance encounter with an Arbitrator who is investigating you would keep the talent playable. I just dislike seeing the various sub groups and not making them playable. If I have an Apostate who has hatred orks I much rather make the sub group a little more vague such as hatred xeno to justify more use of the talent with more than just one brand of alien. I can see from the side of making a character who does have the specific nueances such as hatred arbites just for the sole purpose of making it part of the characters background to.
  5. True I've come to agree on most points of allowing Legacy Weapons to be created and used. I think that having them makes the game a lot more fun to play and realize that while I like when I as a player earn levels through game play that it makes it all that much more fun but a weapon that is a legacy in the making is something that I'm paying attention to more because they use the weapon so often and it's a cool addition to Black Crusade and I can remember certain situations when hey I used the Bloodthirster to get myself out of that combat. Memories are cool in role playing games.
  6. I have Koronus Bestiary and use it in my Deathwatch Game of which is a mix montage of Deathwatch, Dark Heresy, Black Crusade and Rogue Trader. I've come to find out that any release of new monster Bestiaries is something I'm willing to invest in as a GM. I feel it helps me look up quick stats for creatures that I want to use as well as coming up with awesome encounters. While I havent used the generator I'm familiar with the Gift of the Dark Gods and think that is a fabulous idea. You have to watch on somethings though. Some gifts are really powerful and would totally overpower a new Compact. For example Pseudo Daemonhood. Basically anyone with this gift recieves a fear 4 rating. Really?
  7. I came to the same conclusion without seeing this and think WoD would be a great system for the game. While I couldn't find too many players, I need to flesh out the story a little more than just Jack going around and being a serial killer. I was thinking of using some released material by White Wolf to enhance the game. A dungeon delve would be cool but I was thinking of using the Asylum Supplement to enhance part of the game. I will have to go to my local retailer and see what they have as far as additional help in fleshing this out. While I didn't get a lot of people interested I still am and would like to get something going in the future if I can find the time money and players to help. I mean just the use of vice and virtue is worth applying to this game.
  8. I'm not saying that a force field or parry will not negate a hit. I'm saying that first a weapon skill roll has to be successful in order to use the furious assault talent. The evidence is one is supposed to roll a successful all out attack, of which can only be done I think with a melee attack. Once the initial attack is successful, the reaction gains a second attack to attack using the furious assault. I would say from logic that the defender character has a chance to avoid the first attack with a reaction parry skill move and also the force field. Because the initial first attack hit and if the furious assault attack hits then I would think that the defender character gains two chances at parrying and two chances at using the force field. As for the Killing Strike talent, the action to spend an infamy before calling out the All out Attack is needed to make the defender not be able to parry first attack and cut through force field but I would think Killing Strike only works once not twice for the first parry and attack through the force field. But on the furious assault reaction, it would give the player attacking a second attack chance and if successful the chance for the defender to roll a parry and use his force field. remember the first attack is a insta hit and only seems the Killing Strike Talent would work as one hit.
  9. Hmm some things I would do to make this a rpg is keep the basic roleplaying system using percentile dice to achieve success. I would incorporate some cool features of this game such as insanity,madness and taint in the game. Maybe make certain core classes such as Inspector, Constable, Investigator, Serial Killer, Criminal, Double Agent, Civilian and Marked Man. A sort of player vs player or team co-operation style game. Maybe flesh out skills and talents like Dark Heresy. Use primitive weapon features previously released in warhammer 40k material. Seems this would be a low tech game. Probably include something such as Effect vs Affected which would be opposed roles with a simple effect scorerolled to apply stimulus to a desired effect. Affected would have to role to defend the effected role. Degrees of Success or Degrees of Failure measure outcome. Both succeed and the measure of degrees would win out the roll. Make this game free form to some degree to make compatible with play by post or chat based games such on skype. Placing emphasis that mood setting, invoking drama and intrigue are all apart of this game. Flesh out a centralized City or State or Nation maybe even Country that can later be expanded.Obviously the time period is crucial. Sticking with 1800's. Concept like this would need monsters. Use staples of vampires, mummies, wights, ghouls, spectres, hags etc….Invoke a small theme of monster hunter.
  10. Any chance of FFG making this a released and published Role Playing Game. I love the idea, setting and theme. Lot's of room for development with this. heck if they don't I might pick up the board game to make some homebrew. Keep it up FFG.
  11. Terraneaux said: When using Furious Assault, does a successful evasion test or force field roll on the part of the defender prevent the attacker from being able to spend his reaction to gain a second attack? Also, does the phrasing 'with the same bonuses and penalties' imply that the use of the Killing Strike talent carries over to the second attack? Or must one spend an addtional infamy point to trigger it? Or is it just not allowed as it's technically not part of an All-Out Attack, just a free, special attack? No….When the players turn in initiative comes up and he attacks a defender with a force field and also has the parry skill and defends the damage by force field and also the initial attack by parring the attack, as long he first hits on a successful Weapon Skill Test, I would say the first attacker would get his reaction to the furious assault reaction and gain a second attack. First attack is parried and damage is absorbed by force field. Second attack is rolled and the defender would have to roll again on force field and parrying as well. In one turn however I would think he only gets one reaction to use the furious assault attack. Remember to check the force field over load chart as well.In using Killing Strike the player must call an all out attack as well as spend an infamy point to avoid the defender from using a parry or dodge skill and giving the attacker an instant hit. Force fields are unaffected or have no change.
