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  1. OK, fair enough. Then, however, I would say that the rules might be OK for the speeder bikes, but a T47 hovering more or less stationary during combat action is not exactly thematic when I think of how the Hoth battle looked. Of course, the T47 and all the actual spaceships can hover in atmosphere, but they only do that during take off and landing, not during combat. Ah, I don't know. I'll still happily use it in my lists and enjoy it, of course, but still: It bugs me a little.
  2. I have some major issues with the inclusion of repulsor units, especially with the T47 Airspeeder. Now, please bear with me, there will be some maths. The T47 can, according to Wookieepedia, go as fast as 650 km/h for the unmodified version. It has an attack speed - whatever that means - of 570 km/h. That’s pretty fast! At a rough scale of 1/50 a 6x3 foot map (c. 180x90cm) would represent an area of 90x45m. At its attack speed it would take a T-47 about 0.5 seconds to travel the full length of the map. Let’s say, the speeder can actually go much slower without crashing and still be able to maintain full control and also to fight, maybe 100km/h? I suppose, it would have to go much faster, but let us stay with 100 km/h. At 100 km/h it would still only take it 3.24 seconds to cross the whole area. Now, let’s say, T47s in game would only be able to do speed 3 movement actions. They would use a template that is 18cm long, or 900 scale cm - which is 9 scale meters. Add the length of the base which I do not have at hand, but I read it is 10cm. So we get 28 cm or 14 scale meters. This means our speeder travelling at only 100km/h would take about 0.5 seconds to fly 9m and finish its maneuver. Now, I do not know what the scale of Legion is when it comes to time, i.e.: how long one game round is supposed to be. But somehow, I doubt that one round equals 0.5 seconds and thus a standard game would be just about 3 seconds long in real time. And bear in mind: I have deliberately used the very lowest conceivable speeds as the basis of my calculation - it should actually be much more ridiculous with more believable numbers. Where am I going with this? Well, it does make no sense to have what is essentially a fighter jet in a tabletop game where it goes at the same speed as a clunking walker contraption. So do I want to get rid of such units? Well, not necessarily. But their movement would have to be handled in a drastically different way. I could imagine a speeder entering the battlefield in round 1 from the edge and being placed pretty much anywhere on the field. Then it could attack and possibly be attacked. In the next round, simulating its immense speed, it would have to be taken off board. Then you could have it stay out of the game for one round, simulating the time it would take the pilot to turn his craft around and start another strafing run, and enter the battlefield again as in round 1. And so on. What do you think? Am I missing something? Am I just being horribly pedantic? I don’t know myself. Usually, I am not too concerned with such issues, but a freaking fighter jet, IMHO, should be pretty different from all other units.
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