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  1. As you said, they are very similar, if you consider aptitudes more or less the same as alignments. Still, skills in OW start cheaper for affinities, but opposite/lacking affinites are even more expensive than BC. Talents I believe start at the same cost for affinities, but also end up more expensive in OW. My take is that you'd have either underpowered Black Crusade characters, or you'd make the players stuck on alignment to a single Chaos Power (and if that is your goal, it is potentially a good idea).
  2. I always seemed to have the impression that Degrees of Success in opposed tests were calculated reducing the results (test DoS = winner DoS - loser DoS, if any), in case both parties succeded. Reading the rules for Only War, my understanding seems to be that DoS in opposed tests is winner's pure DoS, and the losing side succeding in the test does not reduce the result in any way. I don't want to talk about right or wrong, but is that understanding shared by everyone reading the rues? And also, was it always like this in previous games?
  3. Wrong, especially because if one gets Fellowship twice, he could aso get Social at the same time (i.e.: Ratling). Wording was: "… instead choose an Aptitude he does not already have and that shares a name with a Characteristic…" If we take the Ratling from my previous example, he could replace one Fellowship for Aptitude in Strength or Toughness (these two I don´t have to check to know a Ratling does not have) or any of the nine stats.
  4. I was just wondering, and sorry if this has been asked before. For those who have some experience playing, how hard is it for a newbie team with ~10 starting Logistics to restock "rare" ammo. I mean Melta canisters for the Weapon Specialist Meltagun, or Bolt Shells for Commissar w/ Bolt Pistol and Heavy Gunner w/ Heavy Bolter and so on? At the same it seems like it would take too long to earn enough Logistics to get ammo for that reliably, but there is no point to starting with a Meltagun if you are limited to 5 shots for your first 20 missions (if you are successful).
  5. Ok, I will submit something later. I like a lot of what I have seen, weapon specialists, commissars,ogryn or even an old tech priest… Got any roles filed already?
  6. Just like other people said, I would be interested in joining if you will have me, but have just picked up the book… So even though I am familiar with the other systems from DH to BC and the 40k fluff, please bear with me if I am still reading Only War specific rules. What would you like to see from us players to start/
  7. Yes, and that is what the topic is about, bolt guns versus other weapons. I was just trying to understand why people say shotguns are at the same level, as they are only good at point blank range, and I have a hard time understanding how people consider getting to that range so easy, unless you have good agility and dodge/acrobatics to escape all the attacks. For most other chars, I see that as signing their own death sentence, but maybe there some kind of tactic that I never thought about, I was stressing that point exactly cause I want to learn it.
  8. Without bonus you can hardly get two hits, three is really unlikely. Acrobatics with some agility is a completely different story, very specific build, but you could shoot with barely anything for the same effect.I still believe letting yourself get charged and letting the enemy get a free attack at you is a bad idea, for anything that could actually hurt you…I'd easily stick to the bolt weapons just to keep some distance and avoid giving those free charges and attacks from disengage to the enemy, though I usually take care to make my PCs and NPCs at least not useless in melee. One of the selling points of dark heresy is that you can get killed at every attack.
  9. Heavy stubber is used for two reasons , virtually no need to reload in combat, and for the shots. With good BS and stacking bonuses, it is not so unusual to get 8 shots or so… By the way, why do you like shotguns so much? In the games I have seen, anyone who moves to point blank range either gets charged or shot first… Course they are useful when you are in melee and have no WS at all, but without the point blank bonus it would still be as good as Flamer, worse than a Melta… just for melee, even a duelling Las or the Bolter as you won't be spending as much ammo should do the trick.
  10. I am guessing you´ve mistaken the tables, but "availability by population" comes before "availability and time". So a failed test means that the item is not available "in that population", not that it takes longer to find. Any failure, no matter the degrees, the item should not be available until something changes the scenario, like PCs going to a different planet. The time table just describes how long it takes when the item is available (not always the case). That´s how it´s written in all the books, Rogue Trader and later books just have better wording for that.Certain items like Battle Sister power armor are not available at all and GMs should remind the players of that. Now if you don´t like that, groups I used to play with, the GM used to just rule item availability based on the planet, no tests required. Want a Long Las in a Forge World and have time to spare? You just buy it, not tests (unless you wish to barter for it)… Want that same Long Las in a Feral World? Just not going to happen…
  11. Not necessary to change anything or use Horde rules either, if you don´t want to… If you mob is large enough that is, 15 humans without equipment against 4 well equipped PCs should do nothing really and if the game mechanics work that way it should be okay. Now, if we are talking about each PC being mobbed by 30 human NPCs at the same time that is a different story. Just to make the math easier, I rule that the NPCs have a Strength of 30 and Weapon Skill of 35, you will see why shortly. Now, your problem is that PCs can reduce 11 damage (4x2 armor + 3 TB average) if I understand. Now, you have 30 guys attacking one PC, they get +30 WS for outnumbering, or more (up to +60) depending on the bonus limits you are using. +30 WS means 2/3 of the NPCs will hit, that would be 20. Assuming that those guys cause 1-10 damage with no Righteous Fury, you can go with the statistics average, and assume 2/20 NPCs would roll 1 damage, another 2/20 would roll 2 damage, and so on until 10. Now 10+3 is 2 points of damage x2 NPCs, plus 10+2 for another 2 guys. That´s like 6 damage on the first round (might drop later depending on the amount of NPCs), and it will take quite a few rounds to kill so many NPCs. Consider players cannot dodge because they have no room to do so… Adjust that math to how much damage you wish to cause them and you are set (my math of 6 damage per round very likely means TPK in just few rounds)… If you don´t wish to pump WS so high, just don´t limit melee outnumber bonus at +30, or do a different math (the above suggestion was just to use easy to explain numbers).
  12. Amaimon said: Bolt gun loaded with inferno shells = absolute OP Angelus + hyper density penetrators = one shot most of enemies Storm bolter - this thing is killing machine Psycannon rounds = insta death to psykers And now absolute most devastating killing thing two forearm mounted storm bolters fired as dual shot loaded with psycannons or inferno shells or HD penetrators = zilion damage in one shot Although I get the sarcasm, you can only forearm mount pistols as far as I remember… Bolters are great but expensive and ammo is hard to come by, except when compared to Plasma or Melta… And I find pistols to be always underpowered at endgame, nothing really goes past 1d10 except for again Melta or maybe Plasma… Back to the topic, depends on what you want… For melee combat if you have no weapon skill, a melta pistol is probably the best choice… For sniper single shots, you are probably better off with a Long Las and Hot shot charges, or something like that… Now if you are going full auto and, then a heavy weapon like a Heavy Stubber or Assault Cannon if your GM is crazy enough to allow it. If he is not which is what I would expect, and you have a lot of money to waste on ammo, then that Storm Bolter is probably a good choice.
  13. What he said, additionally the lighting attack is a full action, so you have to mix in the off hand attack. Up to GM, but I would rule single shot as in melee, and the applicable penalty to shoot a target different from the one you are engaged.
  14. I am currently in US east coast (not american though), small town in Florida, time is GMT-5…
  15. Sorry if this is not the right place in the forum to post this… I´d like to play, DH, RT or BC, have a few campaigns of experience and all the books, available on weekends or week days during the night, ty.
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