  12. I would go as far as making alignments for the controlled mutations. Giving them an accoutrement chart that will allow you as the game master to pick mutations dedicated to Khorne, Nurgle, Slanneesh and Tzeentch. That way an opposed mutation to the players alignment would cost more xp but maybe cool and wanted by the players. This way you could go the opposite direction of the player will go to any lengths to purchase that mutation that they must have. I guess if there is a whole book on the matter it could be quite the endeavor but filtering through your book and adopting or picking the ones you like sounds like a start to the process. In any light, sounds like a great idea.
  13. Onlykrieg started up recently and is looking for gamers. I play on Myth Weaver and you can run or join a game there. I have two openings in my version of Elventh Hour on Myth Weavers. Stop through and check us out. If you want to join put me down as referal so I get the credit. Hehe.
  14. Some simple wastrels, dregs and gangers should be fairly easy to make or find stats for them. Would classify them as minions with relative low wounds such as maybe 8 wounds and make them squishy as heck. Toughness of 2 probably. Give them primative weapons but honestly I was looking at this campagin last night as I have a copy and I would change it around to have been captured and part of being locked up in Annards Pennance. Trying to escape and formulate plans would be cool. Stripping them of armor and weapons and making them use other skills such as interaction investigation fellowship and perception strength and so forth. This would give them ways to earn infamy within the prison and so forth.
  15. Thank you and I'm doing that right now. I used a mass battle from the released Tome of Blood Supplement to expound on how the Templar recieved a congregation of the Heretics amassed within the city. I also threw a horde at them and they ran scared. Funny they didn't want to test the waters with their strengh. I mean the horde was the harrow hounds from ToB so maybe I was making it too difficult but they avoided it and they wanted to assist the machine hounds with their assault on the city and help in ripping the citizens to shreds. Suffice it to say, the Priest King is aware of them and will be sending minions after them.
  16. I have had to balance out a normal group of Heretics with more xp due to some players taking some of the new archetypes in Tome of Blood. I feel it was necessary to balance out at least the characters among themselves first in some ways. Although each archetype has their own special talents, traits and skills, I once wanted to balance out a group of Ascension Dark Heresy characters with a pvp Black Crusade game. It was quite the game. I had a Psyker of Nurgle go up against a Sister Sororita as I NPCed the Battle Sister, it was quite cool to see the battle unfold. Faith Talents versus rotting psyhic powers of the Father of Rot.
  17. Right, cater the story or plot to center around some elements of the characters. Agreeable. So in any event there can be worth reasons to have a individual or group hatred talent for certain elements that maybe included in the game to gain use out of it. Thank you.
  18. Well evil vs evil is always as interesting as good vs evil. Making the players feel a sense that their is a greater evil than they are can have an eye opening experience. On one side there is the element of corrupting power absolutely corrupting. Struggles of power and bloodshed and a lot of combat. In a game that Im running Im trying to do exactly this. Using horde rules, expanded mass combat rules and individual encounters. Also make group and individual compacts is cool, this gives you something that the players are looking forward to role playing. In any event, be sure to buy the released material. They have plenty of options and the plots and stories can be unlimited.
  19. I would rule on the side of "phasing into the material realm or plane", to become able to cast most psychic powers. If it were Telepathy or Divinity I could see the psyker being able to manifest a power by thinking of the power, regardless of being corperal or incorperal. Just my two coppers.
  20. I wanted to share something with all of you that maybe I could gain some words of advice on. I've come up with the conclusion that making the Hatred Talent to specific groups in Black Crusades sometimes misses the mark on game play. Say specifically that I make a Chaos Space Marine with a hatred talent to Astartes and some how never encounter an Astartes would this talent be wasted and not worth what the potential for generalizing the Hatred Talent could be. If I made a custom house rule to generalize the Hatred to all things would I be able to apply it to any thing that my character has the feelings of hatred towards. So I could effectively use it against anything and recieve a +10 to tests. This works well for the Apostate who has Air of Authority and Inspire Wrath as well as the game mechanics seem to invest his hatred upon others.
  21. Thank you for the reply Millandson, I agree with you but he pointed out and this is something I missed scanning the rules is that I guess Legacy weapons can still evolve during game play. I dunno, I caved in knowing that but I guess I'll have to re read the rules on Legacy Weapons.
  22. Well who could go wrong with training in Medicae. If Medicae was open to me, it would have to be one of the top advanced skills that I would like in game. Just from a deathwatch perspective, the Apothecary really appeals to me. I always liked playing the healing type character, just that sometimes I would pick a healing type character because the party always needed one.
  23. I'm kind of at an impass. I want my players of a new game to have awesome weapons but feel that they should be earned. One of them has even said, that because their character has been around since the Horus Heresy that they have established the Legacy Weapon but because of the newness of the game I want a legacy weapon to be something that they earn mentioned in the Tome of Blood. Any advice?
  24. Mind if I join. I have the beta rules and I'm somewhat familiar with Only War? If not that is ok.
  25. It would be nice to get this before Christmas? I also bought into the Beta as well. One would think because Tome of Blood is available that Only War Core would have been released before Tome of Blood digital copy but I'm cool with waiting as well. Money for me is also hard to come by and I can see my wifes face when she sees that I bought another book.
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